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  1. right now i take 25mg of quetiapine and 20mg of amitriptyline for sleep, they're starting to have less and less of an effect though i miss my zopiclone, but with that it got to the point where i had to take roughly 50mg before it had an effect.
  2. everyone here is so damn pretty!
  3. You're also really pretty. (like, not in a creepy way)
  4. that's a really cool tattoo, and i good idea/reminder as well. i hope it works well for you.
  5. i'm just completely over being alive right now. i'm gonna die eventually anyway, so what's the fucking point?

    1. bxt227us
    2. jt07


      The point is you're young, you've got your whole life ahead of you, and you can be whoever you want to be. If that is still not enough, remember there are people who love you and who would be absolutely broken if you died.

      I'm sorry you are feeling so sad and desperate right now. But these feelings will eventually pass. They have in the past for you so you know they will pass for you again. You will feel better.

  6. makeup + filter
  7. really warm and its pissing down, its so windy that the power keeps going out then coming back on and going out again.
  8. shitty. for no apparent reason, i just hate everything right now
  9. punch
  10. i have so many pens and empty notebooks and scrapbook paper and knitting needles and wool etc............... i never use any of it, but i just keep buying more
  11. I'm from New Zealand, not long ago (November 14th last year) we had some pretty bad ones in the middle of the country and some a little further north. I don't live in one of the effected areas but i think from memory it was a 7.8 (with more than 8000 aftershocks since) and we did feel the initial quake a bit where I am, most of the country felt it. It was so bad it cut off an entire town and tourists had to be air lifted out. my memory is shit though so I don't know if this shaking feeling started before or after that, and i don't even know if it's worth mentioning to a Dr, if anything it's just really fucking annoying.
  12. i'm currently reading "a monster calls" by Patrick Ness and "song of two worlds" by Alan Lightman. both are really good so far. i have a whole bookshelf full of books i still need to get through. it's gonna take me a while.
  13. i started noticing it a few months ago when i started taking quetiapine and amitriptyline together. basically i feel as though i'm constantly shaking slightly whenever i lie down, but i'm not shaking, there is no physical movement involved, i just feel as though i am, and it only happens when i'm lying down. not when i'm sitting, or standing, only lying down. it's starting to get really irritating, but i don't know if it is a side effect of anything or not, the timing could be a coincidence or my memory could be wrong. also it did start just after we had an earthquake here, which i did feel but only slightly. (it was strong enough to move my bed a little, which is on wheels, but not enough to actually move anything else around). so i don't know. has anyone else experienced anything like this? (med related or not) (also, sorry if this is in the wrong board)
  14. this happens to me all the time, but i don't have schizophrenia. i often forget what i'm doing while i'm doing it or i'll forget what i'm thinking as i'm thinking or talking and if you ask me what i was doing yesterday i wouldn't know but if you reminded me i'd then be able to give details. memory is confusing and stupid and annoying but unfortunately necessary.
  15. the thing i've never figured out (for me) is did my social anxiety come first or was it my self esteem issues? am i socially anxious because i have next to no self esteem? or do i have next to no self esteem because my social anxiety makes me focus on everything i'm doing wrong in social situations?