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  1. I am diagnosed schizoaffective. Usually I just have delusions/ hallucinations, but lately I'm experiencing something new. usually in the late afternoon I will suddenly start to feel my heart pounding then I start feeling really weird like nothing is real. I feel like I'm in another reality. It is scared. I get easily confused. I forget what I'm doing. There seems to be no time. It's like a waking dream. anyone know what this is?
  2. I start with energy rushing through my body and coming out my chakras. Then I start to feel like I am in a different reality. From minutes to hours. What is this called? Is it some kind of dissociation? It is scary. I have trouble thinking and get confused.
  3. Nothing helps I've been on four different antipsychotics in last 2.5 months. Almost daily hallucinations and altered consciousness. Confusion and anxiety. My doc wants me to go on clozapine. There is a problem though she is leaving for good in few days. The behaviorhethcare center is not getting new prescriber for few weeks, so I am stuck psychotic for who knows how long. I may be delusional, or is it all real? Kundalini activation, going up my spine, chakras bursting, top of hear snapping with electricity. Am I going through kundalini awakening or just crazy?
  4. I thought I could heal people with my mind. That was 6.5 years ago.
  5. I have had visual hallucinations that were taken from my memory and played in my visual field. One of my voices even admitted to doing so when I figured it out. Anyone else get this?
  6. Risperidone didn't work for me. But every med seems to be different for every one. I like olanzapine the best so far. It doesn't make everything go away, but I also don't want everything to go away.
  7. Sometimes. Like I'm a puppet. or I'm just playing a part.
  8. I answered the op exactly how he/she wanted. A yes/no and a short "why" explanation.
  9. In about half of my dreams, I am someone else. And in the rest, I am me but my personality is different. I have asked about this on other forums, but no one seems to share this experience. I was wondering if anyone else has this experience . Oh, and occasionally I'm even various animals.
  10. No. I believe we have an opening to another reality. The causal plane. It presents in each of us differently because it has to first filter through our subconscious before it reaches our conscious state.
  11. I have had no kundalini symptoms for over three years, but they are now back in full force. I don't know why. I thought I would be ok on a high dose of olanzapine (15mg). But it doesn't seem t stop it. I've been getting kriyas again. It is mainly jaw clenching and vibration, and eyes rolling up. Then the breathing rythyms, and almost going into a trance state. When I force it to stop through willpower, I get uncontrollable shaking for fifteen to twenty minutes. It mostly happens when I try to fall asleep, but can also happen while wide awake. Oddly I've had a major reduction in synchronicities and seeing numbers in the weeks leading up to this. I guess kundalini can happen regardless of whether I'm on antipsychotics or not. Lately also I've been praying to God, which I don't normally do. I wonder if that has something to do with it.
  12. I have been doing fine until tonight. I was having an anxiety attack when suddenly I started having delusions and possibly hallucinations. usually the come on slowly, not a full frontal attack. Is this normal? Ohyeah, and then they went away when the anxiety attack was over.
  13. Over the past six years ive been unsure whether or not the messages i recieve from the universe are real or delusions. No i am positive they are real because numbers dont lie and my messages (numbers) lead me to figure out how the universe is created. I want to tell my boyfriend but we have company and im not sure whe they are leaving. Aldo i am worried becausr the unoverse is mad at me because it is sending me bad numbers like 126 and 1112. Not sure what i should do im kind of scared. Im not sure why the universe is mad. Maybe because i am talking about it or because i said i was going to ignore the universe from now on.
  14. Melissa, I can't get an earlier appointment with my psych. She is a "telepsych" who I can only talk with on the internet Confused, I feel better now