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  1. Hi there. You posted the identical topic three times. I'm locking the duplicates so that all replies will be in one place. Mia (mod)
  2. What time are you going to bed, and getting up in the morning? My bet is that it's the 500mg evening dose that's hitting you, and the later you take it, the harder you're going to find it to get moving the next day. I typically take my full dose no later than around 5pm, and get up at 6:30am for work. I'm on other sedating meds which I take at night too, but I find that a large mug of coffee will get me going. Is there a particular reason why you are taking the XR this way?
  3. Hi - I'm moving this to the anti depressant forum.
  4. Hi there I'm going to move this to the antipsychotics board, where you will get a wider audience of members who have used Abilify. Mia (moderator)
  5. It's unspeakably cruel and painful. It involves amputation of the last bones of the cat's feet, not just removal of the claws. It's actually banned in many places. Frankly, anyone who goes this route doesn't deserve to have a cat in the first place. eta Chill, I'm very sorry you find yourself in this position.
  6. Hi! It's so great to see you again - I've often thought of you and wondered how you are. You sound good, but I'm not quite sure what to say about the psychologist - other than that what he's doing doesn't sound safe if the stuff that's being brought up is so uncontained that you're compelled to hurt yourself. When last did you see your pdoc? Who is managing your meds? Your GP?
  7. Hi, and welcome to CrazyBoards. I'm moving your post to one of the meds forums, where you should get a wider variety of responses. Mia (mod)
  8. I'll lock this thread, since you've started up another one on the anticonvulsant board. Mia (moderator)
  9. I've moved this to the Academic Interests forum.
  10. Sorry, but this is a really bad idea. Sharing one's prescription meds with another person is illegal. Even if you were to go ahead and do it, if her situation is as bad as you say it is, you also have absolutely no idea of whether or not she would start knocking back Xanax along with the alcohol, risking overdose and death. I understand that it's hard to see someone you care about in this kind of position, but - as cliched as this may sound - she has to get to the place of wanting help herself. All your best intentions are unfortunately not going to achieve anything if she doesn't yet recognise that she has a problem.