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  1. Would recommend that you talk to your doctor about switching to the morning. Vraylar can be pretty stimulating, and it wouldn't be the first time that I've heard of it disrupting sleep.
  2. I think we just ended up going with Focalin because there was no reason no to. There's always the possibility that an "enantiopure" molecule COULD be more tolerable than the racemic form. I felt that way with Celexa and Lexapro. Both made me fatigued but Celexa was worse. So I don't have Ritalin to compare on effect between the two.
  3. Day 3 on Focalin and I have to say I still like it. Again, none of the amped, raw energy that you get with Adderall and Vyvanse, just pure focus. I've read on here that sometimes feel hyper-focused and less social on Focalin than on Adderall or Vyvanse and I can see why. I'm not complaining though. I don't feel stressed at the end of my day. It's a smooth roll the whole way and an easy comedown. Definitely think I could use a higher dose but trying to balance that with my anxiety threshold which with Vyvanse is somewhere between 30 and 40mg.
  4. Interestingly enough, many people find that they get MORE in touch with their emotions when they go on Wellbutrin. Like having flashbacks of memories and crying easily. At least in the beginning.
  5. Lamictal caused me anxiety going up AND down for me. But it does dissipate after 1-2 weeks of staying at one dose.
  6. I haven't taken Tegretol but I take Trileptal as the XR formulation Oxtellar and I find it to be very tolerable. When I first started Trileptal on the immediate release there was some confusion and cognitive issues starting out but they did eventually go away. Now it just makes me feel calm and every once in a while I have issues with word recall.
  7. 20mg of the XR all at once in the morning. This is day 2. From day 1 I can see how it is very different from Vyvanse. Doesn't make you as amped. More focus. Much more mild. I like it so far!
  8. Wow! Thanks for the information @JustNuts! I did some reading after I read through your explanation and it makes a lot more sense now. So the modern preparations of methylphenidate don't contain the erythro isomers at all? I was under the impression that regular Ritalin actually contained both. Had my pdoc appt today and he's starting me on 20mg of Focalin. Pharmacy doesn't have it so I won't actually get to start it until Saturday, but no biggie there.
  9. If you're having issues sleeping you should probably talk to your doctor about taking the Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Vraylar all in the morning. Those are all really stimulating meds and will only make your sleep habits worse.
  10. I have been diagnosed with ADHD by my pdoc recently along with my BPII diagnosis. I am taking Vyvanse now, but while I was titrating up on Trintellix, I was not taking Vyvanse. I did find that after several weeks at 15mg of Trintellix that I noticed a lot of mental/cognitive "clarity" returning. That's the only way I can describe it. In fact, they had Trintellix in trials for an ADHD indication because it's shown to really improve the cognitive symptoms of depression. If Trintellix is available in your country, I would recommend it. It's fairly stimulating too.
  11. Saphris was GREAT for sleep. Seriously, put one of those ODTs under your tongue, give it like 30-45 mins and you will be literally STUMBLING around your so drowsy. I started on just 5mg at night and then decreased to 2.5mg because of akathisia. Ultimately stopped it because my thoughts were TOO quiet and I was zoned out all the time.
  12. You should really try to get to 100mg at least and park there for 2+ weeks before you really determine if it's working for you or not. But you may need to go up to 200mg. Studies in bipolar disorder showed that doses above 200mg didn't confer any additional benefit and are usually reserved for people with seizures but I've heard of Lamictal being used in psych up to 600mg so YMMV I guess.
  13. lamotrigine caused some anxiety and jitters when I was going up AND down. The anxiety usually leveled out after 4-7 days but my mood wouldn't be totally right for sometimes at least 2 weeks. Lamotrigine takes time but it can work really well for many people.
  14. I'm bipolar II as well and antidepressants do typically do this to me when I start them. You feel extra good for a few weeks and then it levels out. But don't confuse the "leveling out" with "poop out". There's a difference between feeling "normal" like everyone else and actually having genuine depression that's recurring. And I know that after you come down from the AD hypomania startup that it's kinda hard to tell the difference. If this keeps happening to you, you could consider augmenting with lamotrigine to get a more even response.
  15. @Iceberg is right, heavy drinking really limits what medications that you can take. Out of curiosity, are you taking 300mg of extended release or immediate release quetiapine? And do you take it all at night? Or some in the morning and some at night? You may find that switching between the IR and XR formulations of quetiapine can have a big impact on sleep. Talk to your doctor about it. Another option is to take part of your dose as extended release and part of it as immediate release. Quetiapine is weird in that it's sedating at doses up to between 100-150mg but by 200mg+ it can start to be stimulating because of its effect on norepinephrine. You could talk to your doctor about taking 100mg immediate release at night about an hour before you go to sleep and take 200mg of extended release in the morning or just take the 100mg IR with the 200mg XR all at night. There's a lot of flexibility with quetiapine. However, you're saying that you're suicidal, your sleep and your suicidal feelings should both be treated as primary here. Many times getting your sleep in line is enough to get your mood to fall in line right behind it without much more work. Keep in mind that you may need to switch medications too. That's always a possibility if you've been on quetiapine for 8 years and it might not be working for you anymore.