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  1. Thanks velvet and Olga. I didn't know that about head injurys. I'll look into that med, I've never heard of it.
  2. Adderall ?

    I started adderall 5 months ago. I told my pdoc I didn't think i had adhd but she said I could have the inattentive kind, and it sounded like it. But she also said its for drug resistant depression. I am taking half the dose she prescribed, but it worked wonders. I was able to focus and get stuff done finally. But I also had patience, something I have never had. I am also on Celexa for depression and anxiety but I don't think it is working anymore. Adderall does have a high addiction likelihood and Ppl react differently to everything. Ive read reviews from ppl saying adderall ruined them, or they became addicted, or had a hard time coming off it. Then there are those like me that it was great. I finally feel like a normal person, not like I'm living in a fog, or just existing, but actually living. An as an added bonus I have been working out and getting healthy and my appetite is supressed so I've lost 25 pounds. I am on the immediate release kind. I did have nausea and headaches when starting but everything smoothes out after about 2-3 weeks.
  3. Newbie here... Here's my history... Had a head injury as a child, had to relearn everything. For the next 6 years or so had majoy personality changes, from crying hysterical or laughing uncontrollably... My pdoc said something about ppl who have head injurys are 75% more likely to have depression and personality disorders all their life. Anyway... Ive been on anti depression meds since I was prob in high school. Tried everything at one point or another. Had a complete hysterectomy in Feb and since then my brain has turned to mush. Been having behavioral, issues with my son too. Could just be puberty, not sure. Trying to get him in now to get tested for ADHD, but have to have referral, etc, taking forever. I won't go off on his issues right now. Dr tried me on Adderall. I told her I really don't think I have ADHD, but she showed me a chart with the inattentive kind, sounds just like me. She also said it is used for drug resistant depression. I've been on it 5 months now and I love it. I can concentrate, focus, and get stuff done I never could before. I am also on Celexa 40 mg, I was on it before even starting the Adderall, but I think it has stopped working. Lately I have been really depressed. Not sure if I'm just unhappy in my marriage or the Celexa has stopped. I have a great marriage, everything is wonderful there, so I don't know why I feel this way. I get irritated a lot. By the time hubby comes home from work, I am in a crappy mood from the kids aggravating me. My pdoc was gonna try me on Fetzima, but at the time the Celexa was working and I didn't wanna try anything new. Now I am ready to, but my insurance doesn't cover it, which I will be losing that insurance at the end of this year anyway, and not sure if we will be able to get any, so I couldn't afford it anyway. Effexor XR was another one I was going to try once, but didn't wanna try anything new. Also read about it and was scared to try it after reading about withdrawal symptoms and possibility of seizures. I haven't had any seizures since I was a child, from the head injury. Then at 19 I had one from Wellbutrin. Trying to get in to see pdoc soon, but in the meantime wantewd to see it anyone had any advice. I really don't wanna feel this way and risk saying or doing something to wreck my marriage. We have a great life, and I don't know why I'm so unhappy with it. A majority of my depressin comes from being a stay at home mom, having no friends, or no one to talk to other than kids. Sometimes i feel like I really need a break, just to start driving and stay gone a day or 2. I won't, bc too many ppl need me for too much, it just gets very overwhelming at times. Anyway...advice? words of whisdom? or just a big STFU and get over it? lol
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