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  1. Imitrex actually makes me feel worse when I take it. Severe nausea, dizziness, tightening in my chest, increased heart rate, all for about 2-3h, then it subsides. My neuro prescribes Axert (almotriptan) and it's just as effective without any side-effects except a bit of sleepiness if I end up taking 2. FWIW, my neuro said latest research indicates naproxen is the most effective NSAID at relieving migraine pain -- hence the development of Treximet (sumatriptan + 500mg of naproxen.) He just told me to take 3x200mg naproxen + 12.5mg of Axert for my migraines, which I find to be pretty effective. Perhaps worth a conversation. Belsomra appears to be another 50/50 drug. For the people it works for, it's great (like me.) For the rest, it does absolutely nothing. The FDA also forced the MFG to cut the max dose in half, despite extensive clinical data showing that 40mg was highly effective and completely safe. Evidently some in the clinical trials reported a euphoric effect similar to Ambien, so the FDA saw fit to drop the dose and make it CIV. Idiots. I definitely recommend giving it a shot, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did absolutely nothing.
  2. Depakote did zip for my depression, it was mostly to keep my mood swings evened out. How high of a dose are you on?
  3. I've quit all my meds more than once. I always feel fine for a bit (couple of weeks, maybe) and then the mood shifting starts again. I'm a rapid-cycler, so I shift quickly from hypo to severe depression, which lasts for a couple of weeks. Then I feel OK for a few days, and it starts all over. There is no stability for any period of time. It's a horrific nightmare. There is no chance at stability without meds. My life is a trainwreck without meds, and I take them so I can have some chance at functioning. Neuroleptics are awful meds; no one chooses to be on them because they're enjoyable. The side effects range from unpleasant to inducing suicidal behavior. If there was another proven treatment for BP, I'm sure we'd all jump on it in a hurry. But meds become part of your life if you want to have any semi-functional level quality of life.
  4. I spent a year and a half on Remeron, went from 15mg all the way up to 45mg (before my BP dx.) I gained like 30lbs and ate like a crazy person on it every night. Only thing worse was Seroquel and Depakote. Definitely noticeable.
  5. I find this to be iffy. I talked to my pdoc yesterday about my caffeine consumption and my anxiety, and he didn't find that volume of caffeine to be much of a contribution. I drink on average 1 energy drink a day, and it doesn't seem to affect it. My anxiety is just as bad with caffeine as it is without it (if not worse!) Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, so you may want to try it for a couple of days and see how your anxiety responds. I've tried reducing/cutting caffeine intake, and it barely affects anything for me, other than upsetting my GI system if I have too much.
  6. I had a pdoc that played therapist as well. Problem was that he wasn't very good at either role. The distinction exists because either specialty requires a lot of training and experience to be good at it. My tdoc and pdoc both ask about the continuity of care from the other specialty, but they don't infringe on it. They each recognize their role in the entire process of treatment and they focus on what they can do to maintain or improve it.
  7. It's different enough from Abilify that it's hard to compare the two, other than having a similar MOA. The side-effect profile is much better for Rexulti. It has been the wonder drug for me. It's obliterated my depression, but as it turns out, I am very sensitive to the dosing effects (ie: I need to take it at roughly the same time every day.) I have some sedation in the daytime, but nothing at night. It also keeps my anxiety at a manageable level. I can't say enough good things about it, especially compared to every other AP I've tried (see my sig.) It keeps me functional, and combined with Trileptal, has reduced my 2-3 week rapid cycle to a 2-3 month cycle. Nothing's perfect, but it makes life livable. I love it.
  8. Saw my pdoc, he decided to move the timing of my meds around. Now I take Trileptal 300/300/600 (instead of 600/600), and Rexulti at bedtime (instead of AM.) The result so far? My anxiety has skyrocketed. I'm already at 1mg of Xanax after 3h of being awake (instead of 0.25mg if my anxiety ramped up.) I wanted to keep the timing the way I had it, and just add something to help with wakefulness (like Provigil) but he decided on that as a secondary option. The Rexulti does a great job at keeping most of my anxiety down if I take it in the AM, and I told him that. His argument was that I am confusing the sedation with anxiolytic properties. I really do trust my pdoc. He might be right, and I'm willing to follow his guidelines for a bit, but I think his ultra-conservatism may be a problem this time. He doesn't want to add any meds or change any doses, despite the fact that I've been on this combo for well over a year and I'm 90% stable. It's hard to follow instructions you don't agree with, but you trust the person, especially when your initial physiological reaction has been very poor. I'm hyper-sensitive to APs, so playing with Rexulti is not fun. He knows I'm under a lot of stress right now, from all aspects of my life. Arrgggh I'm just frustrated right now.
  9. I've been on Rexulti for 14 months now as my primary med, and it's wonderful. It has a much better profile than Abilify. I take it in the AM and get some intermittent sleepiness, but not if I take it in the PM. Other than that, no side effects, and it absolutely stopped my depression. It also helps tremendously with my generalized anxiety, but I have to take it in the AM for that effect. Abilify was very activating for me, but Rexulti has not been. It has been the wonder med for me.
  10. I was highly disappointed with Valium. I heard all these stories about how wonderful it was, it was relaxing, calming, etc., and at 10mg it did next to nothing for me. I barely felt it. Due to the long half-life, it didn't do much to keep my anxiety down. But then again, neither did Klonopin, so long-acting benzos don't work well for me. Neither did Tranxene when I was on it. RX was 7.5mg, I needed 45mg to feel any relief. Xanax, OTOH, works wonders at 0.25-0.5mg. I'm wired differently.
  11. Maybe taper off either Abilify or Seroquel first and make sure your psychosis is controlled? I wouldn't d/c more than one AP at a time, especially at those doses of Abilify and Seroquel. That Abilify might be doing more for you than you think. It has such a long half-life that tapering it takes a long while. The Seroquel you could probably taper quicker, and have a much better idea of how much it's benefiting you. If your goal is to reduce meds, I wouldn't cross-taper to Latuda yet, I would wait and see how things go (slowly) coming off one of your existing meds.
  12. I tried tapering and had horrendous GI upset. I ended up just stopping it totally after about 3-4 days, after having been on it about a year. No real major side effects, other than my GI system hated me and took a week to level back out to normal again.
  13. I think it comes down to who's in charge and how they operate their business (let's face it, a pharmacy is a business.) I use Walgreens, but only the one near my house. Why? The pharmacy manager is absolutely awesome. He goes above and beyond all the time to be helpful, and expects his staff (pharmacists and techs) to do the same. My meds are always ready ahead of time, and I almost never have a complete delay (even on Rexulti, which is new and expensive -- sometimes it's a partial fill, but always enough to get me through.) The pharmacy manager even found a coupon (through a corporate partnership Walgreens had with Otsuka) for Rexulti and discounted my Rexulti to $15/1st month, $0 after for the calendar year. That saved me thousands of dollars. Another pharmacist there called a PA to verify a rx for an antibiotic for my young daughter, because his dosage calc showed it was out of range and he felt it was unsafe. He didn't have her weight to calculate the ratio, so he wanted verification before filling it. Sure it slows everything (and everybody) down to do that, but it's the right thing to do. The techs will partial-fill a script down to my insurance limits on over-qty scripts, realizing that the prescribing doctor had no idea what my insurance limits are, and I don't want to pay $300 for 8 pills, when 7 would be free. It starts from the top down.
  14. One of my pdocs kept telling me "well that shouldn't happen" every time I had a dystonic reaction to an AP (manifests as intolerable jaw pain for me.) He had to consult with a neuro, and their collective idea was NMS. It wasn't a true dx, just a "best guess." Oh good, just what I wanted, a GUESS! Same pdoc also told me that Seroquel did NOT come in 50mg tablets so he was going to have to write for 2x25mg tablet. I told him I had been prescribed it before, so I was sure it did, and he flat out told me I was wrong. I asked the pharmacist, and he confirmed that, yes, they did indeed have Seroquel in 50mg tablets. This was in my first year of BP treatment. I've learned way too much since then to put up with that kind of crap.
  15. I had a pdoc that refused to see any patients who used benzos and refused to use them in treatment.