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  1. Wow, you are one tough mama! I bet it was majorly helpful for your child to talk to someone who actually knew what he or she was going through.
  2. Max, why are you resistant to the idea of therapy for developing stronger communication and social skills? Is there something about it that makes you anxious?
  3. Let's keep the questions to your experiences, buddy.
  4. Are you guys dating?
  5. That's also fine and a normal thing friends do for each other. I'm glad you helped her out.
  6. Ok, first question needs an answer, too.
  7. What was she doing while you made coffee? What was she doing while you vacuumed?
  8. Privacy

    Well yes, that does feel violating. I don’t like it either. If someone were to come in my house uninvited I would not be happy. It is your mother, though, so I doubt she has ill will towards you. Also, is it her house or no? How old are you?
  9. Am I the asshole or is my friend?

    Max, people get to choose whether or not to forgive you.
  10. Am I the asshole or is my friend?

    Given the context? Yup.
  11. Homicidal fantasies

    What about a taser? Something non-lethal (not that tasers can't be lethal- they certainly can be if used on someone with heart problems, etc.)? Also, plenty of people carry mace or pepper spray, too, for the reasons you said above- they want to feel safer traveling through the city.
  12. Homicidal fantasies

    I agree.
  13. I know what you mean. I've been feeling pretty normal for a few days, too. Just tired, but hey. It makes me feel like I should be able to do anything and everything, but everything still wears me out.
  14. I had such a hard time eating there, I lost 8 lbs. I'm vegetarian and have been since I was in the womb, so I'm really not able to fall back on eating meat. And they put meat on everything. And despite my telling pretty much the whole world I was vegetarian and needed to be put in a note to the kitchen, they never got it straightened out. The eggs were always watery, like they made them in the microwave. They didn't give us toast, just two pieces of bread with butter and jelly. That grossed me out for some reason. But they always had apples and oranges, so I got at least an apple, orange, and some aspect of the meal. I had a lot of cereal and steamed veggies, basically. But I loved getting my (decaf) coffee in the morning- it made me feel more human. But honestly, I think that experience, those people, just the week I was there in June, will always stick in my mind. I practically lived off those lol Haha! Score!