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  1. I don't see how filing your taxes would give you enough work quarters. Your employer would have reported your income and social security wages already. The work quarters are based on whether you paid into social security when you worked and if those work quarters included enough income and happened within the past 5 out of 10 years. Either you did or you didn't meet those criteria based on the info already reported to the SSA. If you were self-employed and didn't file you could file your returns and pay the self-employment taxes. Which will now have several years worth of penalties and fees added. So if you have no $$ you may have trouble filing the returns. Catch 22 maybe. The exception would be if you were NOT self-employed and you have a really good reason to believe that you did actually meet the criteria. In that case, ask SSA for the work history on which they based their decision. Then compare to your records. If there is a difference and you can show that you had wages that were not reported during that period - and you can prove it - then you will need to appeal the denial immediately (otherwise you have to start all over) on the basis that the records are wrong. Then you will need to show them your pay stubs or something that shows you had wages and that social security taxes were paid on those wages. This actually happened to me. My last employer had failed to report my wages for almost a year. I was lucky that I had kept every paystub in a box somewhere for more than 6 years. Did you file for SSI at the same time? Have you gotten a response from that application?
  2. I am taking 1200 mg Lithobid ER on the following schedule. 300 mg AM 900 mg PM I am also having ongoing mild diarrhea, nausea, tremor, nystagmus, jello for brains (everything bounces off or slides down the sides) and a colander is doing duty as my memory. Most of my meds I am taking at night. The only other things I am taking in the morning are Levobid (30 minutes before anything else) and 20 m g Propanalol. My blood level at 1200 mg was 0.9 in case that is useful info. I am continuing to have breakthrough hypomanic symptoms following a recent phosp for severe Mixed Mood w/mild psychosis. I am meeting with my pdoc tomorrow to go over my current treatment plan. I don't understand the way Lithium is processed by the body but I was wondering if I might have better results if I spread the dose out a different way. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience to share?