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  1. So by this logic, the baby shouldn't be allowed to survive. By this logic, my husband shouldn't be allowed to survive as he is allergic to many vaccines and depends on "herd immunity". People like you caused him to have whooping cough 4 years ago that nearly ended his life. Survival of the fittest!!! Right?? You disgust me.
  2. I'm around. I mostly read the blogs now. I can't imagine how you must feel but I bet it's really rootless. You probably will be okay in time but for now it's going to suck. Your idea of the pdoc to get meds to help you through some of this is a good one, I think. It would also be a good idea to start some grief counseling. It can't hurt. I wish I knew how to take away the pain but I don't. You've lived through my greatest fear; the loss of my partner in life. The thought terrifies me. *hugs*
  3. I cannot imagine what you both are going through. I'm so sorry this has happened.
  4. I'm really truly sorry and know what kind of pain this is. I lost my beloved Keiko to cancer this past January and it's still a huge, painful void as though someone ripped out a chunk of my flesh.
  5. I left chat about two months ago for reasons similar to yours. I now go to another website that has a better moderated chat that focuses more on support and less on laundry (unless you're in the general chat room, there are two, emotional support and general chat). I do come here to read the blogs and yours is one I do read. I hope you stick around on the forums and the blog area here. I think you have a lot to offer here. That said, if you need to go, you need to go and I'm sorry for it. We will be less for it.
  6. My mother takes Cymbalta and, yes, it makes her sweat constantly, even in winter.
  7. I'm hopeful about my MI and I live in Washington. Not very imaginative but there you have it.
  8. Been there with the pot and music. Those two were made for each other.
  9. Also, 10 mg of lexapro isn't a huge dose. If it isn't working for you, tell your doctor that so you two can come up with a new plan.
  10. See if your sister wants some company to watch the ball drop on TV instead of going out for some big blow-out at which she can't drink or would likely feel uncomfortable physically due to pregnancy. Sometimes it can be nice to sit on the floor in front of the TV like kids and eat finger food off the coffee table while watching the numerous New Year's Eve shows together. (It works for my hubby and me since we don't get asked to parties much as it is since we live in the boondocks.) If your friend decides to take umbrage at this, that speaks volumes about her and not very flatteringly, at that. If she decides to be vengeful and passive-aggressive about it, drop her or put some distance between you (emotionally speaking). There's no need for that kind of person in your life.
  11. Saintalto, I got it from Walmart so they may have some left. They aren't cheap, though.
  12. Hey Blurred, why not take all those bath products and donate them to a local homeless shelter? They could likely use them.
  13. My husband wouldn't tell me what he wanted this year, just refused to cooperate so he got this:
  14. Eh, you should stick around. Don't let the bastards in life drive you away, you know?