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  1. I get deja vu a lot, but nothing like what you described.
  2. my change had nothing to do with my diagnosis. the meds on the other hand.....
  3. I go through it also.... take it from me... it's not God sending messages, it's Satan.
  4. Pride is the Deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  5. mania = karaoke time!
  6. you're on a boat.
  7. maybe you could bring some of your writings when you see them.
  8. sounds like me when I was depressed.
  9. Prolixin helps me a lot more than Zyprexa for those symptoms.
  10. same here.. weather doesn't matter.
  11. euthymia / stability = boredom. i'll take it any day. beats being in the loony bin or jail.
  12. i gotta say... mania DOES beat any drug I've tried (which is pretty much all of them). last episode did put me in jail, so i'm taking my meds like clockwork now.