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  1. It most definitely might work even though it's a major metabolite of Effexor. There's no saying unless you try it, which I think you should if you aren't liking Cymbalta.
  2. What? What warrants his worries and creating such an ultimatum? If it's making you lethargic then maybe you should just lower the dose. I used to take Klonopin 2mg-3mg a day, now I only take 0.5mg-1mg, very rarely the full 1mg. It has helped with my energy levels a lot and still helps with panic and anxiety. If it help you why wean off it?
  3. I know what you mean by being dependent on addictive drugs, I feel guilt too. But god damn I know what it is like to actually abuse drugs, I abused opioids, illict and legal ones, for years. I NEVER abuse my Klonopin. These medications are life savers for people. About your insurance not covering dexedrine, look into the app called GoodRx. You can choose to request a physical discount card for them that will work at the majority of pharmacies in the US. The app shows you the prices of the medications at pharmacies around you, and I just looked up Dextroamphetamine (generic Dexedrine) and it looks to be around $26 for a month supply around where I live. Please look into it, it is NOT insurance, but it can get you massive discounts.
  4. Arizona's senate results have yet to be determined, it's much too close to call at the moment. The Republican candidate, Martha McSally, is up in votes by around 0.9%. I really hope Kyrsten Sinema ends up winning and Arizona flips blue. I was so sad but also inspired by Beto last night, I never thought he'd be SO close to winning, in TEXAS! More and more young people being able to vote is really showing. I just hope any losses don't discourage the young people. In Arizona people are already saying that the democrat candidate Kyrsten Sinema is going to "rig the results" last second and end up winning, even though THEIR CANDIDATE IS PROJECTED TO WIN. It's insane the pure propaganda Republicans have formed about Democrats, like god damn I don't care if people win fair and square! Give it a REST.
  5. If the Cymbalta doesn't work or isn't tolerated at 120mg, I say go back to the Effexor, increase your dose if possible than what it was last time, and then augment with a med like Wellbutrin, Rexulti, or Buspar. Wellbutrin I guess wouldn't be great if you feel like the norepinephrine from Cymbalta is too much, but Rexulti works on serotonin and dopamine while Buspar works on serotonin. Rexulti can be really affordable if you have insurance; with my insurance Rexulti is actually cheaper at $15 for a 90 day supply (with manufacturer co-pay card) while GENERIC Abilify costs me $90 for a 90 day supply. I say look into Buspar first, actually heard it's great for augmenting ADs and it will help with anxiety. If that doesn't work, then Wellbutrin or Rexulti. Another really powerful serotonergic medication is Trintellix. The pharmacology profile of it is very, very interesting and promising. A lot of people have success with it. See if you could afford that, maybe try some samples. All of these name brand meds can be really affordable with the co-pay card.
  6. Arizona here; voted via early voting mail and sent in my ballot October 12th! Voted for democrat Kyrsten Sinema for senate, and she actually might just get elected. I'm ecstatic, Arizona turning blue??? Trump has upset many old school, more moderate Republicans. Please make sure you vote people, it is such a privilege to be able to live in a country where you can vote, exercise your right! My first elections were the 2016 ones, and I have voted in every election since. VOTE! VOTE BLUE!
  7. From what I have read, no. Some benzos such as Klonopin are known to decrease serotonin. A lot of benzos can actually cause depression. Although I do think if being on a benzo rids you of your anxiety/panic/obsessions, then yes, your serotonin levels MIGHT increase due to being happier. But that is just a guess, a highly uneducated one. For the most part, I wouldn't seek out benzos in hopes of it directly or indirectly increasing serotonin levels.
  8. Pristiq is basically the same as Effexor, it's just venlafaxine's major metabolite. I say give that a go if serotonergic + noradrenergic ADs have worked for you in the past. If that doesn't work, there is Fetzima, if you have decent insurance. Though I have read Fetzima hits norepinephrine more so than serotonin. Have you considered possibly augmenting your antidepressant with an atypical antipsychotic such as Abilify or Rexulti? I trust those two more than other AAPs as they are more modern and unique in mechanism compared to the other AAPs. You could also try combing two antidepressants; I have been on Prozac for 4 years and I needed a little boost that I did not get from a dose increase, and adding a low dose of Wellbutrin XL has helped tremendously. May I ask why you don't just go back on Effexor? I would really recommend Prozac + Wellbutrin XL. Don't be afraid to augment with Abilify or Rexulti either. There are so many options out there, if I were you I would go back to Effexor since you did have success with it, and add on Wellbutrin XL, Abilify, or Rexulti if it isn't helping as much as you need.
  9. I am curious, out of all of the medications you take, which one has always been your bread and butter? The one that has helped you the most and is consistent in your cocktail. I'm very interested to hear what you all have to say! You can name several, but try to think of the one that you can't imagine life without. For me, my bread and butter is Klonopin and Trazodone. The dosages have changed, but not once have either ever been excluded from the cocktail. They both work really, really well for me. The two have been in my cocktail for 5 years, all the way to when I first started getting psychiatric help. Klonopin for panic/anxiety, trazodone for sleep. Let me know what's yours!
  10. Fortunately, my doctor is understanding and would only prescribe me these things under close watch. I ask more about this in case he really wants me to try a stim in the future, he's old school so he might think Wellbutrin isn't doing anything in that department. But you are right that killing two birds with one stone is best. And unfortunately I have had bad experiences with pharmacists for simply filling a Klonopin script, so I do get a little paranoid, even ashamed, about these scheduled drugs sometimes.
  11. I am in no ways educated enough to talk about benzo's mechanism of action or anything like that, but I really don't think that's how benzos work. A lot of people aren't truly sure how a lot of psych drugs work. Try not to obsess about this "serotonin" deficiency, since it is probably not true at all. You must wait until your Cymbalta begins to work, and the only drugs that I know of that increase/release serotonin immediately are illicit ones. Also I believe I read somewhere about Klonopin decreasing serotonin over time, while I think Xanax increased it? Again, I have no credentials to speak on this, so don't take that as fact or even slightly true. This is pure speculation.
  12. Seems fitting for someone prescribed clonazepam, yes? hehe. Happy you're okay. I had the same worries.
  13. Hi everyone. I'm here today seeking your advice. I have recently had Wellbutrin XL 150mg added to my cocktail of 5 years, Prozac, Klonopin, and Trazodone. It is being used to augment the Prozac and to address symptoms of lack of motivation, concentration, focus, drive, and apathy. I have only been formally treated for Depression, GAD, and Panic disorder, with there being discussion about potential ADHD. This is important. The Wellbutrin has been treating me wonderfully. It was a slightly rough start up, but I no longer feel "speedy", and dear god I might even feel..NORMAL? I have my motivation back. I have my energy back. My focus is back. I'm feeling creative again, I have new ideas, new projects I'm working on, actually PURSUING those new projects....this is so different from what I am used to. The apathy for the most part is also gone. That being said, I did some research on Wellbutrin and ADHD because these things I'm feeling, are different from when medications have worked for my depression. Before the Wellbutrin I was NOT depressed. So I thought, what if the Wellbutrin is helping with the ADHD my psych had brought up awhile ago? Upon further research, I have found that people actually DO take Wellbutrin for ADHD. The first thing I ask, which obviously can ultimately only be answered by my psych, is that if what I was feeling was not a partial response to my SSRI, but more so untreated ADHD symptoms? Did the symptoms I list in the first paragraph resonate with any of you? Second...if for some reason I eventually do end up on an ADHD stimulant medication, I am worried about two things. The first thing being that ADHD medications have potential for abuse, and I have a past of drug abuse. I used opioids though, and never really cared for stimulants. Do things like Adderall or Ritalin cause any cravings or reinforcing behaviors in you guys? Or for the most part, have they only helped you? Second, I am scared about being seen as a drug abuser by my pharmacy since I would be prescribed a stimulant AND a benzo. I had a bad experience with another pharmacy regarding my Klonopin prescription, and since then I have just been kind of ashamed by some of the things I present to my current pharmacy, even though it is all in my head and the pharmacy staff is full of lovely non-judgmental people. So, is it out of the ordinary to be prescribed something like Adderall with Klonopin? I apologize for the walls of text. Please let me know what you think, because this has been very eye opening for me, and I do not get to see my psych for another 2 months. Obviously for now I am just going to be grateful for the Wellbutrin, and will not be seeking out anything new, this is all for what is possible for me in the future. Thank you so much for helping me.
  14. This nails it on the head for me. I've felt this since I was 13 years old (now 23). Another way that I've described it is complete emptiness, like the color in life had been muted and greyed out. Flowers were no longer vibrant. The sky wasn't so blue. It seems like something out of an antidepressant commercial, but that's literally how it feels. In my particularly bad moments, I felt as if it were literally impossible for my brain to produce ANY feel good neurotransmitters, and that I was completely void of them. My depression is very, very empty and melancholic. I do want to add to anyone that is reading this that might be struggling or losing hope: It HAS and WILL get better. There have been periods in my life where I have felt 100% back to normal, complete remission. With medication, the lowest I've gotten to is 35-40% of baseline functioning, but NEVER to how it was pre-medication. You CAN get your life back.
  15. I was curious about Abilify, first off have you personally seen a huge increase in weight after getting on abilify? I hardly have an appetite, even without meds, and it's very hard for me to gain weight. I also exercise pretty modestly, about an hour a day. Would I be safe from weight gain caused by Abilify? The only antipsychotic I've been on long term was Seroquel, helped me a lot and I don't think I gained more than 10 pounds, which could've just been me not being so depressed and having an appetite again. Is the same likely for Abilify? I am just terrified of this because I have gained a large amount of weight, over 20 pounds from one medication which was Remeron. It really messed with my body and I am terrified of that happening again, because honestly, being fat makes me feel ugly and even more depressed. Second, I wanted to talk about something my psych brought up to me. He said that Abilify and it's relative Rexulti, have "pro-cognitive" effects, meaning they help with brain fog, apathy, concentration, motivation, and even energy. Apparently both are used for ADHD, with even the makers of Rexulti trying to get it approved for ADHD. Have any of your experienced this from either of the two? Because I am in need of something that helps with cognition, mainly apathy and low, low motivation and interest. Bottom line, I am very interested in Abilify and its sister Rexulti. They are very interesting pharmacologically, with them being sort of unique antipsychotics... I would be taking Abilify for depression and as an add on to an antidepressant, by the way. I've always been scared of the word "antipsychotic" but knowing how Seroquel basically annihilated my depression in the past, I can't deny their benefits. Please share your experience, and as always, thanks for helping me out.