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  1. How's the knee now?
  2. @Remnants i'm in the same boat - i've done a lot of therapy, and just started with a new psychologist - 4 sessions this year, and starting over with 10 in the new year. she's suggested schema therapy, and given me a questionnaire to fill out, which was encouraging, as the questions centred around a lot of things that haven't been asked in quite the manner that the schema questions do, and i'm hoping that those answers are going to provide a clearer insight as to what exactly the problem is. the questions are around things like relationships - if you have someone close that you can trust and tell anything to, how close you are with your parents, etc etc.
  3. Same - so I'm just attempting to look at the bright side here - of you are fucking people, which can be a very tricky thing for folk on crazyboards, so kudos for whatever progress you're making with work and people.
  4. Still... you're meeting people. There's something, dammit! Progress!
  5. Lock them in. Bill their insurer. Kick them out. How scores of employees and patients say America’s largest psychiatric chain turns patients into profits. I found this to be one of the most interesting yet scary and comprehensive articles on USA mental health care. Worth a read, particularly if you're in the USA and considering using the services of the companies in the article.
  6. on the upside: work: ✅ relationship, however anxiety inducing: ✅ congrats! 🎉
  7. this is the bit where i go for a swim whilst someone talks to a live audience about the wonder of listening to women, treating them with empathy, and having respect for mental illness - none of which her own company displayed toward me. fuck 'em all.
  8. yeah - when my dad was my age, he had three kids. when people my age are married with careers, it's a really hard pill to swallow.
  9. you lucky dog. how's work going? it's a (rather brutal) full album too:
  10. todooooooo

    So. I totally forgot that I had an appointment with my PHAMS - Personal Helper + Mentor person today. all i had was a 10min alarm on my phone beforehand - whilst i was still in bed. I made it there by 10.20, and got through everything that I needed to talk to her about though - so mission accomplished. So, here are the things that I need to get sorted that I feel are holding me back: Chair - get the thing out of the house and at an upholsterer to get fixed. stove - get the front fixed, and the temp checked. lawyers for superannuation TPD claim - get them sorted, and get paperwork done before I leave. legal - bank and what my rights are re: credit card. sell 2 things on facebook/mailing list - yarn + roving. vacuuming 20 minutes in room, sorting things out. while waiting for the tech tomorrow to fix isp, clean out wardrobe of stuff you're willing to give up. book flight flea treat cats. present for mum - silk pillowcase... and??? look up book for! I do need to do that.
  11. Hey Duelist, I can not begin to imagine the kind of grief that you're going through. I just hope that you can find support, and be kind to yourself.
  12. There's a relationship advice expert - Dan Savage - who advocates that when in a relationship, you need to be GGG, that is, Good, Giving and Game. Your boyfriend is not GGG. DTMFA.
  13. hoodies.

    I’ve been thinking about how i changed my wardrobe to fit into tech after being in textiles. The fact that I now how have 4 black hoodies speaks volumes, and sort of saddens me in a way. I’ve accepted the tech uniform, or something.
  14. Just checking in to see if you'd like to report back on where you are right now @vacillate_wildly. I did something similar myself - I called someone to talk something over, and found myself yelling into the phone, and just fucking losing it. This is someone that I'm hoping to work with in the future, which is not exactly the smartest thing for Cipher to do.