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  1. The only other medication I take is Adderall, and I've been on that for 10 years with no side effects regarding my skin. From what I've read it seems to be a very rare side effect. One message board I read a mom was saying her son was get dermatitis and his hair was falling out from it so they took him off of it and switched to something else. I also read some kind of study findings about it, along with a few other medications that are in the same class. I'm not one to self diagnose but I really believe it is drug induced. I've started to wean myself off of Abilify and sure enough my chin and scalp are clearing. After my previous post and taking my dose of Abilify for 3 days, it flared up again...I broke out and it scabbed over again. It's incredibly frustrating. I've heard Lamictal can cause skin issues as well though. How long have you been on Abilify? I ask because this didn't start happening until my third-fourth month on it and has been consistent since. No, just SSRI's and SNRI's previously.
  2. Has anyone had any side effects involving the skin while on Abilify? I have had this gross red patchy spot on my chin for months that keeps breaking out and scabbing over (I know...it's gross) as well as severe dandruff and an increase in hair loss. I have seen a dermatologist, all labs and cultures came back normal. I was prescribed a topical antibiotic for my chin which didn't work and a prescription shampoo which didn't work. It occurred to me that it might be a side effect of Abilify so, of course, I looked it up. Although rare, it apparently CAN cause skin problems. So, for the last 4 days I have not taken my Abilify and lo and behold my chin started clearing (that's a huge deal because in the last 3 months this has not gotten any better and after 4 days it's practically GONE) and my scalp is SO much better and is less itchy and flaky! I'm almost certain at this point that it's the Abilify due to how persistent these issues have been and how drastic the improvement has been in just the 4 days since I stopped taking it. I can't say much in regards to the hair loss, however. I absolutely had to take it today because I was starting to feel withdrawal symptoms (dizzy, lethargic, tired, and anxious) although I really didn't want to. These issues have had a significant impact on my self esteem, not to mention my chin issue has been extremely painful. I'm going to talk with my psychiatrist about this and discuss the possibility of switching to something else. I take 5 mg daily for bi-polar and anxiety. I've been on many different SSRI's and SNRI's and none of them have been as helpful as Abilify has been and I really don't want to go back on any of them.
  3. Since I started taking Abilify I've definitely noticed that Abilify greatly intensifies the effects of alcohol in an unpleasant way.
  4. Abilify makes me crave carbs like no ones business. I also went through a weird stint when my dose got bumped up where I craved pepperoncinis and gummy bears. I honestly thought I was pregnant because those are two things I've never really had an appetite for much less had cravings for.
  5. I started Abilify 2 mg in Sept after taking a year hiatus from anti depressants and after moving states. At first it was awesome...I was getting stuff done, my anxiety was non existent. Then as my dose got bumped up to 5 mg I became lethargic, moody, gained weight, anxiety was back and....could not sleep. At all. I'd be up for 72 hrs at a time, and when I did sleep I had awful dreams. Recently, I started splitting them in half, taking one half in the morning and the other at night. That seemed to do the trick for awhile, but then I was right back to not being able to sleep. So I went back down to just taking half of the 5 mg pill in the morning and then THAT seemed to start working. After a few days into that I was pulling all nighters again every other night while having tons of anxiety. I can't even imagine taking a higher dose at this point. Its also caused some other side effects that have caused me to not want to take it at all, but that's for another topic. So, for me, I've had sleep problems with it regardless of when I take it. I've actually become full on nocturnal because of it. I'm at a tipping point with it, and to be perfectly honest, I haven't taken it in 4 days in order to see if another side effect would start to subside (which it has so far, so I am almost certain it is the Abilify). I wish I felt the way I did when I first started on it.
  6. Fetzima

    It takes awhile to adjust to any anti depressant. After 2 weeks the most prominent side effects start to ease up but it can take a month to start seeing any benefits from any drug, not just Fetzima. SNRI's are supposed to have the least potential for negative sexual side effects. If you really can't stand it, talk to your doc, but in my experience giving a med a real shot before making your decision is typically the best idea. Most likely changing meds too often can just get you stuck in a cycle of adjustment side effects and withdrawal side effects. I'm now on my third week of Fetzima 40mg and I have to say...I think it's really starting to work positively. I feel like I am more in tune with my emotions than I was on Celexa. Celexa seemed to just dull everything and made me complacent. For example when it comes to my interests, I had little to no motivation or passion. I'm starting to get excited about things again, and when something is sad, I can cry. On Celexa, I couldn't. My libido dramatically improved after the second week. I haven't had any problems since with arousal or orgasms. My dreams have continued to be absolutely insane, and since I've switched to taking it earlier in the day rather than at night, I've had less bouts of insomnia. I think I have gained some weight, which is really unsettling, but I'm hoping that will start to reverse, especially once I start the Concerta. I've read a lot of things online about initial weight gain during the adjustment to an SNRI after an SSRI, but that after the adjustment people started to lose more than what they gained. I'm trying to stay active, although it's really hard when it's this hot out since I have a low tolerance to heat and I retain water like no other even though I sweat like crazy. I've also found that caffeine really amps up my irritability, so if you're having issues with excess anxiety and edginess, try removing caffeine from your routine and see if you notice any changes. I'm just gonna keep on keepin' on and hope for the best.
  7. Fetzima

    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing okay. Thanks sook for your kind words! I'm officially on week 2. For the past few days I was doing quite well, felt more focused and had more energy but then I lost my cell phone at Target, the first day I decided to put on pants and got out of the house to be productive. The stress from that has definitely exacerbated my mood swings. The people at a Target probably think I'm psychotic by now. Today has been rather difficult. I don't know if it's from the Fetzima or the withdrawal from Celexa but my entire body feels extremely heavy...like I'm trying to move through quick sand. I looked it up and it seems to be a side effect of SSRI Withdrawal Syndrome. It's called perceived weakness...meaning my brain is telling me my body feels this way despite the fact that physically it's untrue. It came on last night. My hands and feet felt like they were burning and swelling. I was getting OCD from the feeling of having bugs crawling on me and spent an hour looking for spiders. I started having muscle cramps in my feet, itching on my arms and legs...the kind of itching that when you scratch you find the itch isn't satiated. My dreams were really disturbing, morbid and gruesome. When I woke up, I could barely stand. I've had this before type of symptom before but it's usually only been my legs or an arm...never my whole body. I simply can't function like this. I slept until 5pm today. I'm going to go back to taking 20 mg of Celexa but I'm going to take 10mg in the morning and then 10mg at night....just until I'm completely through the adjustment period of the Fetzima. The withdrawal combined with the adjustment is just too much to handle. I find myself once again regretting even starting on any of these meds to begin with.
  8. Fetzima

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to give an update as I'm on day 4 on Fetzima (day 2 on 40 mg). Yesterday was probably the most difficult day as of yet. I was very emotional. I had mood swings like crazy. Mostly between sad and angry. I found my irritability threshold really low. I felt nauseous if I was walking around and felt jolts of electricity like zaps if I moved my head quickly. I felt really disassociated and quite "out if my head". I had constipation and quick, sharp abdominal pains. I was also extremely tired, yet too anxious to rest. I also noticed that my appetite has increased (which is a little disconcerting). Last night I had a blow up at my boyfriend over something stupid that resulted in needing to take a .5mg Xanax in order to fall asleep. And boy, did I sleep!! I woke up at 10 am absolutely starving, ate 2 banana nut muffins and went back to sleep. My dreams were extremely vivid and a bit more frightening (zombie dreams and hospital dreams). I finally woke up at 4 pm and I have to say that as far as cognitively, I feel much clearer today than I have the past 3 days. Also, my stomach and digestive side effects seem to have subsided for the time being. I'm also noticing that my desire to smoke has decreased significantly. I used to love sitting outside and relaxing with a cig and I find myself wanting to go outside less and less to smoke. I smoke Camel menthol silvers and I'm noticing that they don't taste or feel the same. I'm also feeling like the effects of my Aderral aren't as significant. I really want to get that Concerta filled. I'm even contemplating filling it outside of the insurance even though I know it's quite expensive. I'll update again in a few days.
  9. Fetzima

    Hi all! First time poster. Like most I found this forum looking for information on Fetzima. There really isn't much info out there. I know it's relatively new to the U.S, it's just a little scary to go on something you can't read that much about. My doc switched me to Fetzima 2 days ago, and is having me step off Celexa 20mg. I've been taking Celexa 20mg for the better part of 5 yrs in conjunction with 20mg of Aderral twice a day. As far as anti depressants, I've also tried Zoloft, Prozac, and Wellbutrin. Zoloft made me aggressive and mean, Prozac made me gain a LOT of weight and in turn made me extremely depressed, and Wellbutrin caused a headache that never ceased...even into the 3rd month. Primarily I've been on the Celexa, but I feel that it's just not working for me anymore. I know 20mg is an extremely low dose to remain on, but anytime my doc tried to bump it it made me feel insane. I couldn't handle it. Things have escalated to a point where even getting ready to leave the house to go to the grocery store causes massive anxiety. I'm distant from my boyfriend, whom I live with, and it's hard for him to talk to me. I have chronic fatigue and zero motivation to actually do things I want to do or acknowledge things I need to do (cleaning, mostly). My Aderral isn't working for me the way it used to either. The ups and downs and the crashes really exacerbate my anxiety. My doc has also pulled me of Aderral and switched me to Concerta 54mg, however I have yet to fill that RX bc I need the pre-Auth from my insurance ironed out. I am looking forward to starting Concerta, though. I've heard a lot of positives. Anyway, today is my second day on Fetzima. I've taken 2 doses of 20mg's. Tonight will be my first 40mg dose. I feel really odd, like I'm watching a 3D movie. I'm disassociated enough that it's a little wonky visually, although everything looks clearer and brighter somehow. It's weird. Yesterday I had a slight headache if I moved my head, but it went away with some Advil (I know you're not supposed to take NSAID's but it's all I have right now). Today I'm in this weird limbo between being jittery and anxious, while feeling drained and sleepy. I can't tell what to do with myself lol. I'm also experiencing stomach...um...issues.... Some nausea here and there, but very mild so far. Although I'm craving chocolate and cheeseburgers. I think Im about ready for a nap. Anyway, I will update after my first 40mg pill. I'm really glad to have found this forum and look forward to more discussions and such! =^.^=