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  1. hope everyone is ok and sending you love and energy. xx

  2. Thinking about you and hoping you're okay.

  3. thanks, all ya'll off to the neurologist tomorrow; so we'll see what happens...nervous! if, um, someone were to be willing to knit or crochet us a light-weight cap for warmer weather...we'd like to talk about that sort of exchange. we don't make hats (circles! good heavens!) just yet. art is being made. need to photo it and post it! be good to yourselves and each other, folksies
  4. therapeutic death star update

    we are rather physically ill at the moment sleeping 12+ hrs/day pain, blah blah blah sorry to have been AWOL still in the midst of dealing with unsupport worker it's a mess, ya'll, a large mess will be back with details later carry on, gentle ppl!
  5. ya'll are the bestest! <3
  6. many appreciations for the supports
  7. a mighty thanks to all we are girding ourselves for a direct confrontation with the administration over gross negligence and serious ethics violations. this could involve reporting to our state's licensure board as well as the HIPAA report. this shit could really come back to whack us in the ass. it probably will. in fact, we rather expect it to, as that's how these sorts of things have gone in the past with reports made at lower levels. but we cannot let this level of being screwed either continue or just ignore it.
  8. thanks, guys appreciate ya'll sharing your experience
  9. support and strength and gentleness, geek we've been thinking about you and sending prayers/chants out for you
  10. therapy in the death star

    this is just a quick place-holder post so we can come back later with a better update we're still..."out there, somewhere"...we promise things are going downhill quickly re: tdocs, (un)support worker, (mis)dxs, being (not)heard, etc light candles? chant for us? drum? send genetically enhanced earthworms? (um, OK, maybe not)
  11. thanks, all! sending lots of support, strength and love to each of you!
  12. more unsupport

    we are working on the first two pieces of stabby art: the first piece from the initial "here's your new (invalidating) diagnoses in the middle of the store" and the one from today's (un)support(ive) worker visit. actually, she did support us in driving us to the store to fetch cat litter and cat food...so there's at least that. the comments about the specific kind of litter and food we had to buy though we could have done without (we have FIVE CATS, some of which are getting old and all are picky, and as any pet owner will know: buy the litter or food they prefer or be prepared to wash your bedding/rugs/carpet/floors frequently). but maybe we are just super-sensitive now? it's honestly hard to tell because we are so upset. no, we didn't spit on her. (but we really really wanted to). afterwards involved a lot of knitting to self-sooth and also internet searching for protest art projects to see who is doing/has done what...lots of good stuff out there, folksies. we were also informed that we have therapy next thursday...and have to take the transit. OK. last time? dissociated so much we don't remember anything about the ride, therapy, or rest of the day. but we are...avoiding...if we don't interact with transit. right. this doesn't feel like healing.
  13. thanks, jarn we might need you to stampede for us; we'll let you know
  14. sending strength and comfort! we hope this passes soon; let us know how you are doing.