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  1. I'm on aripiprazole, too. I had some really bad experiences with Wellbutrin the week I was on it and had to stop taking it, so I don't have experience there.
  2. Weird, I've never had issues with my meds being generics. When I switched to generic Abilify I didn't notice a difference.
  3. Oh, I'm so pleased to hear this. Thanks for the update!!!
  4. I truly appreciate having CB around. That's why I mod. Let's check under the couch cushions, guys. *does some tap dance and holds out a tophat*
  5. Lmao Apparently I've been exposed to loads of toxins, then. THAT'S why I'm bi. Ohhhhh C'mon, dude. Not helpful or even relevant to the question.
  6. Anxiety attack city ova here. The past couple days have been crappy.

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    2. heilmania


      Sorry, I don't mean to be dismissive, I'm just really frustrated and tired. 

    3. CherryBlossom


      I had a moment of being anxiety free after majorly cleaning my house. 

      Now that I have a new whole list of crap to do over the weekend and my sleep is off again the anxiety is back. Just not very very strong right now. So I can understand the days of anxiety. 

      Do you do any work outs? That may help reduce some anxiety feeling.. I notice sometimes pent up energy can increase anxiety. Also sometimes I have to drink 5 cups of water in a seating and that curbs my anxiety. Eating a bunch of steam veggies help. Even though these are just temporary solutions for myself.. it may help you. 

      Splashing freezing cold water on your face after a long day can calm you. 

      Anyway just some advice and bit a blabbing from me lol

    4. heilmania


      Thanks for your suggestions. I've found cold water (or going outside in cold weather) can really help. Too bad I wear makeup every day or I'd splash water on my face like 10x a day lol

  7. Too damn bad! They're fucking necessary! Your shrink and I would have some fun, I'll tell you what.
  8. Jesus. Does that apply to all meds or just APs? If it's all meds, she'd have a big issue with my shrink! LOL
  9. I'm so glad to hear that your shrink decided to listen to you. They need to give the crazies more credit- most of the time, we know what we need...
  10. Flash is so spot-on. I wait until I know what people think about other social issues before bringing up MI. I guess I only open up to liberals, lol. But really, when I tell people, I just wait for it to come up fluidly in a conversation. And I just talk about it matter-of-factly. Like, "oh, I can definitely relate, I have terrible anxiety," or ", well, I certainly hear voices. That's some real shit."
  11. Today was shitty. I was panic-attack city. I woke up after my husband told me to get up three times, got dressed, and checked for my debit card to make sure I had it on me. Well, I didn't. I told my husband that he must have it, and he said he put it back in my purse. So I'm there digging through my purse, freaking out that I somehow lost it, and I decide to check his pants pocket. It was there the whole time. Ooooof course. So I have a mini anxiety attack, take my pills, and go to work. Well the looming anxiety-attack feeling stayed with me all day. I was constantly on edge, ready to run or cry or something the entire day. I finally went home an hour early, and I'm feeling a bit better, but I still feel like a piece of garbage.
  12. This happens to me like once a week. Seriously. I have a super-duper gag reflex. Mostly it happens with my Effexor, as the tablets are chalky and seem to get stuck. They also taste like shit, which doesn't help. I wish I had a suggestion for you. I guess what I try to do is toss the pills toward the back of my mouth before drinking so they're already close to where they need to go and I don't have to taste them too much.
  13. Exactly what I was going to say- if your attention to chess begins to affect other parts of your life, take a step back.