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  1. Oh Rab, I'm so sorry. What a devastating loss.
  2. Another violation of the first person rule - I'm locking the thread.
  3. I'm with you on this. I didn't last long on it.
  4. Welcome from a fellow Capetonian! I think you are the first I've seen in all my years here. Feel free to give me (or another staff member) a shout if you need help with anything on the boards. MIa (moderator)
  5. Welcome! I'm glad you found us and I hope you find the boards helpful. Don't hesitate to contact me or another staff member if you need assistance finding your way around. Mia
  6. Hi there. This seems to be a duplicate of your intro post, so I am going to lock it to avoid any confusion. Mia (mod)
  7. Hi and welcome, Kimi. I'm glad you found us! Feel free to join in on the forums whenever you're ready, and contact a staff member if you need help negotiating the site. Mia (moderator)
  8. lightriso, I edited your post because we do not allow such graphic details or imagery on the SI board. I draw your attention to the guidelines for posting here, which are pinned near the top of the list of topics and include the following: ** When writing about self harm, it's not necessary to go into details about tools, size of wounds, types of wounds, blood, bruises etc. Graphic descriptions of self harm can serve the same purpose as self harm photos, in that they can serve to trigger others and romanticise self harm. This kind of dwelling on the specifics of the method can detract from the aim of stopping. Romanticising self harm will not be tolerated and posts will be edited or removed at the discretion of the moderators. ** We are here if you want to discuss your struggles with self harm in a recovery context, but any further graphic and potentially triggery posts will be dealt with in the same way. Mia (moderator)
  9. Sorry, this forum is not here to encourage recreational drug use, no matter what profound self realisations you feel you're gaining along the way. I'm locking the thread.
  10. Not for everyone (it isn't for me), but yes, it does seem to be the general experience that I've seen reported over the years here on CB. As Rabbit said, YMMV with this, and you need to give it time before passing judgement on whether or not it's for you. I was on the instant release version at doses up to 1000mg for about 9 years, and I've been on 600mg of the extended release since 2012. The XR is the mainstay of my drug cocktail - I couldn't do without it.