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  1. Lamotrigine withdrawal

    Locking duplicate thread.
  2. Husband passed away tonight

    Oh Rab. There aren't really any "right" words, are there? I am so terribly sorry for your, and your children's, loss. I hope there are people there who can help you through everything that comes next. And yes, shock and denial are right up there in the grieving process. Sending love, and keeping you all in my thoughts.
  3. Moving this to the side effects forum
  4. Hi there I'm moving this to the anticonvulsant forum, where you'll find a bigger audience of members using lamotrigine. Mia
  5. I'm really sorry - I know you've been waiting for ages for this appointment. I agree with tryp that it makes sense to be disappointed.
  6. Moving to antipsychotic board
  7. Ugh, I'm sorry Rab. I don't think you're wrong at all. There are definitely double standards there - it sounds like he's operating with a "what's his is his, and what's yours is also his" attitude. When you say you had a blowout, where did you leave things? Do you think there's some sort of possibility that you might be able to set down some boundaries, or do you feel it's past that point? Something has to give for the sake of your own security and sanity.
  8. Least Damaging

    Hi there I understand that you are looking into this as a means of harm reduction, but discussing the relative merits of different methods of self harm is not really appropriate on this board. Please read the Guidelines to the SI board if you've not already done so. Mia (mod)
  9. New

    Welcome to CB. Feel free to contact me or another staff member if we can help out with anything on the boards. Mia (moderator)
  10. protectmepls, keeping track of an exercise schedule is really better off in a blog setup, where you can easily refer back to it, rather than having it as part of a thread on the Depression Forum.
  11. Well, I've been here for over a decade and have only seen a few SA folk come and go. The language of psych disorders is universal, but as the vast majority of members are North American, some of the nuances of our own healthcare system are inevitably lost. So feel free to give me a shout if you need help with anything specific related to things like the joys of the blood sucking medical aids. I hope you hear back from your pdoc. We are here to offer support but if it gets to the point where you're white knuckling it, please reach out for the emergency help.