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  1. I usually see pdoc monthly. I missed the appt in August and did not have another scheduled. I left a message to schedule and am waiting for him to call. It has been over a week. He may be out of town. I feel pretty well and have my meds. How long should I wait until i call again?
  2. Pics of Your Pets

    My dog is Raider, the poodle mix on the left.
  3. No, you are not being unreasonable. It is unfortunate that they are not listening to you more. when i was put on medicine, risperdal and zoloft., i was given a prescription and told to stop breastfeeding. I had to wean my son overnight. I was pretty sick, but i still wish i had asked some questions and had some reassurance. It Wasn't just nourishment he was calm when he was nursing. It was comforting. you did the right thing, asking for help. Do you have options with your treatment team? I don't know how that works i have private insurance through my husband's employer.
  4. I spoke with his guidance counselor. She said if he has a learning disability they put him on a different track, special classes. He is doing fine where he is, so I am just going to let it be.
  5. I had a pdoc who tried to sell me some juice, mangosteen, that was supposed to help my mental state a tdoc that told me my delusions were due to lonliness. that i am on too many meds i have not had success with "worry time" or thought stopping. Maybe it was okay advice and just did not work for me. i like the tdoc i have now. She does not really give advice, though. She more listens and rephrases things and let me come to my own conclusions.
  6. fitbit is not compatible with my phone, but it is an older LG. I sync with my iPad. Now, I am interested in a fitbit with the sleep stages capability. I did not know that was available until I saw this thread.
  7. I have a fitbit charge. that option is not available but it does register sleep/wake/restless. Mine was measuring no sleep and I thought it was broken, but it turned out I have apnea and was not sleeping well enough to measure. It is not like a sleep study, but gives me an idea of how I sleep. I had one my husband won in a contest but it broke and was past warranty so I bought one on Amazon. The charge 2 is much better. It has the stages of sleep and you can replace the band if it breaks,
  8. I decided to sign-up. I don't know which group i will be in. If everything stays the same I will receive a little less from ssdi, but if there is a chance and I am able to work a few more hours, I won't have to worry about sga (If I am in a POD group).
  9. Apparently I had delusions because I was lonely, from a tdoc.
  10. I have an issue with fatigue. part of it is my medication. Some of my meds are sedating. I also have sleep apnea but I have that under control now. I am trying modafanil (provigil). I am having more side effects than positive effect, but I think with coffee it is helping me be more alert. I don't do a lot of exercise, but I walk my dog. Do you feel like you could sleep anytime, anywhere? I don't feel like that with the provigil + coffee (If I take it alone I can fall back asleep)
  11. I ran my ancestry data through a site called Promethease. They compare the result to research studies. The report is huge but you can search. I have a number of markers associated with schizophrenia, a risk for autoimmune thyroid disease and a risk of breast cancer, for example. it was free in Dec. it may cost now, i don't know
  12. I received a letter from ssa asking if i want to volunteer for POD. There are 3 categories they can assign. Regular ssdi, pod1 and pod2. They take out $1 for every $2 you make over $850 but you dont get terminated or only if you zero out your ssdi check for 12 months depending on which program. Right now I make under sga , $1180, so i would lose, money, but i could try to work more hours without losing ssdi if i try this. I had been offered more hours buti turned them down,so they hired someone per diem. I don't know if i will have an opportunity to work more hours anytime soon. i am trying to decide if i should volunteer for POD or just leave it the way it is now. has anyone else received this letter. It is only in a few states. What did you decide if you did? I would love to not have to worry about gong over sga, but i don't know if i could handle any more hours.
  13. Medication roller coaster

    Prozac is activating. Not all ssri are. i take lexapro and find it sedating. It does help my anxiety, somewhat.
  14. Iced Coffee

    I dont make ice coffee, but on hot days i will order an ice latte.
  15. @Rabbit37 My tdoc is on vacation as well. She was out of town when my father died. I was okay, but i wanted to talk to someone, the on call therapist was good andthen i processed it more when she returned. my first thought is that you are suffering and it may be helpful to call. I understand your concerns about having to explain things and that you may feel worse. My situation was a lot different. Sorry, i am no use.