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  1. Trapped *TW*

    Hi gabagaba First, I'm very sorry you are struggling so badly right now. I have edited your post to keep it in line with our guidelines - we prefer that our members not go into graphic detail of methods of self harm, even if you do put a trigger warning on your post. We have several threads pinned to the top of this forum, which contain information that others have used to redirect their urges and thinking when in a similar situation - for example, I wanted to self harm but instead I... or Alternatives to Self-Harm & Recovery Resources. Even if you find nothing that specifically resonates with you, reading through these threads could help you know that you are not alone, and at the very least, provide some distraction. I see from your earlier post that you've only recently been discharged from hospital, and it doesn't sound like a helpful experience. Are there any follow-up plans in place with a tdoc (therapist/psychologist)? Mia
  2. Moved to anticonvulsant forum.
  3. YOU can do this!!

    Sorry Abbie, CB has a minimum age for participation. I appreciate your intentions here, but we are simply not geared towards members under 16 years. You are welcome to return when you are older. Mia (moderator)
  4. locking duplicate topic
  5. Hi there Traffic on this site varies during the course of the day and night. If you need an instant answer to an urgent query, unfortunately there's no guarantee that there will be a sufficient number of people online to help you, and you may need to refer to a helpline or the emergency room. Feel free, however, to post your question when you next come back here, and we will do our best to assist. Mia (moderator)
  6. Hi there I've moved your post to the benzos forum so that you can receive more targeted responses. Mia (mod)
  7. Hi nicolee I'm moving this to the antipsychotic forum, since you are specifically asking about abilify. Mia (mod)
  8. So good to see you - welcome back! Mia
  9. Please refer to my response on your other post, which explains why we cannot assist.
  10. JustCurious, I understand the inclination to want to help people you care about. However, CrazyBoards is a first person site, which means we don't try to step in and assist with problems being experienced by third parties - it just isn't feasible. If your friends are also young, you can refer them to this post, which lists sites which cater for persons under 16. Mia (moderator)
  11. Hello JustCurious Unfortunately CrazyBoards is not designed to cater for users under the age of 16. You are welcome to return here when you are older. In the meantime, please read this link for ideas on other places which cater more for your age group. Mia (moderator)
  12. Hi beemer_boy We try to walk a delicate line here between asking that people not post in explicit detail about their SI urges and activities, and attempting to provide a safe space to talk about coping skills and recovery. While one step in that process can sometimes include harm reduction (also known as harm minimisation), we have to be very careful about specific sharing of ideas on how to cut or otherwise hurt oneself. Please read the guidelines to the SI board if you've not done so already. You might find the thread entitled Alternatives to Self-Harm & Recovery Resources useful for your specific questions and situation. Snapping a rubber band on one's wrist is something we've seen people mention as an distracting alternative to more harmful SI. However, first prize will always be receiving help to understand the underlying emotions and triggers that put you in this position. I understand that you are unable to access professional counselling at the moment. Is it possible that you might be able to speak to someone at your school? Mia (moderator)
  13. Ok

    Hi there I am moving this thread to the Self Injury forum, which is more appropriate. Please take the time to read the guidelines for posting on the SI board before you continue further. Mia (moderator)
  14. Welcome - you are not alone, and I'm glad you introduced yourself. Please don't hesitate to contact me or another staff member if you need any help negotiating the boards. Mia