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  1. Turkey on a Plane

    Can you imagine shelling out for a seat only to discover that you're next to a turkey? Close seconds were a peacock and a pig.
  2. Ziprasidone could be a good one for weight gain
  3. If you wanted under used meds, look no further than MAOIs. Yes, they carry a strict diet and no-OTC meds, to name a few problems, but as any older psychiatrist will tell you, they damn well work!
  4. With Clozapine, you need regular blood tests to prevent a fatal side effect. It's also guilty often of playing dickey with your heart, liver and lungs. Not so great. But by gum, it WORKS.
  5. Clozapine is often known as the "dirty drug" and the "chemical kosch". So why does it have to be, more often than not, the most effective antipsychotic out there? The thing is so atypical it's not even classed as "atypical"!
  6. Considering TMS therapy ?

    Didn't know that. That's what I like about Crazy Boards. You learn things
  7. ECT

    ECT for me was AMAZING. Two problems though. 1) Memory - still not back the way it was 2) Apnoea. They got the drugs wrong on one occasion and I ended up paralysed yet awake - I couldn't breathe, let alone signal that I was in distress. Ended up having a lot of therapy for that blunder
  8. Considering TMS therapy ?

    How does Ketamine work? I thought it was basically a horse tranquiliser?
  9. MAOI Diet Effects

    The local clinic refers to the treatment as "repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation" as the magnetic pulses are generated in rapid, repetitive "trains". You can also get treated with non-repetitive stimulation, but I have been lead to understand that it is not so proven.
  10. MAOI Diet Effects

    I'm a UK patient, so Reboxetine and Moclobemide are permissible here. Reboxetine rubbed me up the wrong way, but is meant to be better tolerated than SSRIs overall so it's just unfortunate it's not available Stateside. I liked Moclobemide at the max dose, basically a lacklustre MAOI without the diet. It wasn't the be all and end all, but it acted as a gateway drug to hard MAOIs. At the moment I'm getting very good results from rTMS therapy. If you can get it where you are, I'd DEFINITELY recommend it. Think of it as the replacement for ECT, totally non-invasive and very effective. Here's my practice... maybe you can glean some information from their site: http://www.psychiatrycentre.co.uk/
  11. MAOI Diet Effects

    *Shrugs*. Maybe my psychiatrists have all been wrong. Thing is, I trust them all. They've seen me through thick and thin, from ECT to rTMS, from Sertraline to Tranylcypromine, and everything in between. I haven't been an easy patient. I didn't respond to most treatments - ECT was the first thing to touch my depression and my schizophrenia demanded a hefty dose of Clozapine with a top-up of Trifluoperazine. Heck, they tried me on Moclobemide and Reboxetine, drugs not readily available in the USA. So yeah. My psychiatrists may all be wrong about Nifedepine. But I trust them.
  12. MAOI Diet Effects

    This may be a UK/USA thing. I was given Nifedepine from the outset.
  13. MAOI Diet Effects

    If you've been prescribed an MAOI, you MUST have been prescribed an antidote such as Nifedepine liquid capsules - bite down on them and it's as if you've been given an injection; your blood pressure will fall right back down. The danger with MAOIs is that if you ingest tyramine or tyramine rich foods, your blood pressure spikes putting you at risk at bursts on the brain and a stroke. Symptoms start off with extreme headache and get worse from there. So why take an MAOI? Simply put, they're the bees knees. Effexor? Zoloft? Remeron? PAH. Nothing at all quite like an MAOI for chasing those blues away.