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  1. How are you getting on gb84? I managed to quit by just going cold turkey. However, it took me a lot of attempts to do it. I'm finally there though and had my last smoke around 14 months ago. Hope things are going well and the patches/mint stuff are working!
  2. I see a specialist in the next 3-4 weeks who will look further into the problem and also look at pain management options. Will have to wait and see what they say. Hoping they can find something to help minimise painkiller use, that would be very helpful!
  3. Unknown at the moment, it depends on further tests. I've had x-ray and MRI done. Still need to consult with a neurosurgeon, hopefully before Xmas. It could become chronic though, yes. I'll ask about gabapentin too, thanks peeps. @dilemma @gb84
  4. That's a thoroughly sensible way of looking at it. Thanks CrazyRedhead. I hope I can stay on the straight and narrow with it as I really need opiates to kill the pain at the minute. Hopefully my back gets better soon. We'll see. Will bear your advice in mind though.
  5. He knows that I have addiction issues, but I've never specified what with, other than alcohol. I was screwing that telling him would mean that if I ever needed painkillers, he'd say no. And I genuinely need them at the moment lol.
  6. So I used to have a penchant for all things in the opiate variety. I've been off them for a number of years, but just recently have suffered a "severe" back injury and have to take prescribed opiates. I'm kind of worried that I'm going to start using them more and more again. I'm currently on tramadol and codeine, but my gdoc is talking about hydrocodone as the aforementioned aren't working at all. Just worried that I'm going to go back to old habits. Has anyone else been here and have some advice?
  7. Off the wagon again...

    1. Alien Navel Cord

      Alien Navel Cord

      You..went onto it?

  8. Got 2 and a half weeks of sobriety under my belt. Pretty good going for me. Here's to hoping it lasts much longer this time around!
  9. So positive on the pschological effects, but negative on the physical. Needs some weighing up I think. Will do some more reading into it and see what happens I guess. Will also consult with pdoc next time I see him (in around six months). Can speak to my care co-ordinator before that though which is handy! Thanks for the responses
  10. Hey all, My pdoc has told me that he'd ideally like to get me on Clozapine which I'm not wild about. Mainly because of the numerous side effects. So, who else is on it and how do you find it? Does it work as well as everyone says it does? Trying to make my mind up but don't have a lot of peer experience for this one, would like to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks in advance, Hitch.
  11. I belong to an MMA and Muay Thai gym. It's open most of the time so I just drop in and beat the shit out of the bags for half an hour or so, or if there's someone of my level around, I'll do some sparring. Works for me and only costs £20 a week, well worth it in my opinion.
  12. Why would you have done? I was talking about the difference between AsPD and psychopathy, the part of notloki's post I'm talking about is the difference between sociopathy and psychopathy. Two very different talking points.
  13. Just another in a long line of online articles that think they know the definitive explanation of what makes a scociopath and what makes a psychopath. It's something that's been argued all over the internet with so many different outcomes that anyone could be confused as to what makes what. Citing one article in this argument is like pissing in an ocean of piss.
  14. I'm on a haldol/abilify mix and I have no sexual dysfunction. Been up to maximum doses on both as well and all has been good. But if your current rx is working for you then changing it is not always the best idea. It took me 8 years to get my meds right, fucking with yours could do as much harm as good!