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  1. There was recently a post in the anxiety forum I responded to. I am not sure if it was the same thing. Is it a biofeedback alpha stimulator? You may want to search the alternative treatments boards. I have never tried it.
  2. That took courage, I know you were scared. I am glad it went well. i tried explaining some of my experiences to my tdoc and I got tongue tied. I couldn't explain it. It sounds like you did a good job describing your experience.
  3. Thanks. I would get that tested then, also
  4. Have you expressed to your me and pdoc how severe your fatigue gets? I say I get tired a lot but I don't think they get the extent. I get a "look" too when I am fading. I don't think I am as tired throughout the day as you, though. since you get free labs I would get the tests you were interested in if you can. I don't think isn't causes fatigue but my vit d was low when tested.
  5. of your meds I have taken Klonopin and abilify and they both are sedating for me (YMMV with abilify) do you snore? I tried all kinds of things,talked to my MD, tried different timings and dosages with my meds. I have that about as good as it can get, but it turns out i have sleep apnea. If i can get used to wearing the cpap I imagine I will not be so tired all of the time. If I don't drink coffee in the morning I can't wake, but I can do pretty good for about a half day with 2 mugs of strong coffee. My family plans for me to have sleep time on vacations.
  6. I am sorry. I went the wrong way with that. We pretty much just talk. It is structured and focused on me. It sounds similar. I think it is a good topic. I just went off in a wrong direction.
  7. Is that part of your personality? You may just be more analytical. and, it is really hard to read tone. i don't mean to dismiss something that is troubling you. Just trying to understand. when I came out of an episode I was afraid to deal with things that were not tangible. I thought I would get caught up in my thoughts again. In things that were not real. It took me awhile to trust myself.
  8. Until someone else comes As I understand, the alpha stim is biofeedback. It can help raise your mood I have never tried it. i googled research studies,5&as_vis=1
  9. I thought I had special skills and was going to come into a fortune. Really let down.
  10. Nice getting to know you Yes, I worked until I had a psychotic break at 39. I just started working part-time last year at 51. So, a long break there. My pdoc doesn't like benzos and i have fatigue issues. I take lexapro for anxiety. It helps some. I am on a slew of meds but they seem to be working so I don't want to mess with them too much
  11. I thought I was doing something wrong, but I looked around and I found a therapist that I can work with. The format is a lot like you describe, where i go in and she asks me what's on my mind, but I feel comfortable and not pressured or judged or anything. She has got me to express emotions I tend to keep hidden. Sometimes, it is draining or hard and she recognizes that. I am not really sure what you would call her approach. She tends to listen and restate what I said but it helps me. Anyways, I don't know if that is your issue. I just know i had tdocs I didn't click with.
  12. OliverB I hope you don't push yourself too much. Yes, people can do things with your dx, like mellifluous says it really depends on your symptoms. You have wonderful goals and I want you to reach them. Just make your health a priority. Have you read "The Center Cannot Hold". Elyn Saks has schizophrenia and is very successful. I am not a great example. I work part-time and it is low-stress, but I am not you