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  1. Supposed to be 81°F today, and then cool down to 63°F tomorrow.
  2. So true. And the ideas that come from mania are often not very good, or even downright bad. My MI keeps getting worse and worse over time. And after a disasterous attempt to go off meds last year that I'm still dealing with, I realize that's simply not an option. I think it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to reduce my daily psych meds to less than 3 or 4, with another 2-3 needed PRN. And the occasional Valium, which my pdoc would probably freak out over if he knew I had.
  3. How is it possible for the human body to produce so much snot? I feel like I keep the Kleenex company in business all by myself. When I blow my nose, it sounds like an elephant or foghorn.
  4. I hope it works. If nothing else, if it could get me some decent sleep, it would be a big step in the right direction.
  5. Overwhelmed. So much to do today.
  6. I replaced lithium with Abilify. I was also on doxepin, eventually, and that lead to the longest good period I've had in ages. I had Zyprexa available, too, but I never needed while on Abilify. But I didn't get any results from Abilify until after I hit 15 mg. Unfortunately, it made my hair fall out, so I jettisoned it.
  7. http://www.sciencealert.com/finally-scientists-think-they-know-how-lithium-treats-bipolar-disorder
  8. They are all different molecules, so they have different effects. Different psych meds often have extraordinarily different responses. Every one I've tried has been different, especially with respect to the side effects. Most of the psych meds that work really well for me worked well very early on. But Abilify and doxepin were different, and they took considerable time before they helped. And I got a complete remission with them, but my hair fell out. So I went off them, and everything went to shit immediately. Settling on the right meds is nòt so easy. You have to strike a balance between the side effects and the efficacy. It can take quite a long time to fine-tune your cocktail. I'm currently on 6 psych meds, 2 of which are PRN. And I'm only about 75% of "normal." Give or take. I finally haven't had any psychosis for a whole month. That's the first time since July. And I haven't had any mania or mixed either. So it's working; it's just not perfected yet. I hope to get there soon. It will take however many meds it takes. I've been on more before. It would be great if everyone with MI could take just one pill and be cured, but that's not realistic for many of us here, as we often have MIs that are more difficult to treat than the average.
  9. I've been on my fair share of ADs. In my experience, the blunted emotions are generally a function of the depression, not the medication. When you start talking about APs and mood stabilizers, it's another matter sometimes. That said, I have a genetic trait that renders most SSRIs pretty much worthless, so keep that in mind. I hope you find a solution thatvworks for you.
  10. Me too. My medical costs are now over $1000 per month between me and my cats. Ugh.
  11. All I did was go to the store/pharmacy. I should really start moving stuff today (documents and liquids), but I don't feel like it. So I'm just going to veg and do a little cleaning. Maybe.
  12. I think Trintellix is my next step if this doesn't pan out. It is just simpler to replace doxepin with nortriptyline than to cross taper Cymbalta and Trintellix.
  13. Prozac made it impossible for me to orgasm. Paxil made it hard, but not impossible. Cymbalta makes it more difficult, but not as bad as Paxil. I've never had a premature ejaculation problem, however. I've always been somewhat difficult to get off, even when I'm not on meds. But my partners mostly really liked it when I was on Paxil, because I was like the energizer bunny. A few were put off by how long it took, however.
  14. Please fuck off. The right meds can make all the difference in the world. But the right meds for me are different from the right meds for you. Some meds don't do jack shit and just give me side effects, while others work brilliantly. Telling people that psychiatry and psychiatric meds are a sham does not help anyone here. So once again, fuck off, and please don't come back.
  15. I like weighing myself every day. I log it in my calendar app, which forces me to look at what I need to do for the day. Plus I can respond to changes by varying what I eat. It goes out the window when my MI is seriously screwing with me, unfortunately. I also like logging what I eat every day. I don't count calories or weigh things. I tend to eat about the same amount each day, unless I'm drinking all the time, in which case I eat less than half as much. There are a few things that cause me to overeat: pizza, Kraft dinner, spaghetti, crescent rolls, turkey dinner, salmon loaf/patties with cheese sauce, veggies, and boiled potatoes, a typical breakfast or eggs Benedict, and maybe fondue. It basically boils down to the combination of high-carb and high-fat together, for the most part. Ice cream will stall my weight loss, and desserts like pie and bread pudding will cause weight gain. Cutting out grains, added sugar, and alcohol works for me. FWIW, sourdough bread is a better choice than whole wheat, and potato salad is a better choice than freshly-cooked hot potatoes. Getting rid of sweet drinks and foods, whether natural or artificial is a good plan, as is throwing out all "vegetable" oils (soybean, canola, corn, safflower, etc.). Don't buy packaged food, i.e., pretty much everything in the aisles of the grocery store. And prepare your own meals from scratch as much as possible. Condiments, pickles, and sauces are another matter. They're often decent enough. Don't ever buy anything lowfat or nonfat unless you have something like familial hypercholesterolemia. Also, some people are sensitive to nightshades (potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants), so you'll want to monitor to see if those are an issue for you. Rely on herbs, spices, and aromatics to bring your food to life. And don't forget to enjoy your food. If it's uninteresting, you are doing something wrong. Anyway, that's my 2¢.