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  1. I have fragmented sleep as well and awful insomnia despite my idiopathic hypersomnia diagnosis. It sucks. I hope you find relief soon.
  2. Lamictal Experiences?

    Thank you to both of you. I really hope it works. I tend to react so bizarrely to medications so it's a bit of a gamble for me.
  3. I don't know all that much about Lamictal other than it can cause a nasty rash (Steven Johnson's Syndrome) and is used in epilepsy and Bipolar. I had a grand mal seizure a few weeks ago and the neuro I saw a couple of days ago started me on Lamictal. We're titrating slowly up to 100 mg BID. I'm not Bipolar, and I don't have drastic mood swings. Is it going to flatten my moods like a zombie? Will it make me slow cognitively? He said it should help with anxiety, depression, help keep me awake (we're nixing Wellbutrin), and increase my focus? Can one med really do all that? Thank you for your input.
  4. I wonder why he refused gabapentin. As far as I know, it isn't a drug that's abused. Is an inpatient stay a possibility? If you are truly in crisis (and it sounds like you are), tell the doctor to listen to you or you'll go to the ER. Better yet, it is possible to participate in the program, but have an outside psychiatrist sort out your meds?
  5. So your anxiety isn't being taken seriously? Or overall? What specifically do you need that you think may help?
  6. I couldn't get myself together enough to do well in school. I blew my chances at working towards qualifying. The mental maladies won. I might not even finish my Bachelor's. Volunteering at the Red Cross is a good idea. I've been working as a technician for the last 6 years. You aren't a bastard. Clearly the treatment laid out for you by your team isn't working. It isn't a failure on your part, or even theirs. Shit happens. Where about are you in the world? Are there other resources you can explore?
  7. If anything, your time is wasted. Time you could spend getting help/better. What about another hospital or program?
  8. @LiamB Brushing my teeth is another thing I just suck at keeping up with. Laundry (obviously). I came home tonight to find my boyfriend doing it. @CeremonyNewOrder Glad to know it's part of your routine. I hope you stay asymptomatic. @Geek It sounds odd, but I haven't smelled or break out into terrible acne. I let myself go longer without because of that. You might be on to something there.
  9. Hi. I struggle with anxiety, depression, and ADHD and it's made college hell for me. I was "too busy" for a while to make time for daily personal hygiene routines. I have more time but I lost motivation to really take care of myself about a year ago. That was the last time I did laundry. I don't remember the last time I showered. I can't even get the energy some days to brush my teeth. I don't know why I can't motivate myself to do things in life. I'm taking 125mg of Clomipramine at night, Wellbutrin XL 300mg in the morning with 30mg Adderall XR. I just want to know about those struggle you have encountered. Suggestions would be wonderful too. Thanks.
  10. Started Luvox

    Keep in mind that your experiences can differ greatly as opposed to mine. I was on Luvox for about a year. I hadn't realized just how bad of a fit it was for me. It wasn't doing much, but then again because I have had OCD for so long, I thought that it was the best it's ever going to get. It made my insomnia so much worse. THe only time I felt "sedated" was the first 20 minutes after the first dose. My insomnia got so bad (assumed from stress,not the med) my brain was climbing up the walls. To think it was supposed to address my insomnia. I was an anxious wreck. Eventually I put two and two together and realized my indifference, stripped motivation, and depression was due to the Luvox. I quit it right then and there, the following week and a half was the worst I've ever felt in my life. I was anxious beyond belief, had several panic attacks, and gained a lot of valuable insight. There was a month in between quitting and my next psych appt. I had a sleep study within that time. I was sleeping constantly that entire month. Seriously, it was rare for me to be awake. I tried one pill later on and felt like utter shit. I'm now on Anafranil and the difference is amazing. I imagine you'll know what's right for you and what isn't. Good luck. I do hope Luvox works well for you.
  11. The person below me...

    False. The person below me doesn't know how this works either.