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  1. OK so we need 140 and 350 Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message:
  2. I just need help getting them to Atlanta ...... I can pay the adoption fee and give them a home as I just lost my ducky last week if anyone has ideas on how to get them here please let me know I will miss my friend my confidant my coach .... his recipes and his calming voice I will miss it all every day
  3. I don't know what to say ........ maybe later when the tears stop ....... I just saw him ..... just 2 weeks ago ..........I can't breathe I don't know what to say ........ maybe later when the tears stop ....... I just saw him ..... just 2 weeks ago ..........I can't breathe
  4. It' may just be me but being uncomfortable IP a few days would be worth a year or so of feeling better every day . In the US a these days it is almost impossible to get a patient admitted ip for more than 3 days and then you go out patient for a few weeks I did this last year and it made a HUGE a difference on the way I was feeeling . trusting your Dr is important and I think it's time for some open questions if you are ready to hear her truth why don't you feel comfortable changing my meds? Is there a fear that you want to discuss ? Are you worried I am not being compliant or if I am drinking or using ? What make sure you hesitant to try new meds? why ip the only answer . Is there another dr who might be able to help us resolve these things because I wouldn't like 2017 to be good year
  5. I know it was the right thing to do to put him to sleep . I know he had congestive heart failure and then kidney disease . This just real ly sucks and it hurts . Sometimes when you work in medicine there is this idea that if I just give the right meds and just stay on top of the care and just give anything that might even remotely work ... the end result wil change and it didn't . He was too young to die and I just wonder how long I am going to be so fucking sad
  6. I want to say FUCK 2016 except my grandaughter was born that year but every fucking thing else sucked i am so sorry for your loss
  7. For me it's like carrying around an extra hundred pound dead weight after walking 100 miles
  8. Really really the word Frogs doesn't even begin to touch the pigs that are there
  9. I agree with Rosie that you need some support through this process. I am concerned about your health issues and this huge change in your life. What do your children think of this situation ? Are they willing to step up and. Help and if so how much? Please reach out to organizations or the authorities ( who will probably just say you need to leave him) right now you need to be documenting everything and writing it down real time as the details fade with time. While you were at the hospital , did you tell the staff what had happened or no? Above all else take care of yourself and reach out as soon as possible.
  10. I am on hour 42 of cleaning . I have a full dumpster and I am not half way through . The craziness of undoing the crazy stuff and being deployed and having a hoarder for a husband is landing square on my shoulders I don't know why I decided to do this on my 10 days off work but I am i can't believe how bad we let this house get . It was ok if you didn't look at the office or the extra bedroom or downstairs or in the closets but the minute the door was opened its been an avalanche i am not manic but I wish I was Have any of you ever had to deal with a major clean up project before? are there any resources you know of on the net that can help me organize this insanity or any advice ? I tried to hire someone to help and she didn't show up and I have no idea who else to call or how to get this done by Saturday any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. OH GOD I am so sorry I loved her so....
  12. Gabapenten works great for me on anxiety and pain but it took awhile to start working my Dr told me to knock off my sleep meds so I will be heaving insomnia soon
  13. I might be wrong . Many people in here do kickboxing and martial arts. I work out with my marine buddies and other people run walk and rock climb and white water rafting which all cause some level of pain so no to your question I don't think it's weird to really enjoy random pain BUT this could be a sign of going down the wrong road of intentionally hurting yourself ...... That's different
  14. This morning T 330 AM my former boss called numerous times to call me in as a temp nurse and I just retired yesterdayAfter I announced my retirement to husband and which job I had to decided to take he said " good you can make dinner every night" i can't win