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  1. @BackOnTop after CB chat ended AshleyS and dzo created a new chat: http://www.tmstffrd.com/chat/ Come on over, back!
  2. Nobody is diagnosed in my family but they all need therapy. Some I believe would meet criteria for some disorders.
  3. I see the problem. My only suggestion is to do it here. Can you access CB while you're at work on your computer or on your phone?
  4. I reality check either here or on the new chat. I understand not trusting your partner my ex was quite misinformed about MI in general. In person, I can reality check with tdoc since I see him 2x/week. I don't see pdoc that often to reality check with him anymore. Sometimes I may even reality check with my boss. I have done that before too. If you don't have anyone in real life that you feel comfortable reality checking with, can you continue posting on this forum? Or even in the "Anyone on the SZ spectrum want to share?" topic? I often find that delusional people make great reality checkers.
  5. It was actually a female voice that said "Hi" possibly my voice because I swear I sound different in recordings and on the phone. I was talking to a male so it wasn't his voice. Which is why I think the phone echoed my voice back.
  6. Closure you made me laugh!! Yeah, I guess I should email pdoc. But we're still waiting for the latuda to kick in still not sure if he thinks it's psychosis or if he was just referring to the depression. Idk anymore. I guess I'll email him just as an FYI. Thanks. Okay I just emailed pdoc. $20 he says to keep track of it and if this is distressing. It's not I guess. It's just annoying.
  7. Pretty sure I'm not hallucinating but I keep seeing little things randomly. Like a shadow that goes away after a split second. Or a line. Or something moving. Or if I'm looking down I'll see a shadow somewhere or blob. Tiny things but not enough for me to say I need to get an eye exam. Just random shit. Then yesterday I was on the phone and the person switched calls and then came back to my call so when I said hi again I heard an echo BUT I'm 99% sure that that was the phone because he had just come back to the call. Mind is playing tricks on me again. Been happening for a few weeks now.
  8. Hi guys, I came across this study and thought some of you might be interested in it. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03049813?term=depression&lup_s=01%2F27%2F2017&lup_d=14&show_rss=Y&sel_rss=mod14
  9. My back hurts so much!!!! So I'm feeling a bit irritable. Big boobs are the worst.
  10. Sorry guys, I'm not in the headspace to look for the link to the article or even read more than just the headline but before I forget I got this in my email Study of Psychosis Relapses Among Schizophrenia Patients Suggests Preventive Potential of Frequent In-Person Check-ins A 2015 study comparing schizophrenia patients who received oral or injectable antipsychotic medications found no difference in relapse rates between the groups. Now, a follow-up study published August 2016 in the journal Psychiatric Services has concluded that there is also no significant difference in the rate of second and third relapses between these two groups. These findings may reveal something important about preventing relapse. The researchers noted that in both medication groups studied, the overall rate of subsequent relapse among both medication groups was “impressively low,” perhaps due to the frequent face-to-face checkups that these patients received. The study was led by Peter F. Buckley, M.D., a Foundation Scientific Council Member, recipient of a 1992 NARSAD Young Investigator grant, and Dean of the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University. The current study followed some of the patients who were enrolled in the PROACTIVE trial (Preventing Relapse Oral Antipsychotics Compared to Injectables Evaluating Efficacy), a 30-month study that looked at the difference between those treated with a long-acting injectable second-generation antipsychotic drug called risperidone and those treated with an oral second-generation antipsychotic drug chosen by their physicians. The research team found that the long-acting injectable medicine was not more effective than the oral medications at preventing schizophrenia relapses in these patients. Dr. Buckley and his colleagues then followed up with the 109 patients who had suffered one relapse during the PROACTIVE study. Thirty-two (11%) of these patients experienced two relapses during the 30-month trial, while 12 patients (4%) had three relapses. The researchers found no significant difference between the medication groups in either in the rate of relapse or in the amount of time before another relapse occurred. All of the patients were seen in a clinic every two weeks, and missed appointments were quickly rescheduled. “The contribution of this level of care to the generally low rates of relapse provides indirect evidence that frequent outpatient contact with patients with schizophrenia may itself be a valid relapse prevention strategy,” the researchers concluded.
  11. I was explaining things to pdoc and I looked at the cabinet and There was a key with a circle paper tagged attached to it. I felt my heart drop and was so terrified. The tags on keys are following me. My coworker is spying on me through that and her mail key. And then a similar tag shows up at pdoc. He asked about what happened because I couldn't take my eyes off the keys. I explained to him as best I could. He wasn't following at first but I think he understood. He said we hadn't discussed how I feel at the clinic and I said it makes sense for cameras and microphones to be at their offices but I wasn't expecting that key tag.
  12. Not sure if my paranoid "everyone is watching me/talking about me" thoughts were because I haven't had much social interaction in a week and hadn't left my apartment since Monday night or if they were actually paranoid thoughts. Like I feel my coworkers are talking about me behind my back. They for sure are talking about how fat I am.
  13. So I remembered this when I was taking a shower. When I was living with my mom we bought shampoo that I thought was poisoned or tampered with but I didn't want to say anything. So the first thing I did when I got home was clean the bathroom including the shower and oops I must've thrown out the new bottle of shampoo. My bad. Lol my mom seriously questioned my judgment because how do you not notice you threw away a brand new bottle. Lol!!
  14. I'm so happy that you decided not to do it! Take care of yourself.