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  1. Don't remember when I last showered my last day at work was thurs. i left some documents. I am hoping i can get them mailed to me. Do not know when i start my new job. I go to HR mon. I won't start until Jan i think.
  2. Tempted by mania...what to do?

    I get it Cheese. I have had those thoughts. I have 2 ideas that could help, i don't know. One is that you are still coming down and it is hard but you want to reign in your impulsiveness the second is maybe you could make a list of reasons not to be manic. Remind yourself of the destructiveness. i do try to put off important decisions when i am unstable. I never made a list. Pehaps, i should.
  3. Thanks. I guess it is something I will have to accept, but it is embarrassing.
  4. Sometimes words/phrases echo in my head or I repeat them to myself. Now, I am saying things repeatedly, outloud. It sounds like a stammer. I don't know how to stop. I
  5. The person below me...

    False TPBM likes musicals
  6. The person below me...

    It is fun if you enjoy getting together with family. I get anxious at gatherings. False, but my husband likes it TPBM eats pork
  7. The person below me...

    False TPBM likes brussels sprouts
  8. The person below me...

    True - We get the Sunday paper TPBM has never had a broken bone
  9. The person below me...

    False, I don't have a problem with Amazon TPBM is lactose intolerant
  10. Pet Pictures

    He came with the name "Raider" thanks
  11. Pet Pictures

    How cute!
  12. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

  13. The person below me...

    False TPBM prefers Fall to other seasons
  14. Pics of Your Pets

    My new puppy is so skinny. Fortunately, he is gaining weight.
  15. whatever the weather

    more than 30 degrees cooler than last week. 65 and cloudy