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  1. Schizoaffective bipolar ?

    I post more on the schizophrenic board, but I don't see why you can't post here. I'm schizoaffecive bipolar-type. This is a confusing diagnosis, but the clincher for when I was diagnosed, first by my therapist then my pdoc at the time, was that I "hear voices." Now, sometimes I'm convinced(to them, delusional) that I don't hear voices and it's just me. However, I then realize that I hear a voice or voices speaking that are male(I'm female) and they won't sound like me at all. They tell me to do things, gripe at me, put me down, make me paranoid, and all other kinds of fun stuff. It really depends on your mix of symptoms to whether or not you fall into the schizoaffective category. Just talk it out with your therapist first, it's what I do because I get to talk to her for an hour, and use yours as a sounding board. THEN talk to your pdoc about whether or not you may have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar-type or not.
  2. I've taken Abilify before, but I don't remember why it was switched for Perphenazine. She, my tdoc, suggested that I ask my pdoc about the Aristada because she thought it would help more with my "negative symptoms."
  3. My tdoc has suggested that I ask my pdoc about taking Aristada. Has anyone had any experience with this medication?
  4. I was devastated when I lost my 13 year old toy poodle. In 2 more weeks should would have been 14, but she had severe kidney failure. The afternoon of the day she was euthanized at the vet I got a tattoo of her front paw prints on my right foot. For me, it was a kind of closure. The pain actually helped me cope with some of the grief. She was cremated, but I have yet to acquire what I feel to be a worthy "vessel." Money is an obstacle for me too. Trust me, a tattoo can be a great way to immortalize your love for such a wonderful friend that was lost.
  5. I hated being around people I didn't know. The food was okay and we got to choose what we ate. The nurses creeped me out for some reason and made me uncomfortable, as did most of the other patients. It was boring as hell since all we were allowed to do was talk to each other, share two tvs, or color-which is demeaning since we could only color-in pictures with crayons, because colored pencils were too dangerous..