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  1. My county recognized my cat as a pet therapy animal, so that my monthly and security deposit was waived. I filled out a Reasonable Accommodation Request and it was approved.
  2. I looked this Yahoo group up. There hasn't been any activity since 2016.
  3. Opposite action is one of my favorites - anything to redirect painful moments. Present Moment activities such as touch, observe, feel, hear, taste - to use all the senses to ground myself. I have taken several classes in DBT. I have all of M. Linehan's DVD's. Need to get it out again. Wishing we could start a thread here, like a mini course for those of us interested to follow and interact with.
  4. Opposite to Emotion Mind is either Wise Mind or Logic Mind, which on the spectrum do you want to be? Like your idea of reminder rings.
  5. Started on a new Bucket List yesterday, been awhile since I did something like this. Since taking Zyprexa I am feeling more like getting out of my recliner and going to do something special. So far: go to a specialty restaurant I have always wanted, day after Thanksgiving activity, something to do on Thanksgiving, visit a barn with horses, visit a furniture store and buy a new recliner, go back to church, attend a yoga class.
  6. Thank you Medi ~ I needed to hear this. I am on day two of a hypomanic state. Had 12 hour sleep last two days, but not correcting it yet. Have been slowly upping Zyprexa to 5 mg + adding in Trasadone and Klonopin. Still through out the daytime hours, I feel the mood shifting (take another 1/4 tablet of Zyprexa) which I can settle down for another 4 hours until the irritability and paranoia inks back in. Trying to get enough coverage so that I don't have to take Zyprexa 4X a day. Shopping, yeup, did some damage yesterday, oh my !!
  7. HMO battle

    I have been getting 90 day refills until recently. Still looking into this. Planning ahead and all my PRN's will continue to fill monthly. Learning how to play the system with my HMO.
  8. Wonderful YOU !!! Soo glad to hear you were able to talk about some of the things you needed to bring up !! Hoping it helped.
  9. So, have been battling with my HMO about soo many things. I have several complaints in to Medicare too, but the thing with my HMO, they can refuse to send my medical records to CMS (Medicare) and Medicare will close my case, so unfair. Yesterday, I went over a 5 page letter of issues with my HMO. One issue I have with their prescriptions, is that if I do not call in to refill a prescription in 3 months, they will automatically cancel the prescription and I have to go back to my ordering physician to put in a new refill for me. I was trying to refill Medropred for my status migraine and found out the system automatically cancelled the prescription. This is a PRN medication and I only take it as needed, but my HMO will not hold open a medication for more than 3 months before they discontinue my script. I am outraged about this. Also, with labs, my HMO will cancel a standing order if I do not go within 30 days to have labwork done. Some months, I can barely get out of bed, let alone travel far to the lab. I want to get away from this HMO, but I get free prescriptions and free co-pays and I never go into the donut hole as I am covered 100%. The beauty of this HMO is that it's a cost plan thru Medicare and I can go outside the plan and see a specialist. However, Medicare is going to stop this Cost Plan in 2020 because Medicare is paying out too much money (80%). I want to start a secondary plan and drop this HMO but because of my cancer background, my monthly premium quoted to me was quite high. There are many other issues I am battling now, will see how my HMO answers all my questions.
  10. Here is a response from "Authorized Generics", sent away for some research for you, hope this helps : ""Thank you for your email. The September 2018 listing, and quarterly updates to the listing, refer only to Authorized Generic products that are marketed under the authority of an approved New Drug Application (NDA). Generic products are marketed under an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA). The following webpage provides background information on the difference between an authorized generic and generic: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/HowDrugsareDevelopedandApproved/ApprovalApplications/AbbreviatedNewDrugApplicationANDAGenerics/ucm126389.htm Authorized Generics Team ""
  11. Thank you mikl I have heard the same thing from other posts, that once one gets to the higher level, the side effects are more easily managed. I have never been able to get up into any theraputic range, but this time I am going to try. Will not make any appointments for two weeks and give myself a chance to adjust to Lamictal and plan to spend time at home. Appreciate your response
  12. That's great, I'm happy that you do not have liver disease, like I do, notloki Every medication I take has to be approved by my Hepatologist. I have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Stage One Fibrosis along my portal vein. Now, I have to be very careful what meds I can take that are cleared thru my liver. I have been seeing a Hepatologist who approves all my medications and he did my liver biopsy. Many of my generation, those born in the 50's and 60's are now finding that there is an over-abundance of seniors requiring liver transplants and a severe shortage of available livers. Once liver disease starts and until you reach Stage 3 Cirrhosis, you can actually reverse some of the fatty liver disease, by controlling your diet. After Stage 3, you are put on the transplant list if your MELD score is high and medications are then dispensed. At this stage the disease is not reversible. For the past year I have been under the supervision of my Hepatologist and I also belong to the American Liver Foundation. You can find a great liver support group called "Inspire" where there is a wealth of information there, especially specific diets to begin early on to prevent the progression of this disease. Fatty Liver Disease is epidemic proportions now, even children get this. Alot of physicians prefer not to go to the expense of an ultrasound as there is no real cure for fatty liver disease and alot of physicians do not understand how to treat and prevent. I would rather know if I had this disease and take action now before it's too late. One other thing, my liver values have always remained normal despite the biopsy findings. Now, I am battling chronic hyperammonia which is in my blood and this is a side effect from liver disease. Once the ammonia gets to certain levels it can cross the blood brain barrier and cause encephalitis of the brain. This is nothing to fool around with, so I try to urge anyone who is interested in this discussion and try to educate what I went thru. Okay, we can agree to disagree. Read my posting below