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  1. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Hey we are people not robots, most of us our feelings and emotions and state of mind changes by the minute! Sure we have a how do you feel today, but is that a fair question? How can you answer that as the day has not ended yet and as soon as you posted you might feel different the next minute. Well here you go an opportunity to sound off when ever you want as often as you want because our feelings change through out the day! So feel free to post how you feel at this moment and come back if it changes! Come on my roller coaster ride! Let me start.. ----------------------- I feel a bit anxious at this moment, have a T appointment in a few hours.
  2. I am no superman. I have a very addicting personality. I've tried just about every freaking drug there is including coke, crack, meth and heroine. I was able to stop each of them on my own. Here's my secret. I refused to allow any chemical to have control over me or rule me. Now let me be clear. Crack, and meth was the hardest. But I did it because I wanted too. The only substance I still use is alcohol and not that much. I'm not BS you, honest. I been there, know what it's like. I've even been suicidal because I had my doubts. But I have a track record I am proud of, I never met a drug I couldn't kick it's ass. I believe that was what worked in my favor. I was told once a addict always a addict. Being the rebel I am I just had to disprove that. After stopping crack cold turkey for 1 year a friend of mine dared me to take just one hit. I did, it was the best damn hit I ever had but guess what? I walked away! Why? Because I will never forget how I felt after the crash, the jonesing, the depression. Like I said I am far from unique or special. Honestly no matter how hopeless you think you feel, if I can do it, any one can! Yes heroine hurt. I turned to whiskey to get me thru it. Any time I ever been hospitalized was for depression or mania, not once for drugs. I repeat, friends, I am NOT unique or stronger then you! I just decided I have to stop! I don't care what the drug is that you feel you can't stop. You can stop it. Nothing is stronger then human determination. You need a reason to try. For me it was my kids, for you it might be some thing different! Never ever give up! It took the longest for me to stop crack. But I did it! I still smell it and taste it and dream about it, but the amazing thing is it no longer has a power over me!