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  1. I have called ssa lately. The wait times are ridiculous. I don't have the number to our local office. You are right about the hours, too. Ours closes at noon on Wednesdays It is so hard waiting for an answer.
  2. Not that it is an aap, but i would not necessarily throw out depakote because of potential side effects you may not have. Jmho i am sorry to hear you are having such trouble finding meds.
  3. Provigil questions

    She upped it to 200 mg and I may feel a subtle effect. I am not looking for an amphetamine, just a way to stay awake. If I can wake up enough to make coffee and drink it I am usually okay. I can fall back asleep after the 200mg dose.
  4. Thank you cheese. It is nice to have someone who understands. I slept all day yesterday. I got up to take in the trash cans. My daughter, she is 19, has to fend for herself, because i am not cooking. Fortunately for her, We are going out to dinner tonight. It is my mother in law's birthday
  5. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29693757 CONCLUSION: Probiotic supplementation is associated with a lower rate of rehospitalization in patients who have been recently discharged following hospitalization for mania. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/probiotics-for-bipolar-disorder-mania-2018062514125?utm_content=buffer0b62b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer "Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine designed an interesting study to determine if probiotics could help people discharged from the hospital after a manic flare-up avoid rehospitalization. " "The results were striking. The rates of rehospitalization were 51.1% in the placebo group and 24.2% in the group who took probiotics. On average, the reduction in readmission was 74% lower in the probiotic combination compared with the placebo arm of the study
  6. I take 50mg seroquel at night. I am overweight, but i don't feel that is the reason. It helps,me sleep. I used to take 1mg klonopin at night. It worked fine, but i was hospitalized and they took me off it. That made me feel seasick but it went away. between the 2, i felt klonopin was superior for anxiety, but seroquel helps me with agitation. They are both sedating. whoever made derogatory comments has never exoerienced what we have. It is ignorance. I would not go back there. i am losing weight now, by counting calories. There are apps that make it easy. I am down 25 lbs since my highest weght and 10lbs from the beginning of May. About a lb/week. I still have a ways to go. I went frm obese to overweight and am aiming for a normal bmi.
  7. It is not doing much. I can fall back to sleep after I take it. I tried 200mg today to see if 100 is too low of a dose or if it does not work for me. I think it helps but very little. I still have hopes if she tweaks it maybe it will work. I am out of bed, so that is good
  8. Wow @Savannah that is good to know my dr switched it over to Provigil and my insurance covered it.
  9. Provigil questions

    I took it this morning and didn't notice any effects
  10. Thanks. Sorry if I added to the confusion
  11. I was prescribed provigil 100 mg and picked it up today. I have sleep apnea and even though i have it treated i still get really tired ( can't get out of bed, stay awake tired). So, i went back to the sleep disorder clinic and the dr recommended it. i have never taken this before. Usually, i pound coffee to wake up. Is there anything i should know? i am planning on taking it tomorrow morning. I go to work at 10. am. Is it a bad idea to start on a workday? Is there anything to know? I was warned about a rash. i have been googling and this seems like a low dose. Do most people take a higher dose? I have another appt in a month. pdoc said it is okay to take a stimulant. I did not ask about this particular med, because i did not know what would be prescribed at the time. Should i let him know?
  12. I forgot to say, i usually feel icky (flu like) going through med changes. I hope what you are experencing is temporary.
  13. I know someone who is having good luck with taking a small amount of shrooms for depression. He has never experienced psychosis and does not take an ssri. When i talk to him, i think, i want what he is having, but i don't want another psychotic episode or seratonin syndrome.
  14. I took lamictal and depakote together years ago. It was not planned. I was titrating off depakote and on to lamictal, but i started to become unstable when the depakote went below therapeutic levels. So, i stayed on both. It was a good combo for me. I did not go over 200 mg lamictal because of the increase from depakote. There was a lamictal starter pack for when you are on depakote,. It sounds like you are following that regimen. It us an unusual combo because of the interactions. I think the depakote decreases, too, but that may be wrong. now, i am on lamictal alone as a mood stabilizer. I don't feel it is as effective as depakote for me. A pdoc felt there are more side effects from depakote, that were not affecting me, so he switched it. I keep contemplating going back on depakote, but my pdoc now doesn't want to make a big change. He does everything in little increments. i hope it works well for you i don't remember having issues with lamictal with depakote.