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  1. I take Wellbutrin XL and so far so good 150mg I am going to get it upped to 450 though which used to work for me very well.
  2. How can I lose weight on Depakote? I have went from being 180 to 300 on all these meds. Im on Wellbutrin XL Abilify Levothyroxine Gabapentin and Depakote.

    1. jt07


      I don't know but Depakote was a killer for me. I ate everything that  wasn't nailed down.

    2. jt07


      I just read on the forums that you are only on 150 mg of Wellbutrin but are going to get an increase. If it is safe for you to increase the Wellbutrin, that should help you lose the Depakote weight gain or at least help you not to gain any more.

    3. Level_With_Me
  3. I just tell my bosses when I do work upfront I have a mental illness and if anything goes wrong that's probably why. Also my family already knows, but I only tell a girl if I feel really comfortable around them.
  4. Nice to see you on here looking for info


    1. Level_With_Me


      I use the patches. I haven't smoked in a month but Im also on Wellbutrin XL.

  5. I started doing all kinds of shit due to me being single. Not good shit either. I just think all these meds is just not enough for being love-sick. I need to find someone soon but seems I keep running into the wrong person. I mean almost in order I lost 3 pretty much by telling them off when I was messed up. Due to being single. I also ran into some lesbians and found out in the long run that they dont even fuck around with guys. This shit is getting really annoying. I need a means to success.
  6. Does anyone take 3000mg of Depakote or more and have a level of like 90-100?

  7. I agree with notloki. You have many more options. Explore your avenue$.
  8. For a long time I thought I was Schizophrenic. I think my doctors were wrong but I do not blame them. I have a very fast way of thinking and I can see how they would attribute that to Paranoia. I also am now diagnosed as Bipolar and I agree with this much more. I can remember for the longest having bad mood swings back and forth and I have always been a fast thinker. I really want to do more extensive studying through seeing my pdoc and my own research but I usually rely on mostly my pdoc which is smart in my opinion. I also feel that maybe my diagnosis back then of Schizophrenia was messing me up because of the medicine I was having to take. Im wondering if it possibly did any damage to me and if it attributed to my substance abuses of cocaine weed and alcohol.
  9. Check the top of the forums. They seem to be the most popular.
  10. My diagnosis of ADHD is possible but not in stone yet. I have the same problems you have. I can concentrate much better with music on and I have to follow the sentence. It is hard sometimes more so to comprehend what I am reading.
  11. It is a dual diagnosis AA meeting but it describes mental illness along with substance abuse. I was confused at my first meeting because some people there were just not so informed. They really did not seem interested enough to have everyone share, and I wanted to. I just felt too distracted because of all the stories. Do these meetings usually go so quietly and robotically? ?
  12. This is awesome. Keep it up and stay on it. Buproprion better known as Wellbutrin is a really good med for depression. It also has been off-label prescribed for ADD. You have any concentration problems?
  13. It makes the issue much more apparent I think when you are going to school. When I was in high school I took Adderall everyday but I still could not seem to concentrate on anything but fucking up. Now I am not on it but the Wellbutrin should suffice for now. I think I need to go for testing to see if I have Adult ADHD.