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  1. Locking duplicate post so that answers are in one place.
  2. Please answer

    Moving to the benzo forum.
  3. whatever the weather

    36 C today (about 96 F). No airconditioning in this office. I'm homicidal.
  4. Benzo tolerance

    And you're being pretty obnoxious for someone who only joined the site 12 hours ago.
  5. Madmax, the way you perseverate over issues and encounters just doesn't seem to be doing you any good. What feedback are you hoping for from us? What would make you able to let this go? While it's true that CB is a support community, we are not professional therapists, and I just don't see that you're listening to the input that other members have been trying to give you. I know you do at least belong to some kind of real life group - do you raise your anxieties and ask for help there?
  6. Klonopin/valium taper

    Hi there This fits better on the benzos forum, so I'm moving it there. Mia (mod)
  7. This is not helpful. Did you join just to pass judgement on the members who legitimately use the self injury forum for support?
  8. We need help

    Sorry, this is not appropriate for our boards. Please do not post this a third time. You are welcome here if you are a person living with mental illness and wish to seek support for that. Potato monuments, not so much.
  9. Hi there I'm moving this to the antipsychotic board, where you'll hopefully receive more targeted responses. Mia (mod)
  10. Oh Rab, I'm so sorry. What a devastating loss.
  11. 8 Days

    Another violation of the first person rule - I'm locking the thread.
  12. Xanax XR

    I'm with you on this. I didn't last long on it.
  13. Welcome from a fellow Capetonian! I think you are the first I've seen in all my years here. Feel free to give me (or another staff member) a shout if you need help with anything on the boards. MIa (moderator)
  14. Welcome! I'm glad you found us and I hope you find the boards helpful. Don't hesitate to contact me or another staff member if you need assistance finding your way around. Mia