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  1. Sonata?

    Wow this is a lot of info! I don't get sleepy or dazed at all with Sonata, or Trazodone, actually no med I've taken has done that. I've never had Doxepin, I just know it's more potent than Anafranil. I haven't tried other TCAs but Anafranil (and also Luvox, though not a TCA) seemed to make my insomnia considerably worse when I was on them. Luvox especially, it was like my brain was climbing walls at night. I have not tried Rozerem, and it's an interesting one. A natural sleep state would be great. Gabapentin made me nauseous as all hell. Couldn't get though the month. I really liked the idea of Sonata because it's short acting so I wouldn't experience a "hangover." I didn't get sleepy on the meds, but when I did eventually sleep I felt worse waking up if I had taken them (the Trazodone that is). The clonazepam is for anxiety. I've been having a rough time since my Dad had a stroke and suddenly everything is a lot harder. I've had to take over everything, and it is overwhelming. It also doesn't make me sedated, but it seems to help with the anxiety. I try to use it as infrequently as possible though. Has anyone here gotten to a point where you're so "used" to the insomnia you're starting to think you might not need a good amount of sleep anymore? @Iceberg, I've considered trying to take a benzo for a few weeks straight hoping it might create a "habit." Glad I was on the right track with that thought. I've tried Benadryl many times with no success. I was so desperate once I took a couple then took another one when I realized it wasn't working , then another one, and another. I think I ended at 8? I know it was stupid, but at least I didn't seem to get hurt from it. @notloki, retrograde amnesia terrifies me. I'll skip the Halicon. Haha.
  2. What is the point?

    Same mechanism of action does not means the same exact effects. They have the same chemical pathways, but their "binding affinities" to specific neurotransmitters vary depending on the drug. i.e. "NE (Norepinephrine) reuptake block" is significantly higher in ADs such as Imipramine and Desimipramine than Clomipramine or Amitriptyline despite being in the same drug class.
  3. Sonata?

    Honestly APs terrify me. I don't really want to be sedated, and I don't want to be in a cognitive fog. I have school and a job that requires attention to detail. I could give Mirtazapine a try, but I'm also worried it'll aggravate my insomnia like all the other antidepressants did. Trazodone didn't help much at all, and when it did it was only in combination with Sonata and I would oversleep. ADs seem to "wake" my brain up as opposed to quieting it down. With Luvox I swear my poor brain was climbing up the walls. Anafranil is a TCA. Not as potent as Doxepin in terms of sleep, but great for the OCD. It was one of my favorite meds but did dampen my cognitive abilities somewhat. I really don't want to try APs. I know there are other drugs in the same class as Sonata (i.e. Ambien, Lunesta, etc...) but my psych wouldn't go for it. My pharmacist did say though that only Ambien would really work. I'm also a bit leery towards benzodiazepines. Their addiction potential, withdrawal, and memory loss issues don't appeal to me. I agreed on the Klonopin because the panic attacks do suck and I need a somewhat clear head to deal with everything that's going on in my life at the moment. "Analysis paralysis" sucks. I might be willing to give Belsomra a go. I have state insurance though and doubt they would cover it.
  4. Suboxone

    This is a good question to ask your pharmacists about. If anyone can tell you, it's them.
  5. You absolutely need to discuss this with a doctor. If you're worried about Serotonin Syndrome (too much) it is an emergency and will be taken seriously. Do note that there is a difference between "blocking" serotonin in terms of reuptake and in terms of production. If I remember correctly, Zofran is one med that blocks the production of serotonin whereas many psych meds block the reuptake of it.
  6. IR doesn't last 24 hours (which is the purpose of XR...) so I'm not surprised. Do you get any relief after you take it for even a little bit? It's possible your doctor wants to see what you can tolerate before switching to an XR med. This is definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. I hope she's responsive to your concerns. Also, Seroquel XR came out as generic about 6? months ago.
  7. Sonata?

    So I tend to try out meds for a long while before deciding to make a switch. Sleeping is one of the hardest things for me to do. I can't seem to get a med that will help. I also have OCD and anxiety which has also been difficult to manage (though helped a bit by stimulants). I've tried Luvox and Anafranil for the OCD/anxiety. Both were supposedly sedating but neither made me sleepy in the slightest. I've tried Vistaril (up to 100 mg 3x day), Gabapentin, Buspar, Zoloft, Trazodone, and most recently Sonata. Yes I'm aware this is a bit unorganized, but my point is that nothing I take seems to be "sedating" as they're supposedly known to do. I wouldn't want to be "sedated" either, just not anxious and able to sleep. I'm thinking of asking the psych for something else. She doesn't like Z-drugs but felt that Sonata was safe enough to take. Sometimes it'll work with Trazodone, but it's a hit or miss really and if I do get to sleep on them it's too long and not restorative. I've been recently prescribed Klonopin, as needed for panic attacks (father had a stroke recently and taking over has been overwhelming) but I can't really say for certain that it works. It could just be that the panic attacks dissipate on their own. What do I do? I feel like I've tried almost every "type" of med in terms of drug class.
  8. I have fragmented sleep as well and awful insomnia despite my idiopathic hypersomnia diagnosis. It sucks. I hope you find relief soon.
  9. Lamictal Experiences?

    Thank you to both of you. I really hope it works. I tend to react so bizarrely to medications so it's a bit of a gamble for me.
  10. I don't know all that much about Lamictal other than it can cause a nasty rash (Steven Johnson's Syndrome) and is used in epilepsy and Bipolar. I had a grand mal seizure a few weeks ago and the neuro I saw a couple of days ago started me on Lamictal. We're titrating slowly up to 100 mg BID. I'm not Bipolar, and I don't have drastic mood swings. Is it going to flatten my moods like a zombie? Will it make me slow cognitively? He said it should help with anxiety, depression, help keep me awake (we're nixing Wellbutrin), and increase my focus? Can one med really do all that? Thank you for your input.
  11. I wonder why he refused gabapentin. As far as I know, it isn't a drug that's abused. Is an inpatient stay a possibility? If you are truly in crisis (and it sounds like you are), tell the doctor to listen to you or you'll go to the ER. Better yet, it is possible to participate in the program, but have an outside psychiatrist sort out your meds?
  12. So your anxiety isn't being taken seriously? Or overall? What specifically do you need that you think may help?
  13. I couldn't get myself together enough to do well in school. I blew my chances at working towards qualifying. The mental maladies won. I might not even finish my Bachelor's. Volunteering at the Red Cross is a good idea. I've been working as a technician for the last 6 years. You aren't a bastard. Clearly the treatment laid out for you by your team isn't working. It isn't a failure on your part, or even theirs. Shit happens. Where about are you in the world? Are there other resources you can explore?
  14. If anything, your time is wasted. Time you could spend getting help/better. What about another hospital or program?