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  1. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Icky i am sick
  2. Questions Thread

    I want candy! caffeinated, decaf or neither?
  3. Questions Thread

    Wait! No pineapple on pizza?.?? It is the best yes, stung by a jellyfish. No fun. hot or ice tea?
  4. Questions Thread

    Soda favorite animal?
  5. Don't remember when I last showered my last day at work was thurs. i left some documents. I am hoping i can get them mailed to me. Do not know when i start my new job. I go to HR mon. I won't start until Jan i think.
  6. Tempted by mania...what to do?

    I get it Cheese. I have had those thoughts. I have 2 ideas that could help, i don't know. One is that you are still coming down and it is hard but you want to reign in your impulsiveness the second is maybe you could make a list of reasons not to be manic. Remind yourself of the destructiveness. i do try to put off important decisions when i am unstable. I never made a list. Pehaps, i should.
  7. Thanks. I guess it is something I will have to accept, but it is embarrassing.
  8. Sometimes words/phrases echo in my head or I repeat them to myself. Now, I am saying things repeatedly, outloud. It sounds like a stammer. I don't know how to stop. I
  9. The person below me...

    False TPBM likes musicals
  10. The person below me...

    It is fun if you enjoy getting together with family. I get anxious at gatherings. False, but my husband likes it TPBM eats pork
  11. The person below me...

    False TPBM likes brussels sprouts
  12. The person below me...

    True - We get the Sunday paper TPBM has never had a broken bone
  13. The person below me...

    False, I don't have a problem with Amazon TPBM is lactose intolerant
  14. Pet Pictures

    He came with the name "Raider" thanks