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  1. I see... Sounds like your pdoc knows how to prescribe stimulants. Much more so than mine... I think my pdoc is way, way, way concerned about the cardiovascular side effects of stimulants, which is why she just stopped prescribing me stimulants altogether, and why she is now restricting my antidepressant doses (yeah... yet she's pushing my antipsychotic dose). So as I've said before, I have had to go to my NP for my stimulant. I think my gdoc has physician burnout because he literally brushes me away for anything psychiatric. I'm not the only one whose said that either.
  2. @orangey123, they make a Lamictal XR 250 mg tablet (it's available as generic). I don't know if that's of any help to know that, but you could probably go up to 250 mg for your dosage and it be somewhere in the middle between 225 mg and 300 mg and have the convenience of taking an extended release tablet once daily. @notloki @sbdivemaster Thoughts? Input?
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  4. @BrianOCD, I just thought of something regarding the hypersomnia. There are medicines, Nuvigil and Provigil, that are stimulant-like medicines, "eugeroics" or "wakefulness promoters," that aren't Schedule II, but rather Schedule IV, so you might not get as much side-eye from your pdoc if you bring them up for hypersomnia. I personally liked Nuvigil better. But the problem with these meds is getting the darn PAs to go through. The insurance companies, for WHATEVER reason or another, have made it SO freaking difficult to get these meds approved. They want you to either have narcolepsy or sleep apnea, only, to pay for these meds. Otherwise they won't pay for them. There are ways around it, but I have no clue how people get them approved without having these two conditions... It's like magic. My pdoc refuses to do PAs anymore for whatever reason or another, and I can't seem to get my doctors to prescribe me these meds, and I haven't been to my sleep doc in over a year, so, ??? But anyway, I thought I might mention them to ya. They are even used off-label in treating depression. But I figure you may want to give Abilify a while to settle in before you go adding another medicine in your cocktail so you can see what it's doing. Hope the Abilify works well for ya. Try to get some rest too.
  5. What @jt07 said. Present your case to your doctor and hopefully he'll listen. If he really is as much of a pain as you say he is, perhaps it may be worth looking for a new one (although I know it's not good to go skipping and hopping from doctor to doctor). Might I even suggest that you suggest another medicine if he doesn't suggest one? I really don't think you should stop taking your Geodon without your doctor's discretion. I don't know whether you're taking it for schizophrenia, bipolar, or what, but for whatever reason, you don't want to relapse. That's worse than what you're experiencing now, trust me.
  6. "Drug seeking" for trazodone or doxepin? Yeah right... Absolutely not. In higher doses, it can act as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, so yes, but it will also be a serotonin antagonist as a 5-HT2A and 5-HT2C antagonist. Yes, it was pretty awful... lol. But whatever floats your goat. Yes, goat. I had to take 300 mg before I was sedated on Seroquel, and at that dose it was making me weepy and depressed and binge eating everything in the house. It's not a drug for me. I would seriously just rather take Benadryl since it's the same damn thing--an antihistamine. But I do understand that Benadryl does strange things to you and Seroquel doesn't, which is very paradoxical. If you didn't want to take two antipsychotics, you could try "not strolling in" to your pdoc's office and maybe try "asking" nicely about doxepin or something. THE ONLY thing that has helped my hypersomnolence is a stimulant, and namely, Dexedrine. I don't imagine your pdoc would go for that.
  7. Yeah, too early to tell for now. Give it a couple of weeks and you should start to notice something. Antipsychotics usually work pretty quickly. Usually. If Restoril worked well for you, why not give it a try at least short-term? If not, then there's also always stuff like trazodone, if that works for you. I mean, when it gets down to it, Seroquel is just a fucking overpriced antihistamine lol, especially in low doses. You may as well be taking something like Benadryl since it's practically the same thing pharmacodynamically. Also, have you tried doxepin? It would be essentially the same thing as Seroquel, just cheaper. Dirt cheap. 10 mg would be all you'd need. The lower the dose the better. EDIT: I'll be damned... I looked it up and IR Seroquel 25 mg is actually cheaper than doxepin 10 mg caps... Huh... what a world we live in... oh well. Like I said, there's always trazodone. I don't know if you have a Publix pharmacy near you, but they have a deal where you can get 90 days of trazodone for $7.50 ($2.50/x30 days). I will say that doxepin is much more potent of an antihistamine than Seroquel, so it may be better for sleep than Seroquel ever was for you. You may find that you like it better. It's actually the most potent antihistamine. Remeron is really close to being the most potent antihistamine too. You could take Remeron to complement your Effexor and that would really be a boost with the Abilify. That just depends on if you want the weight gain and sedation that comes with Remeron. (Higher doses of Remeron don't produce as much weight gain and sedation though, like 30-45 mg as opposed to 7.5-15 mg.)
  8. I somehow ran out of Dexedrine before my next prescription was labeled to be able to be filled this past weekend... Don't know how. I never abuse my stimulants. I take them as prescribed, religiously and meticulously, dispensed in my pill planner every week. I have heretofore never taken "drug holidays" though. So anyway, this forced me to take a one-day drug holiday from my usual 60 mg/day Dexedrine, and I can say that it was absolutely dreadful. I'm taking it mainly for ADHD-PI, but also for treatment resistant bipolar depression and hypersomnia unspecified, as well as to assist with weight loss. Just one day without, and I slept practically all day, and when I wasn't asleep, I was either a weeping, ugly-crying mess, or I was binge eating. I gained 3 lb the next day, which I know isn't a whole bunch, but, you know... I'm pretty sensitive about weight gain. I filled my Dexedrine a day later than the day was indicated so as to not look like I was "looking for a fix..." especially since I'm trying to get a job at the pharmacy at which I fill my prescriptions, start back on my Dexedrine, and two days later (today), I am feeling better than I've felt in about in month or so (before I switched to Rexulti and ruined everything good I had going for me). I felt like I did right when I switched from 40 mg to 60 mg, my mood was shining and gleaming, I was talkative and laughing, I wanted to do things and wanted to go out of the house, I didn't want to eat everything in sight. TL;DR: I was back to my normal self +1. My question is, would there be some advantage to taking some sort of "pseudo-drug holiday" wherein I sort of alternate between 30 mg and 60 mg each day, or take 30 mg on the weekends and 60 mg during the week days or something like that? Or no? Has anyone tried this sort of regimen? I don't want to NOT take my Dexedrine, that was pretty damn terrible the day I went without it. I guess it does show how dependent I am on it though... But any input would be appreciated.
  9. @BrianOCD, so glad you finally agreed to give Abilify a try! It has worked miracles for my mood! It took barely even a week, if that, at just 2 mg of Abilify, before I started noticing a difference in my mood. It actually made me hypomanic for about 5 weeks before I crashed into a major depressive episode again. My pdoc had to increase the dose to 5 mg, which caused a tiny bit of an increase in mood, but nothing significant. No results until I got to 15 mg, which produced akathisia from hell, which made me have to get off the drug. This was the first time I took it though. I took it slower the next time around. It has worked miracles for my mood, my mood stability, and even psychosis that I didn't know I had. I was at 15 mg, but I'm currently at 30 mg because my pdoc wants to try it at this dose before we abandon it (it's not working at its best anymore). My only complaint is that it seems to be making weight loss more difficult, if not impossible (whereas the first time I was on it it helped me lose weight...), and that at this dose, it is causing intolerable akathisia (that's something you gotta watch out for with Abilify!!) As for sleep drugs, it's strange that you have that reaction with Benadryl and not with Seroquel, because they're both anticholinergic and antihistaminergic. I could see you having that reaction to the Z-drugs though. So you said Restoril is good for you? Did that produce hallucinations? What about ProSom? You could very well use Ativan for insomnia just as you've used it for anxiety, that is, if you're not immune to the sedation it causes; however, only with your pdoc's permission should you do that. It, like Restoril and ProSom, are intermediate-acting benzos.
  10. My mom suffered a TBI when trying to attend a concert of mine. She had to be hospitalized. At the time my memaw was living with us, and she is totally wheelchair bound and totally dependent. Instead of going into a major depressive episode like I normally would have, I went into a hypomanic episode and didn't sleep for 5 consecutive nights. I didn't sleep until she came home from the hospital.
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  12. Sounds like BPII to me. But I'm no professional.