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  1. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your replies. I think maybe a vibrating alarm might be best because if I'm taking them at a time that suits me sleeping in when I'm not going out, I'll either be in class or at volunteering when I take them other days. My other current med is a night time take & it's so much easier to remember. I'll probably get a small pill box to put a few in to take with me. Or even just cut out a few from the foil sheet.
  2. Thanks everyone I felt better starting it knowing it was common place.
  3. It sounds like a really chanllenging night. Especially after your diagnosis to be able to identify these things. Being able to identify is a really good first step toward improving stuff. Recovering from any mental illness is really hard but bpd especially because there isn't really any medication or quick therapies & we feel things so intensely. It's good you've had this diagnosis & I'm hoping that means you have the supports in place to start working on things. It's hard but it is possible to get a handle on things. To be able minimise the effects of the symptoms & reduce their frequency. Good luck & take gentle care of yourself through this.
  4. Help! tw

    I have a friend who ended up having to get a lot of stuff done to a self harm wound to clean it out & get it to heal properly, so please try your best to take the advice given about cleaning, covering & leaving it alone. Also keeping your doctor involved through this. I don't know where you live but they could also get the clinic nurse to dress it. It will heal a lot quicker if you leave it too, I know it's hard to leave, believe me but the alternative is much worse. Take care of yourself. Some people find taking care of SH wounds somewhat therputic, maybe you can look at it like that?
  5. How do you remember to take your meds? How do you go taking them at the same time everyday? Especially if you have a varied schedule. I go to uni, so Monday/Friday I'm up early & some other days, but when I don't have early classes or anything on I like to sleep in. I just started on an AD that seems to have a short half life & I've been really sensitive to withdrawals in the past so I feel like I need to figure out how to take this everyday at the same time. I'm thinking maybe keep it in my bag & take it around 10 then I know I'll be up. Even if it means taking it in class, I always have water on me. It's just remembering if I'm out or doing something where I'm more engaged & won't necessarily check my phone.
  6. Cymbalta

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I'd really like to know how you go. I just started this too but take mirtazapine too which is sedating. My doctor said that this med is suppose to be 'weight neutral' meaning that you don't go up or down which may be what your doctor was going for, like at least its not going to cause weight gain.
  7. Thanks everyone, that makes me feel better about it
  8. Has anyone had any experience with taking two AD's together. I'm already on Mirtazapine 45mg & today my doctor said to stay on that but to start another one called cymbalta. She wants me to start on 30 & go up to 60mg. They're different classes of AD's too I believe. Things are really bad & I'm willing to try anything right now. It just makes me a bit nervy. I googled it & it only says what I had already suspected; serotonin syndrome being a possible reaction which I'm sure she's aware of. I go back to see her in a week. Just wanted to see if this is a normal practice.
  9. CATT

    So one out of the two people I met with were nicer. I was actually in astonishment leaving. Like I had fallen into an alternative dimension. But that was short lived. They were suppose to call this morning to check on me which didn't happen. I got some grumpy person call this arvo telling me that I didn't want any contact with them. Well, yes. When you've treated me like shit in the past of course I don't. They keep asking me what I want. I guess it's this new mental health act the grumpy one aluded to the other day. But I literally have no idea. I don't want anything. Nothing helps. I can't ask for what I want. I feel awful. Last night & today have been so bad. I would have actually been honest if it was the nicer lady from the other day had followed through. So much for my optimism. I just want them gone again.
  10. CATT

    Okay, thanks. Good to know. yup, definitely not being so honest with this psych again.
  11. CATT

    Update: I got a phone call on the way to see my psych, she was okay. She actually listened to me say that i didn't want them coming to my home and that I had had bad experiences with them. Agreed I didn't have to see them today. Follow up late this arvo, same lady, still nice. She agreed that I didn't have to go in to see them because of uni. She said she has a background in what I'm studying so brownie points to her. I hope that I see her, not someone else (but at the same time, everyone in my profession knows each other & wanting to work in this area mean keeping a good reputation. I need to not be seen as a suicidal, incompetent, BPD person). ANOTHER call at like 5:30 this arvo from some other person to find a time for me to go to the adult mental health clinic (scary!). Like get your shit together. I'm busy. I don't want to spend the like hour I have before uni meeting with you when I could be having a yummy lunch at the shopping centre. But whatever, I'll play your game. I'll meet you, tell you I'm fine & go to uni. {Rant ahead} She fucking wanted me to cancel my volunteer commitments for her. Like fuck off. Isn't it important that I keep up appearances & do my normal shit. Like volunteering is the only thing in addition to uni I have going for me. I volunteer in a service I'd like to one day work for. I'm not going to take another day off just because you want me to. If you would meet me at a park I could make more time but no, you want me to go to this clinic. I'm hurt that my psych didn't call this arvo like she had said she would. I know that this whole catt business probably cancelled that out but I would have liked to know.
  12. Tell me something good?

    I'm between my second and third year of my degree & I've been feeling so incompetent & like I know nothing, questioning why I'm doing this at all. However, having finished most 2nd year units & starting some 3rd year units, the one 2nd year unit I'm doing does make me feel like I actually know stuff.
  13. burns.

    I'm sorry all this has happened, it can be really scary when adults take control. Hopefully they can get you the assistance you need. I hope your journal shows up too
  14. CATT

    They're suppose to call tomorrow. I'm going try to either see them somewhere else or not see them at all.
  15. CATT

    Yeah, I feel like most psychs have a very idealistic view of these services. Maybe they have to because there isn't anything else.