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  1. I know what you mean. I've been feeling pretty normal for a few days, too. Just tired, but hey. It makes me feel like I should be able to do anything and everything, but everything still wears me out.
  2. I had such a hard time eating there, I lost 8 lbs. I'm vegetarian and have been since I was in the womb, so I'm really not able to fall back on eating meat. And they put meat on everything. And despite my telling pretty much the whole world I was vegetarian and needed to be put in a note to the kitchen, they never got it straightened out. The eggs were always watery, like they made them in the microwave. They didn't give us toast, just two pieces of bread with butter and jelly. That grossed me out for some reason. But they always had apples and oranges, so I got at least an apple, orange, and some aspect of the meal. I had a lot of cereal and steamed veggies, basically. But I loved getting my (decaf) coffee in the morning- it made me feel more human. But honestly, I think that experience, those people, just the week I was there in June, will always stick in my mind. I practically lived off those lol Haha! Score!
  3. Ugh, I know exactly how this feels. I'm sorry the thoughts won't give you any peace! Do you think your doc will help?
  4. Yes, the graham crackers! My roommate hoarded them in her dresser drawer and would munch on them at night, lol!
  5. Oh wow. Is it being replaced with something that can help you sleep? If not, no fair.
  6. I got straight As until 7th grade, when I got a C in English for having terrible handwriting (and I was trying really hard, guys). I was in a creative and performing arts high school, so I had a major (Creative Writing, then Costume Design). I basically got all As in my major(s), but barely scraped by in math. I either did very well or very poorly in subjects, depending upon how much I liked the material and/or teacher. In college, I maintained a 3.0 average to keep a scholarship. I don't know how I did it. Before my final semester, I was pretty close to a 3.25, and I wanted to keep my options open for grad school (many require a 3.25 or higher from undergraduate work to accept you). I somehow pulled off getting straight As my final semester (while working full time!), and I bumped my average up to a 3.27.
  7. Hah! Mostly because there's less sex than in Orange is the New Black.
  8. Well, better you make faces at them than they make faces at you. I hope you can chill a while later today.
  9. I just scoured the employee manual, and I don't see a thing about doctor's notes or mental illness, just that we, as an organization, are especially supportive of people experiencing chronic illnesses and make appropriate accommodations for them to be able to work. That sounds promising. But yes, I will be especially vigilant during whatever meetings I have with her or communications with her. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.
  10. Right?! I haven't missed any days. We just happened to be off this entire week. So it doesn't make sense that what I disclosed as a personal mental health matter that could, potentially, require treatment past our vacation week, but now doesn't, would merit needing a doctor's clearance. Ugh, thank you, jt. I'm definitely worried. It's definitely not a good meeting. I also have been honest with my boss, who works with me every day, about my MI, but not the higher-ups. I'm hoping she hasn't passed that info along to them. Ugh. Here we go. I'm starting to look for openings.
  11. I am still going through a med rodeo after switching to incompetent pdocs, and now switching back to sanity. My med cocktail is strange right now, but here we go: 375mg Effexor (not XR) in a divided dose (225 9AM, 150mg 2PM) 10mg Abilify (on my way back up to 25mg) 3mg Klonopin in a divided dose (1mg 9AM, 1mg 2PM, 1mg before bed; may go back up to 2mg twice/day) Working back up to ~25mg Adderall twice/day after I am more stable.
  12. Careful is a fumble away from a pierced tongue! But really, do be safe.