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  1. sounds like me when I was depressed.
  2. Prolixin helps me a lot more than Zyprexa for those symptoms.
  3. same here.. weather doesn't matter.
  4. euthymia / stability = boredom. i'll take it any day. beats being in the loony bin or jail.
  5. i gotta say... mania DOES beat any drug I've tried (which is pretty much all of them). last episode did put me in jail, so i'm taking my meds like clockwork now.
  6. heh.. I had to lookup "white noise"... i'm such a newb!!!
  7. listening to music has always helped me.
  8. I brought a gallon of milk to a neighbor.
  9. aren't meds toxins and poisons?
  10. alcohol always helped... I quit drinking years ago though. now I take meds, which help a lot less.
  11. my dog is my best friend.
  12. no delusions for me.. it's all true... Satan, God, angels, and demons are there in my world.