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  1. I know what you're going through, kind of. I too was riddled with anxiety throughout my childhood...i'm 19 now, and still struggling. Hang in there.
  2. i didn't mean to imply that i wanted/needed a diagnosis. i simply wanted to know if other peopke with OCD feel like i have felt. that's all.
  3. Here's a full rundown of my symptoms, to the best of my ability to recount them: I suffer from depression, which is fixed by a minor dose of antidepressants. I have social anxiety, to the point where it was a hurdle to order my own food at a restaurant. I've since progressed a little bit in that regard. Often times, I feel like I should have psychotic symptoms. I feel sometimes like I'm not myself. This comes with hyper-awareness, irritability, and extreme anxiety/nervousness. I will often "snap out of" depressed or anxious moods almost instantly. I have thoughts about bad things happening, most of the time to the point where I can visualize an entire scenario of a friend, family member, or myself getting injured or even killed. I'm simply asking/posting this because I'm about to start 900mg of Lithium soon and don't know if it will screw me up even more if I'm not actually bipolar, which my pdoc diagnosed me with after a recent hospitalization. Please, any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Also note, I know that an impromptu diagnosis is not the best thing, and that a talk/diagnosis session with my pdoc will truly nail these problems.
  4. I have BP and Asperger's...lot of racing thoughts/neuroses there. I find, however that I video games are the perfect amount of stimulation: not too much to the point where I can't focus and not too little to the point where I get bored. Because of this, it actually calms my body and mind to play games, particularly ones I've played before, so I know the familiar patterns and procedures. Hope this helps, and if not, probably best not to play games while in a manic/hypomanic state.
  5. Good for you, coconuts. If a committed, beautiful relationship like this is what you and he both want, then go for it. In time, tell him about your BP, I'm sure he'll understand, and if he doesn't...oh well, plenty of fish in the sea.
  6. i sort of look at it like this: do the voices sound the same as when you're thinking, or does it sound like someone is physically speaking to you?
  7. I take Abilify now at 5mg. It's pretty effective for managing the psychotic features part of BP. However, I was upped to 10mg during a recent hospitalization, and the side effects were really bad. Fever, muscle aches, high blood sugar (which meant cravings for sweets and a lot of drinking and peeing). But, that's just me. Every medicine affects every person differently. Keep this in mind, and just keep your pdoc updated on how you feel if it's any different from before.
  8. good luck with ECT. but i must say that the euphoria wont last. ive come off of my zoloft before and i felt good the first day. second day, i was a wreck. i could not function at all (this was all before lithium.) my point being that most folks who go off their meds feel good at first. just be mindful of your meds and your MI.
  9. only YOU know your limitations. i would normally suggest listening to your pdoc...but under the circumstances, i'd say to look for a new one.
  10. thanks rosie. i will keep what you said in mind.
  11. I had a manic episode back in July 2012, which eventually led to me leaving my house temporarily. As I wandered around my neighborhood, I began to think I was gay. I can't explain it. It literally felt like I woke up a different person, but only in terms of my sexuality. So I came out to my friends and family (keep in mind this was all before my bipolar diagnosis), and they've all come to terms with it...except me. I've realized that I'm not attracted to men at all, but women. I'm just afraid that if I "backtrack" my sexuality, I might be perceived as being in denial or even crazier than I already am.
  12. My family has always been...different on my dad's side. I've been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and so have my father and grandfather. I'd be willing to bet a few of my aunts and uncles and cousins have it too, based on general quirkiness alone. And then comes the crazy stuff. My paternal great-grandmother and grandmother both had/have bipolar disorder. That's where my pdoc believes I got it from.
  13. hi.

    found this site a couple of days ago and it seems like it's the only phone supported yeah. also, what exactly are we supposed to say here? the nature of our "craziness"? our meds?