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  1. Thank you! So do you mean halving the final dosage or during titration or both?
  2. What are people's experience with Buspar for Anxiety? I cannot take SSRI's and this is the option I have left potentially. Does it cause excessive fatigue? Does it work for anyone? Klonopin is the one med that seems to work on my GAD, Social Phobia and general Panic Disorder.....Is this a good option to switch to?
  3. I guess my worry was that it was going to cause me to become more unstable. My hypomania presents as a dysphoria; impulsive, skin crawling, suicidal ideation etc...This started happening a bit around 50 mg, then I had stopped prior. But if this would go away for sure, I guess I can use Klonopin to get through the start up. I've heard it can cause mood-swings along the way. I have really really bad anxiety- and unfortunately this causes me to quit meds too quickly. I'll have to try and stick with it...
  4. So scared to start Lamictal. FIrst few times, I felt oddly hypomanic at around 50 mg...did not like that. Was too scared to go higher on a dose.. Is this normal? How do you get to the dosage with these side effects? Anyone powered through? Is it worth it???
  5. So scared to start Lamictal. FIrst few times, I felt oddly hypomanic at around 50 mg...did not like that. Was too scared to go higher on a dose.. Is this normal? How do you get to the dosage with these side effects? Anyone powered through? Is it worth it???
  6. I found out that the metabolism of ADDERALL interferes in some people with the proper functionning of Effexor- can cause withdrawals if you are a rapid CYP2D6 metabolizer.. So thats what was happening. So I go rhtough both Adderall and Effexor too quickly as well.
  7. Habing a hard time getting stabilized... Was doing well on Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and Dexedrine but blood platelets bottomed out. Also was on Seroquel and Lamictal, Stopped Zoloft and DEX (causing platelet issues) and also stopped Lamictal over the course of a year. Started on Effexor 225 mg (which doesnt affect platelets) but I feel like Im becoming dysphoric, irritable, more anxious. Its making my anxiety worse. Anyone have good cocktail ideas? I'm thinking of going back on Lamictal, maybe wellbutrin and a tricyclic...I don't know (or Buspar)...The problem is I can't take anything with Seratonin (SSRI or AMPS)...Perhaps concerta next as it has no seratonin reuptake.
  8. Wondering what the comment meant that add was on the autism spectrum? I have never heard of this??
  9. My jaw clenched badly when I was on adderall and my GAD wasn't in check. That's q sign you might need to ease up on adderall and find good antianxiety med perhaps. Once I had that in check then I was able to tolerate the adderall. It dosnt look like you're on anything for anxiety except PRNs correct? I would try buspar, an ssri or remeron
  10. Ummm.. Wellbutrin is a stimulant. It's the closest thing to amphetamines and add meds without being one but has major stimulant properties. I would imagine this would exacerbate your OCD and panic. Ssri and seratonin usually quell OCD Also, ppl with add often get the calm from stims. My obsessive thoughts and social anxiety is obliterated with adderall.
  11. I took effexor off and on for years which I beleive indirectly helped my undiagnosed add because of the norep and dopamine at large doses. Now in early thirties that dosnt work for me and it took me forever to get diagnosed bc they thought bc I was well spoken, put together etc that I could not have add. I merely learned to cope with coffee my entire life! I now take 30 mg adderall iR split in half. The calm was immediate ONCE I got the right dose. Too little= anxiety, too much = mania. When it's the right dose it's calm and clarity. We'll see though it's only been a few months. I never plan on looking back, has totally eradicated my chronic fatigue. Also-- be careful I had to deal with my depression before going on adderall regularity. When I didn't have a mood stabilizer or ssri i was becoming very depressed from the comedown of adderall- bc I was already deficient in neurotransmitters. Deal with mood, add last.
  12. Thanks, I agree I think there is some sort of interaction. However, they seem to think increasing the effexor is the best idea- to stop the 'withdrawal' symptoms..but I'm not sure an SNRI is the best with Adderall anyways.
  13. Hi there, new to this place, wanted to know if anyone had any issue adding Adderall to their pre-existing Effexor script. I'm on 225 of Effexor XR, and since adding Adderall (it seems) but I'm not sure- that I'm withdrawing from the Effexor. I know this makes no sense... Symptoms- feeling brain zaps, eye shutters, which increase as the evening and night sets in, feels EXACTLY like Effexor withdrawal to me, and I've come off it about 3 times in the past ten+ years so I know thats the familiar feeling. However- I'm sooo confused b/c my dose has NOT changed. And the only real difference is the Adderall, which I take 25-30 IR everyday. Please help- I am realllly uncomfortable with these feelings as its like everyday I withdraw or something. I will not forego the Adderall though.. Should I try another SSRI? I have pretty bad depression, and anxiety (which the adderall helps strangely enough), a bit of OCD (thoughts only), and Innatentive ADD. Also, I've been on the effexor-adderall for about 1.5 months and this has continued and seems to be getting maybe worse- slightly. It started about 2 weeks in. THANK YOU!