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  1. Where have you been?!


  2. Started rTMS

    hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know, i started rtms yesterday. I decided to start a blog to document how it goes given that information isn't necessarily that widely available. I know geek didn't respond all too favorably to it, but it's something I have to try. just making this thread to give future forum searchers a reference point.
  3. http://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/alkermes-third-time-lucky-alks-5461-but-doubts-linger thoughts? When can we look at availability?
  4. Hey folks, struggling again. Currently in the middle of a switch from my primary antidepressant from Paxil to Viibryd due to ongoing weight gain, fatigue and sexual dysfunction. I HATE MED CHANGES, but I was getting so sick and tired of those side effects and the fact that it only got me 75% of the way I wanted to be. Any way, as with many medication changes my anxiety is crazy high right now and my as needed ativan use feels like it's gonna be all the time for the time being. I feel like it's gonna be like this for some time while I adjust to the Viibryd and wean off Paxil, and I worry about getting dependant on it. Doing some research (anxiety sufferer's google the shit outta things, don't they?) I came across an old typical antipsychotic called trifluoperazine that was used for GAD in the old days, and perphenazine that was used for agitation that comes with depression. Either option would be on a short term, limited use at lower doses than needed for psychosis so I'm not worried about movement disorders. I just want relief!! Anyone have experience with either med for anxiety relief while I adjust? Thanks! I'm hoping to get input before I see my ARNP tomorrow.
  5. Title says it all. My pdoc recently prescribed me Latuda as I didn't give it a fair trial my first time as I was pretty closed minded about AAP's at the time. At any rate. Started at 20mg today. When can I expect to feel something or it working? I took the dose two hours ago and nothing significant so far which I take as a good thing (side effect wise). Also, I know it's indicated for bipolar depression but not necessarily MDD which is what I'm diagnosed with. Anyone else with MDD take this with good effect?
  6. Hey all, recently put on zyprexa a couple days ago (2.5mg) and the hunger is strong on this one. I contacted my pdoc who'd like to reassess in a week before making any decisions but offered the following as possible adjuncts: Topiramate, Psychostimulants, Metformin or Naltrexone. Any one have any experience with these meds? I need something to help with the hunger, and by extension any potential weight gain. I'm very concerned that it'll put me at risk for diabetes, but only 2 days in, it seems like the zyprexa is already helping. In regards to stims, which have you used? Anyone on modafinil? Does it suppress appetite as well as say, Dexedrine or Adderall?
  7. Thank you both. I know it's early and I do feel better overall already. Just hopeful some of these side effects go as time goes on.
  8. Hi all, I started a low dose of Risperdal about 6 days ago, 0.5mg/day to augment my antidepressant. I'm on paxil, so my pdoc wanted to keep my dose nice and low due to the med interactions between the two. At any rate, since starting my sleep has improved greatly as I was previously unable to sleep through the night. Last night I slept 8 hours straight! However, I have been feeling kind of spaced out, heavy limbed, and foggy headed. Also, it seems that at night I feel anxious, as if the med isn't working as well at night (I'm taking for treatment resistant depression/anxiety). My mood isn't terrible but I'm not necessarily happy if that makes sense. I also feel a little groggy in the mornings, and nauseated off and on throughout the day. Is this a normal reaction? Will it pass? If so, when can I expect a return of my feelings/emotions? Also, will the grogginess dissipate? Thanks all!
  9. Anyone have experience with this? I'm on 50mg Paxil CR (equivalent to about 40mg IR) and I'm hoping to eventually make the switch to Viibryd to hopefully help with the shitty sexual side effects (SSE) of Paxil. I heard that Viibryd is pretty potent stuff, is the 40mg dose equivalent to what I'm taking with the Paxil? Also anyone with experience with this switch? Is Viibryd decent for anxiety/depression? Is it really lighter on the SSE's?
  10. My pdoc mentioned a couple yesterday (perphenazine and stelazine I think, among others) to help manage my anxiety/moods. I know that the typicals can be prescribed off label for anxiety, but I hadn't heard much in regards to mood. Any input?
  11. I think Jerrod Poore from CM likened Risperdal as a supercharged Haldol. So maybe Haldol might be an option?
  12. I usually sleep a lot less when depressed. Any where from 4-6 hours. Early morning awakenings being the root cause.
  13. Hey all, I took my first micro dose (2.5mg) of Saphris last night and I am TIRED. Couple things. I was hit with some restless limbs last night shortly after dosing which prevented me from falling asleep right away, however, once I did, it was probably the deepest sleep I've had in some time. So 1) Will the restless limbs go away after some time and 2) will this fatigue abate somewhat and how long will that take? I am literally sneaking away hourly at work so I can get a few winks as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. Much thanks in advance!
  14. Yeah pdoc examined the rash and thought nothing of it. The sad thing is, the first couple days I felt nothing in regards to side effects but since early last week I've been dealing with what I thought was the flu. I hope the doc has a plan.
  15. I hope so too. Took off from work to go urgent care and the primary care doc was flummoxed by my symptomology. He thinks it's the lamictal himself. if it is, at two weeks is there still a chance the side effects will go away? Or should I consider other options? I can barely handle work right now and my boss sent me home today to rest and get well.