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  1. Haven't been here in ages. 

  2. Pdoc for sure - and s/he would be able to diagnose easier if you can provide some kind of timeline regarding your stuff, in order to see how/whether you cycle.
  3. The DSM 5 now lists mixed episodes under 'features' of bipolar.
  4. Omg. ...assholes.
  5. Hoooo boy, holidays ... I will be reclusive this year. I wish I could sleep through it.
  6. Wellbutrin shifted my anhedonia (it's the first MAOI I've ever tried). Hope thw pdoc helps.
  7. The grind is hard and boring, but then *sparkle* you're there and it feels good.
  8. Nodded in agreement all the way through this thread :/
  9. Ditto ... hope you're ok.
  10. My pdoc told me that having a very structured day helps too.
  11. Thanks, I'm seeing her next week; will ask then