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  1. Struggling with eating

    If it's any help, I'm on Clozapine and I have BALLOONED up. I was anorexic at 6 1/2 stone and now I'm closer to 13 stone. It makes you crave fatty, salty foods and then makes you retain the bad stuff. And I'm only taking half the maximum dose.
  2. Eating Guilt

    Survival guilt is where you don't want, on some level, to live yet believe others deserve to. It's a wicked circle.
  3. Eating Guilt

    We think it's down to survival guilt. On some level, I don't deserve to treat myself or even sustain myself. A few top-up rTMS sessions are putting right
  4. Eating Guilt

    I will be seeing someone tomorrow. I just feel self-hatred for sustaining myself. I don't deserved to eat.
  5. I feel guilty whenever I eat. Like depressed, awful feelings guilty. Last night I cried myself to sleep. What's up with me?
  6. Also known as Cranial-Electro Stimulation (CES)Also known as ElectroSleep Therapy (EST)Also known as Transcranial Electrotherapy (TcE) Anyone try this?
  7. I realise these are delusions but... There are people and they are reading my mind with telepathy. It's a long term problem. But at least I can rationalise about it all.
  8. Considering TMS therapy ?

    Oh my yes. Even people on ECT tend to need top-up treatments. Not forever though, I might add. As with drugs, the idea is to give you an umbrella under which your addled mind can heal.
  9. Considering TMS therapy ?

    It's been a miracle cure for me, even better than ECT or MAOIs. You start with many very regular treatments and taper down. Maintenance therapy is once a month to once bi-monthy. It's non-invasive, very few side effects. Does what it says on the tin. People undergoing rTMS and medical treatments have been shown to be way more likely to enter remission than those on just drugs alone. Problem: it costs.
  10. ECT

    Had 12 rounds of ECT, hated it BUT IT WORKED. Shoddy memory. Go for rTMS if you can.
  11. Didn't touch my depression. I needed a maximum dose of an MAOI, various antipsychotics and mood stabilisers, electroshock and rTMS therapy.
  12. I know it's not available at the moment but I believe it was at one point in Europe - does anyone have any experience with it? It's part RIMA and part SSRI, which shouldn't work but does