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  1. Breaking the news to family?

    Telling the family is a huge obstacle out of the way - i hope that the treatmeants will bring you some relief or at the least, a small measure of peace.
  2. I am no longer an involuntary patient and it's good to be home and my cat didn't ignore me. My neighbour has moved and I feel like i have won the lottery !!
  3. confused

    Draces what can i say except i can sympathise and empathise with what you are feeling - i know what it's like to be fucked up on deployment. I know that in theatre you can't get access to help and that the "help" that is there can, and most likely fuck your career for good. We both know it's not as simple as seeing an MO - but somebody has prescribed you the Zoloft, so at least you are not flying under the radar, can you confide in them ? or your platoon or company commander or possibly your senior NCO ? You might need to get the dose tweaked or med changed just to even things out until you can get home or make a decision about what is right for you. I kept vampire hours and did nightly ops for 9 months straight which was my final straw after 8 years of back to back rotations, i graduated to RR with a .357 with the faint wish it would ease the void. Then i started to take risks, stupid risks when a trigger came up, just for the high to ease the darkness and feel alive. Any friends you can trust ? Message me if you need to vent, i've been where you are now and if i can help i will. What branch are you in ? i do know people who have helped me that have contacts outside that you can talk to confidentially with no fear of reprisals or damaging those 10 years if you are a lifer. After 6 deployments there is no shame in saying enough - i didn't and i am paying a hefty price now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, it just takes time and a little help to get there.