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  1. 30yr old male 7 years effexor and new to fetzima.
  2. Fetzima

    I have taken Effexor for the last 7 years and it has worked good for my Bipolar and depression problems. The doctor and I thought it would be good to take me off the effexor for awhile and try out Fetzima. I am glad I heard other people comment on side effects of effexor (lack of sexual motivation and problem orgasming) I have been on Fetzima for a month now and have had a headache almost everyday and had periods of nausea also. I have not got the boost of energy that others speak of and feel like my emotions are alot more up and down then when I was on Effexor. I am also going through periods of feeling like crying.. I dont think Fetzima is for me maybe I need more of a Serotonin boost than what this pill gives.