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  1. Yes. there was a time when I would call out too often and I hid it from my parents. I was really stressed/anxious at the job. I am more stable now and I have a less stressful work environment. I don't do that anymore. I did get a verbal warning at work about calling out sick. You don't want to make it a habit.
  2. The lawyer doesn't get paid unless you win, they they get paid a % of your back pay.
  3. Did they tell you why? 60% of all applicants are denied at first, you can appeal. they told me i could do repetitive work, alone. I missed the appeal date so i reapplied. I missed out on a lot of backpay, by not going through the appeal route
  4. It can be freeing to disclose and be able to express more, but there are risks. I used to take it on a need to know basis. You can't take it back once it is out there. That said. I am very open now. I give presentations, blog, work in the field. Everyone knows.
  5. I think your weight has some effect on the therapeutic dose. When I gained weight my dosage went up. ymmv
  6. My husband and I are having trouble communicating. It is complicated, but one big issue is that he makes time to take care of everything else and has little time to even know what I am doing/who I am. He agreed to counseling, now I have to find someone who takes my sucky insurance (we have great medical but the behavioral health eh?). I have made a few inquiries and am waiting to hear back. I always hear of people who have gone to counseling as a last step before divorce. We aren't planning on going that route. I am nervous if we start poking around we will find problems, but I worry. Ideally, it will help improve our relationship. I don't want to win any argument. I just want things to be better.
  7. Sounds like a good plan. good luck
  8. I would talk to your sister or anyone who may have claimed they support you (maybe as a dependent?) or give you money. Then talk to ssa and find out what they are talking about. It may be a mix-up. I hate dealing with ssa. I just got a quirky letter and it took awhile to find out what was up.
  9. It can take a long time. I hope it goes well.
  10. okay, I don't want to go to far off topic on this thread @nestor have you gone? Did you get an answer?
  11. no, melissa ssdi has no requirements on assets just on work income
  12. I know jt but people are gloating and other things won't be as easy to stall or stop
  13. I worry people are too proud about the defeat of this plan. Some Republicans didn't feel it went far enough>