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  1. I'm way more upset than I should be. I identified with her (although her BP was much more severe than mine). I knew she was going to die as soon as the story describing what went on on the plane became available. I still was hoping she wouldn't. To be realistic, she probably had brain damage, and wouldn't have been the same.
  2. Could you get a letter from your current pdoc, listing your diagnosis, what meds you are on, how much, and if s/he'll do it, provide a number or email where she can be reached? That way, your GP might be willing to tide you over on your prescriptions until you can get a pdoc appt. Unless Canada is really different, which it probably is.
  3. 2Spirals, if you are worried about that in the future, you can get magnetic bumper stickers. And then you can make your own slogan. We've had a couple of fun ones. They really stay on.
  4. notloki, I discovered the exact same thing about Wellbutrin. I guess that speaks well for it as a med. Bostonian Aspergian, I LOVE your avatar. So appropriate.
  5. My Frenchie had her physical, and is in really good shape, except a little arthritis. But she turns 13 on New Year's Day, so that is normal. Considering she is a Frenchie (a dwarf breed), just having a little arthritis is actually pretty good.
  6. You don't have to have been depressed to be bipolar, specifically bipolar 1. One non-drug precipitated mania is all you need.
  7. 50 mg is already a really low dose, she's about 100mg from reaching a therapeutic level. I do drink on Lamictal, rarely (w/ my pdoc's permission). Some pdocs don't want you drinking at all. But if I were going out, I wouldn't drink more than one drink (or possibly two at home). I've been on one med or another for over 25 years, so I've had a lot of practice. One of my pdocs who let me drink told me when I was on one med that I could absolutely not drink, so I didn't. You should really discuss it with your pdoc before you drink. And you could get tonic water, or soda water, or even Coke, and *say* that there is alcohol in it, if you are worried about how it might look. If your pdoc says it is okay for you to drink, drink one drink, and drink it slowly. Make sure you have a ride home. Alcohol may affect you differently that you are used to.
  8. What does this mean?
  9. Have you told your pdoc about your irritability?
  10. If it is a boiler plate form that you are signing, it may be invalid.
  11. I can do it, but I overload pretty quickly. I can act cheerful, although I suspect my voice is really loud. One thing about using a facade is that your pdoc doesn't see if your mood is really bad. They think you present too well to really be depressed. So I try very much to drop the mask when I see her, even as I continue to wear it elsewhere.
  12. Southern Discomfort, "just as bad" as the UK is a step up for the US!
  13. It sounds like it's pretty severe, and you probably already know about biotin. My hair started thinning all of the sudden, and I had a bald spot. I started taking biotin, and my hair is back to normal. I just want to make sure every possibility was covered, even though I have no idea if it will work for you.
  14. Mal, I'm scared, too. Before the headaches really settled in, I did all sorts of activism. I feel like it would make me feel better to be doing something, but I can't schedule *anything* because I might (and probably will) have a headache. It makes me feel helpless, and like I'm not a very good American. DH tells me I've done so much activism that I don't have to do anymore, and "Hardcore Volunteer" will still be carved onto my gravestone. He's sweet. When he met me, I was volunteering for 4 different organizations, so he knows I'm not as shiftless as I seem. But it really makes me feel cut off from politics. My friends who are of color are freaking out. I'm Jewish, and reading Twitter these days makes me nauseated. I've never been scared to be Jewish before. We're all commiserating, and holding our breath: "How bad is it going to be?" The talk about disability is freaking me out, too. I get very little as it is, because my work history has been so erratic. Why hasn't Trump spoken up about all the hate crimes that just *happened* to start the day after he was elected? Could it be because he doesn't know what empathy is, and kind of thinks minorities are whiners?