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  1. Fetzima

    Hey all. Sorry, I know I said I'd post more regular updates, but...yeah. I've now been on Fetzima about 3 months. After two months, my pdoc and I agreed to go up to 80 mg. My standing heartbeat has increased, but it's rarely noticeable or uncomfortable, the sexual side effects are still there, but it's slowly getting back to normal. For those who wondered, the first time I took Fetzima, the same thing happened sexually, and by the end of a year I was completely back to normal. To be honest though, even though I am very thankful that this medicine does not have the same range or severity of side effects for me as many people here have spoken about, I am a little disappointed. The first time I took Fetzima, it changed my life. It worked wonderful, though it helped that there was a big change as far as churches go not long after I started. Now... I really can't tell that it's working at all. If it is, I don't want to think what kind of wreck I'd be without it though. And I'm not taking my chances again. It's the only medicine I'm taking, and only one I intend to take... though I do drink a lot more now than I did back then. In any case, my update is: Kinda meh.
  2. Fetzima

    Ok. It's been a week, time for an update. I am better, thank you. I feel pretty certain the dreams were from the Vibriid for a few reasons. The first being that, as I said before, I've taken Fetzima for an extended period of time during its clinical trials and have a fairly good idea of how it affects me. That said, I understand that bodies change, and am prepared for the possibility that things might not be exactly the same this time. The second is that sleeping while taking Viibryd is at best annoying, at worst painfully impossible. My doctor has known me since I was a kid, and refused to put me on antidepressants as a teen when my parents demanded it because I told him I didn't want to go through what my medicated friends were going through. He put me on Viibryd because I asked to be put on Fetzima but my insurance didn't cover it. The two are similar drugs, but he took me off of it as soon as I expressed my discomfort. I am sorry you are having such a bad experience with this. Its my turn to hope things look up for you soon. Thank you for your prayers. I certainly needed it last week. This week has been much better. I've felt a little more energetic and I've been able to focus on my work a bit clearer the past few days. Not that it's been all flowers and rainbows or anything, but at least I can feel the Viibryd washing out of my system. I did miss a dose of Fetzima on Sunday by accident. With Viibryd, that one dose can feel disasterous. With the Fetzima, I had a dull headache by the time I took it the next day, but that's all. Interesting side note though, I did get a small surge of paranoia late that evening. If that's one of the ways I react to withdrawl from Fetzima, that could explain how things went so wrong after I stopped it the first time. When I took it before, I didn't actually have any feelings of "greatness," but I did have the ability to let things make me feel great. It's baffling the first time someone describes you as "self-motivated", or when someone can't believe their luck that they got to hire you (thinking about the first time someone said something to that effect still feels like boggle-minded). Anyways, I hope you are doing better this week too. I'll keep updating as I go.
  3. Fetzima

    Ok. So, talked with my doctor Monday, and after reciting all the side effects I was experiencing with Viibryd, he agreed to put me back on Fetzima. So my last day of Viibryd at 40mg was Sunday. Then 20mg Fetzima Monday and Tuesday, and now 40mg Fetzima for the rest of the month at least. It has been a massively rough week. Viibryd is apparently upset at me for stopping. Maybe I am crazy for personifying it this way, but it has seriously been attacking me all week. One of the things I experienced while I was on it was very large objects in my dreams coming towards me until I was ejected from sleep either by vertigo or a "brain zap," as it's been labeled. So Monday I barely slept with dreams of enormous machine monsters attacking me. Tuesday I felt like crap when I got home and decided to take a nap... and slept for 12 hours with violent, conflict ridden dreams, woke up exhausted, and spent the entire next day in deep stupor. I tried to read a book and got a page in and started crying. So gave that up and decided to go to my usual Wed activity of free poker and pizza. I don't drink pop at all, and haven't for years. I may have half a coke if I'm drinking heavy with it. But someone near me got a Coke and I could smell it and wanted it more than food. I drank more soda that night than I have in the last four years. Yesterday I got home from work, and pulled into the garage and instantly fell asleep. I tried to kill myself in the dream, even though I thought I was at work, and failed. In the dream I got off work and got home and was pulling into the garage when the massive deja vu woke me. I had slept in my car for three hours. I honestly don't think this is the Fetzima, I think it's the Viibrid wearing off. But I am so ready for this week to be over before I lose my mind. But in any case, I wanted to update that I made the switch, and will update when I stabilize. Wish me well until I get there.
  4. Fetzima

    I joined this board to respond to this topic. I thought I'd share that I'm one of the 300+ that took Fetzima for over a year during its clinical trials. I found this actually because after being off of it for two years, I have been waiting for it to become available to me again. A few months ago, I went to my doctor and asked for it, but my insurance didn't cover it, so he offered me Viibryd, which has been a horrible mistake and I have an appointment Monday to ask to be weaned off it. In any case, I thought I'd share that for me at least, the benefits of being on this drug were tremendous. I did experience side effects. Now and then, my heart would race. I was friends at the time with a former EMT, and he would take my pulse and tell me I was tachy. I would sit down for a few minutes though and feel better. My blood pressure also rose slightly, though not dangerously. The sexual side effects wore off after a few months, but I didn't have anyone significant at the time, so they actually made life a bit easier for a time to be honest. All that said, I am hoping to be able to take it again soon. My mood was so much better. Also, I am mildly narcoleptic, and have never had much energy. Fetzima was huge in making my life at the time possible. I was able not only to work my first full-time job (I had just graduated college), but also take part in the life of both the churches I went to and volunteer my time in ministry. It was possible to be busy seven days a week for the first time in my life. I didn't burn out until the study ended and I was taken off the drug. I was offered something else, but I felt so good I declined. Things went downhill from there. I'm still not sure how I'm going to be able to afford to be on it, but I thought that I would share that I found sticking with this medication was well worth it.