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    I love to read, write, do artwork. I find it theraputic. I also like to fish. I obviously love Adele and all her music. I love music. Music is my mother, it sooths me, comforts me, always knows my moods.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Thank you everyone for the kind welcome!
  2. I don't know if this will help or not but it's very common for people with DD, DID,or DDNOS, to be diagnosed with several other diagnoses before the right one is found. A lot of times people with DD are also diagnosed with a comorbid disorder as well such as BPD or BP, for example. I would suggest finding a T who knows how to diagnose and treat DD. I would suggest conducting several brief phone interviews with T's to see if they can treat it and acknowledge it exists, then maybe you can find the right one to help you out.
  3. Oh, I never thought of that. Just got kind of overwhelmed i'll try that next time, thanks!
  4. Yo momma so multi..... when she's having sex she doesn't know if she's coming or going
  5. One night I woke up and saw the wall outside my bedroom. I thought it was on fire. Or rather some part of me thought it was on fire. So I woke up my SO and told her. Grabbed the dog and 2 cats and ran out the back door in underwear and a t-shirt in the middle of winter. I was screaming at my SO to get out and find her cat. Meanwhile the ones I "rescued" and took outside were all standing around staring at me like, "what the fuck mom, it's cold as shit out here." I beside myself with fear, but it wasn't me. I could see everything and knew it wasn't true but I couldn't stop it. My SO finally dragged us all back in and she showed me the wall. No fire. It was the nightlite flickering made it look on fire. It was scary but when I look back on it now I laugh my ass off, mostly because the way the animals reacted. But I can identify, and it's scary when that happens. Glad you were able to get some relief by going to bed.
  6. Love love love it! I've enjoyed all the multi jokes.
  7. My alter Jessie whi is responsible came out and kept telling me hateful things. How much she hates me and wants to hurt me. Over and over again. I thought I had done enough work with her to get her to see the world and me and eveyone else differently. I feel so bad about her pain, i've tried everything but nothing seems to sooth her.
  8. Dissociation Confusion

    Is it possible you have DID? A lot of the symptoms and events you describe are very common with people who have DID. When your voice changed during therapy and you dissociated, sounds like an alter might have come out. Have you ever talked about this with your T?
  9. Hoping to learn, and find others with the same or similar issues.