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  1. aandrews73, I think that's the only way to approach treatments like this: Does it help at all? Then it's better than nothing.
  2. I have had multiple brain MRIs, and multiple bone and tissue MRIs. I've had the contrast dye on occasion. The machine is loud, but it's kind of rhythmic, and I've fallen asleep one or two times. It's not anything spooky, just magnets.
  3. What are you afraid of?

    Spiders and heights. I've been bitten by Black Widow spiders twice, so I don't think the spiders is irrational.
  4. Stopping Meds

    Dementia correlates with Bipolar Illness. Take your meds, and lessen the likelihood of dementia in the future by limiting the number of episodes you have.
  5. Do keep an eye on yourself. If you start getting irritable or agitated, assume it is the lamp until you talk to your doctor, and stop it; you can always restart it.
  6. She shouldn't take it, but what point does she think she is trying to make, anyway? She can be angry at you for how you've treated you, but what's the point of taking the phone?
  7. Why?

    I can't keep jobs. I've been on disability for a while now, but I almost always get fired or laid off. The one exception is when I work part-time. The longest I've lasted at a job that isn't part-time is 18 months.
  8. Labelled as hypochondriac

    I haven't done a study of this, but I think that some doctors look askance at "thick file patients." When a patient they don't know shows up with a file indicating a lot of contact with medical professionals, doctors seem to think that the patient is just a pain in the ass. Also, I read somewhere that doctors don't like the feeling of not being able to "cure" someone, and take their frustration out on the patient a little. This is not all doctors, but I've experienced a little of this.
  9. It could be you're getting dehydrated from the lithium, dehydration can cause headaches. If you have more room to push fluids, you should. I'm moving this thread to Migraines, so other migraineurs will see it.
  10. Friend lied!

    So if you agree with everything CrazyRedHead says, what you really mean is it's everyone else's fault, is that what we're supposed to gather? You need therapy to learn how to socialize. You are hostile, you don't pull your own weight with gas or food or drink. You are paranoid, and never give anyone the benefit of the doubt, while expecting everyone to give *you* the benefit of the doubt, plus some. You project your own fears into other people's heads, and pretend you know what they're thinking. People aren't perfect. They say things they wish they hadn't. They blurt out things when they feel stressed out. Instead of making it a federal case, and going behind her back to badmouth her to her own friends (which was uncalled for), you should have approached her, and asked to talk it over with her. Being passive-aggressive is not a way to make or keep friends. The extreme standards you require of others are pretty rich, given what you expect others to put up with when it comes to your behavior. You owe her an apology for the way you went behind her back. Don't tell me, "but they agreed with me!" That makes it worse, not better. You deliberately undermined her, and for what?
  11. I take 600mg per day, and have .7 or .8 blood levels. A long time ago, I was started at 900mg, and became toxic. The psychiatrist didn't order any blood tests.
  12. For acute mania, it can be days. For maintenance it takes a little longer.
  13. It would really, really, really suck if my husband and I didn't enjoy the same type of humor. We make each other laugh out loud every day. I'm a very cynical person, I don't feel that safe being sweet or compliant, so I communicate with humor.
  14. Ugh, November is my worst month every year.