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  1. So positive on the pschological effects, but negative on the physical. Needs some weighing up I think. Will do some more reading into it and see what happens I guess. Will also consult with pdoc next time I see him (in around six months). Can speak to my care co-ordinator before that though which is handy! Thanks for the responses
  2. Hey all, My pdoc has told me that he'd ideally like to get me on Clozapine which I'm not wild about. Mainly because of the numerous side effects. So, who else is on it and how do you find it? Does it work as well as everyone says it does? Trying to make my mind up but don't have a lot of peer experience for this one, would like to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks in advance, Hitch.
  3. I belong to an MMA and Muay Thai gym. It's open most of the time so I just drop in and beat the shit out of the bags for half an hour or so, or if there's someone of my level around, I'll do some sparring. Works for me and only costs £20 a week, well worth it in my opinion.
  4. Why would you have done? I was talking about the difference between AsPD and psychopathy, the part of notloki's post I'm talking about is the difference between sociopathy and psychopathy. Two very different talking points.
  5. Just another in a long line of online articles that think they know the definitive explanation of what makes a scociopath and what makes a psychopath. It's something that's been argued all over the internet with so many different outcomes that anyone could be confused as to what makes what. Citing one article in this argument is like pissing in an ocean of piss.
  6. I'm on a haldol/abilify mix and I have no sexual dysfunction. Been up to maximum doses on both as well and all has been good. But if your current rx is working for you then changing it is not always the best idea. It took me 8 years to get my meds right, fucking with yours could do as much harm as good!
  7. Never forget, we are all animals.

    1. The Hitcher

      The Hitcher

      Some are just higher up the food chain than others.

  8. There's a difference between AsPD and psychopathy. CEO's, surgeons etc will likely be psychopaths, if anything. They are jobs that can't be filled with an antisocial background, which has to include previous arrests etc to be dx'd. Is it really popular to be antisocial? I know a few people with AsPD, myself included and we don't think we got the smooth end of the stick, far from it in fact. Maybe people think it's cool to be a psychopath beacuse of shows like Criminal Minds and Hannibal, but not antisocial personality disorder. It's a destructive and self destrcutive thing to have that is no fun. If someone were to tell me my condition is cool IRL, I'd likely throttle them lol.
  9. Not so much with food (although it has happened before), mainly meds for me. I feel that they've been replaced with poison. Then I don't take them, then I land up in hospital and etc etc.
  10. I was up to 7 or 8mg of it and actually lost a few lbs rather than gaining anything. Not heard of it being bad for weight gain in all honesty. I didn't do that much research into it when I first started taking it though.
  11. I'm on a range of medication and still get hypomania quite frequently. Not really full blown mania though, haven't had an episode of that in years. The lithium got my mania straight down and the addition of the lamictal helped a bit with the hypo states. I think it's just finding a combination of medication that works for you. I can understand that having a job and playing around with new meds might not be the easiest thing in the world though.
  12. So I've been having these strange dreams recently. I wish I could recall them but I genuinely can't. All I know is that they repeat on me constantly throughout the course of the night and are that disturbing that I refuse to go back to sleep. I usually end up getting up at around 3am after a few hours of broken sleep as I just can't face going back into this nightmarish land of repetition. Anyone else have anything like this and if so how did you cope?
  13. I can't experience a "buzz" from anything either. I just came to terms with it. jt is right, there is no way to get over it and I've tried for a lot of years, I miss the buzz that certain drugs, be they legal or illegal used to give me. I understand that my mental health comes first though. I'm on antipsych meds for a reason so if I can't get buzzed what does it matter. I'd rather be (realtively) sane and happy than fucked but miserable.
  14. Last time I was in was just for a few days. Some of the staff were ok, but some of them fucked me over with things I told them in confidence. I also had a big falling out with the consultant psych and he tried to change my dx and got rid of my benzos. He was a real arsehole. I have had goodd experiences in hospital though, Apart from high sec, that wasn't fun at all.