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  1. So the outpatient program I was in, and which I asked explicitly before It began whether it was covered or not, was not covered. I now owe 24k for something I don't think I really needed. 

    1. aura


      Can you fight it?

    2. M@ri

      [email protected]

      Def fight it. Tell them to resubmit it.

  2. I take mine all in the pm because they make me a little drowsy.
  3. My husband is HOME. 6 months after I left to move home, we're now reunited. 

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Awww! That's awesome! So happy for you guys! Any fun plans to celebrate tonight? Even a quiet and relaxing evening in can be great! 

    2. Wooster



      6 months *is* a long time. Glad you made it!

    3. jt07



  4. I married a programmer with a healthy family history and a solid head. Opposite of me. :/ My parents were both torrential headcases and creatives and I didn't want that for myself.
  5. I'm the exact opposite. I looked for for mental stability but with an understanding for mental illness. Maybe that's a bit hard to find, but it has worked beautifully for me.
  6. I agree with mellifluous. Bad sleep for me can make psychosis symptoms worse, but psychosis can also cause a bad sleep. Psychosis can persist regardless of how I sleep though, good or bad.
  7. I really gage who I tell and don't tell carefully. For some I would have a cover story for that tattoo, if you can't trust them. Unfortunately, when it comes to mental illness the stigma is very real and telling everyone and everybody without discretion can turn into a very bad thing.
  8. Acceptance

    I can't stay stable enough to build a career in art either.
  9. Pics of Your Pets

    The white one definitely has a case of the grumps, but the dark one is too dumb to know how to be grumpy. ;P
  10. The person below me...

    Goodness no. No no. TPBM enjoys savory more than sweet
  11. Seroquel sure didn't help my weight, but now that I'm off it I hope to be losing some. I did manage for a long time to maintain a lower weight on seroquel, but it required a strict-ish low carb diet.
  12. Pics of Your Pets

  13. They really don't like doing it, but I finally got back on some Ritalin after being stable for a few weeks and it's doing wonders for me.
  14. Schizzoaffective but I was originally dx bipolar 1. Symptoms it was used for was mania though this is over 12 years now. It was the first drug I was on for bipolar.
  15. Yes I suffer from mixed states when I am unwell and I am schizoaffective bipolar type. You can read about mixed states here, I'm sorry, I'm just too exhausted to type out what I factually know about them myself. For me it feels like I want to jump off a building, but laugh hysterically about it all the way there.