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  1. Thanks Melissa. I slept all night. Like an exhausted sleep. I hope my system is reset.
  2. My Pdoc is wanting to eliminate Wellburtin for the summer which are my manic months and I was running a bit too high at my last visit He said he will wait two weeks. I have the same concerns. as you. It was so hard to find an AD that didn't make me worse. Welly worked well. I can't say much about meds and pregnancy. But I fully understand your fear of stopping Welly.
  3. This will be lame. But I figured I would try. my kitty Arthur that sleeps with me the fucking bird that shit all over my car. I had coffee cake for dinner wait wait, never mind about the bird, that I am not grateful for. Fucking bird.
  4. Candy cane
  5. Exhausted, angry and sad. I am fucking everything up and I am watching myself do it.
  6. I loved and lost.  My heart hurts. I mess everything up. 

    1. Gearhead


      I'm sorry, dragonfly. Just so sorry.

  7. It was good at the onset. It always is. But it went bad. It went bad in my pdoc office. I say I am fine, he says he may put me in the hospital. It's done now, I just need sleep. Lots of sleep. No more crying. Maybe when I awake it will be good. It could happen? i hate more than anything that I listen to no one. In the end they are right and I look like an ass.
  8. It went okay. I did okay on the reduced night meds. Didn't sleep much and got moving a bit too fast. I got only 5 hours of sleep in broken chunks. Last night I didn't sleep much either. Hoping tonight will be better. Thanks for asking.
  9. Cab
  10. I lost weight on Seroquel and even more when Wellbutrin was added to my cocktail
  11. Sorta worried. I head back home tomorrow and it's a large time zone difference. My night meds knock me out and I can't be knocked out due to plane changes. No night meds for me. Then it's morning when I get home and then I wait till night. I should be fine. I just worry a lot about stuff.
  12. Smother
  13. Pumpkin
  14. Not liking your Tdoc too much ATM. It can be uncomfortable for many. The fact that it concerns you should be addressed not dismissed. Maybe address it with your pdoc first. Hypersexuality usually is viewed as a symptom by many pdoc's. Is your shrink prescribing? Most don't and really should not be discussing it. I have been manic on meds a number of times. I agree " WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK".