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  1. Rapid heartbeat from stress.

    The place I go to is very busy. I doubt I would get to talk to her today or anytime soon. I have an appointment at the end of the month. I don't know if she would go for it, but this has to stop. I'm too young to be having cardiac issues. I hope it does help. If not then what? I've got so much shit going on. Thanks for your input. It is appreciated.
  2. Hello. Since my Dad had his stroke and is now mostly disabled, my sister is stuck in the worst of her myriad of health problems, I started school and am the only one in the family capable of working my stress is high. Really high. My heart rate has been over 100 almost consistently. My resting rate used to be in between the 60s and 70s. Now it's in the 80s to high 80s. It's jumped quite a bit. I can't take beta blockers because I have low blood pressure. I asked the pharmacist for advice and she suggested a "standing" order of the Klonopin I take instead of as needed. Does it help any of you? Is she correct? I don't know if my psych would go for it. I don't want the long term effects of regular benzo use either. It really worries me. Now my "usual" is from 100-120 and today it jumped to 165. I was freaking out. Also, the "as needed" dose of Klonopin doesn't work either. One time I accidentally took two (being overly exhausted from not sleeping) thinking it was Folic Acid (both yellow) and it did it's job. Thanks.
  3. Yes. After my grand-mal I saw a different neuro. He said he was surprised it "took so long" for me to have one given my history. The prematurity, hydrocephalus, and familial history indicated I was triple risk. He started me on Lamictal and it's been great. It resolved symptoms I didn't even know were related (numbness, tingling, spacial confusion, mild disorientation). My diagnosis changed to complex partial seizures.
  4. Wellbutrin was amazing. We found out I have a seizure disorder so I had to go off of it.
  5. Best Non-benzo anxiety med?

    What about Vistaril?
  6. It was simultaneously the worst week ever in regards to my anxiety and the most insightful.
  7. I had those effects coming off of Luvox. To be fair, I did stop cold turkey. It stripped me of motivation and I had finals.
  8. My first "seizure" landed me in the ER with a dumbass doctor who insisted I was bipolar, because I have insomnia and I was nonverbal in my post-ictal state. I'm the most even-keel person you would meet in terms of mood. My psych was pissed. I saw a neuro after who gave me the same disgnosis as you. I was born premature, with a history of hydrocephalus and my neuroanatomy is a bit off. He insisted I needed psychotherapy. A year later I had my first grand mal. Fuck them. I'm sorry.
  9. ...

    Side effects you see published about a medication are usually only the common ones people experience. Anafranil not only gave me dry mouth (typical of TCAs) but also took away my tolerance for spicy food. Tegretol caused ototoxicity, so I was hearing things at a pitch lower than I normally would have. Drugs are weird.
  10. Same. I did have good results with it. It was the only med where I began to understand what a sense of "calm" feels like. It was great for my OCD, especially after a Luvox nightmare.
  11. Better than nothing. I've taken genetics. I know its limits. I will state that from what I know about pharmacology, metabolism plays an important role. It's part of pharmacokinetics, and helps to define drug mechanisms. Edit: Of course it wouldn't tell you what works best for brain chemistry. We don't even know how many psych meds work with brain chemistry. "(Insert drug here) is thought to work by..."
  12. Vyvanse 50 mg - QAM - ADHD Adderall IR 10 mg - ADHD evening "booster" Lamictal 150 mg - BID - Seizures Sonata 5 mg - HS PRN - Insomnia Trazodone 50 mg - HS PRN - Insomnia Klonopin 0.5 mg - QD PRN - Anxiety Xulane Patch - QW - Contraceptive/Regulating Menstural Cycle/Reducing Symptoms Fioricet 50-325-40 mg - Q6H PRN - Migraines/Tension Headaches
  13. I looked into it. Is Viibryd one of the meds in your "green" category? Yes, let us know if it works for you!
  14. I know this is late but it's worked very well for me and everyone I know who's used it. I work in pharmacy and we've been using it for years.