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  1. support to all! wading through lots of medical testing right now: blood work, scans, etc. tube time! 

  2. What are you listening to NOW?

    siren AC window unit next floor up cats snoring
  3. ladybug! *cheers* *waves* so good to hear from you!
  4. add queer and disabled (perhaps subtracting young...dunno...) and we are in a similar situation. support.
  5. Questions Thread

    hang gliding: living in the mountains it would be quicker to get to where we need to go than driving...and wet and sand and especially wet sand are ICKY. cacti, ferns or flowering plants?
  6. What are you listening to NOW?

    chirping birds humming fridge upstairs neighbors two-stepping
  7. where can we get french fries at 1:30 am? 

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    2. yarnandcats


      what? no Sonic? ;) 

    3. KnickNak


      Lol darnett! I knew I forgot one 😀

    4. yarnandcats


      aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd: Pizza Hut! got fries there this afternoon.

  8. thanks to both of ya'll! that's an awesome question and a great article!
  9. random thoughts!

    our ENT says The Body produces 2 quarts of snot a day in the sinuses alone...and that number will double or triple when ill. we would like to experience sneezing in zero Gs, just once.
  10. we have two older Insiders that try to help with our kids...but...doesn't really work out. more like the olders are able to say "the kids did this/feel this/think this" or "the kids are here/there" (sort of like physicists can know either how fast an electron spins or where it is but not both at once...or something like that.) tryp is right: it's a slow work.
  11. sitting at kitchen table, looking at newly risen waxing crescent moon outside window. cats asleep.

  12. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    hungry. need to dance.
  13. right: now that it's midnight o'thirty you're hungry, eh, body?

    1. Gearhead


      Is that just the meds talkin'?

    2. yarnandcats


      don't think so...we're uncertain about just how much food has been eaten over the last 2 days. YMMV re: food definition (bugs? just lettuce? ice cubes?)

  14. gentle support, tryp we cannot control or even begin negotiations with the Insider who has the volcano. is control even the right word/way of looking at this? probably not. tdoc said if we work on building safety for The Kids and we listen and hear what this part has to say, things will get...better. we don't quite believe that, though...
  15. overwhelmed by anxiety; fighting off the avalanche with a spoon. gah.