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  1. Fuck...Two month until my birthday...Please no...I can't bare getting older. agh

  2. Having no thyroid gland sucks. Relying on hormone pills for the rest of my life sucks. Between my mental health issues and constantly fluctuating hormones, I've been a an awful crabby mess. I mean terribly moody and snapping at my Mom over EVERY little thing and just having 0 patience with every aspect of life. These mood swings are different than the one I experienced cuz of mental illness growing up...almost worse. It's driving me CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! lol

  3. What are you listening to NOW?

  4. I really can't live in this house anymore and it's driving me insane. Like crazy to the point where I consider walking into the woods and just sitting there until I die. 

    1. jt07


      Sometimes I can relate to this.

  5. I wish I could live another life - nothing too crazy or extravagant, but I want to be reborn as a different person. I wish life was like a movie where some  random old lady walked up to me and granted me one wish (minus the horrible twist on said wish). 

  6. I wish I could remember what it felt like to feel any real emotions. :lol:

  7. Gahhh I went to check the cheerio box to get some for my ratties and saw a dead mouse. That poor little mouse...I feel so bad for the innocent wittle thing...just trying to get food..aghhh

  8. These whole mood swings of being depressed, lazy, mad and wanting to die to being happy, hopeful and motivated to do stuff is going to kill me.  -_-

  9. I've been toying with the idea of getting partial dentures since my teeth are bad and make me self-esteem even worse....It's just a matter of when will I get the balls to do something. 

  10. It sucks being depressed and ambitious. I'll always want to achieve certain stuff but never will because depression is holding me back. I try to use my ambitions to "fuel"  what ever passion I have but it's pointless these days lol. 

  11. Yay for lumbar puncture next Monday...Hopefully I'll finally get some answers about my issues otherwise I might smash my head off a wall. 

    1. Butterflykisses


      I had one for papil edema and mine was a not so great experience. My biggest advice *do what they say after like lay flat for 48 hours to avoid spinal headache.* I walked around after my lumbar puncture and I ended up with the spinal headache and it was the most awful, severe, painful headache of my entire life.

  12. If I ever see my father in person again I am going to throat punch him and tell him that he always has been and always will be a piece of shit. 

  13. I thought finally getting a psychiatrist was going to kickstart soem good in my life after trying for years to find one...until she told me on our second appointment she was switching hospitals. Soooo now I'm back at square one until they get a new psychiatrist (which let's be real, that will take ages and they will forget to even notify me).I should just take that as a sign that I'm doomed and it's not even worth trying any more lol. 

    1. jt07


      I think it would be unethical for them to simply not notify you. I'm sorry you're back in a holding pattern.

  14. So many tourists...I honestly don't think I can handle this weekend at work. Especially since I've been feeling light headed a lot recently. Grrrr. 

  15. I thought I had the job but judging by the fact that they haven't called, I guess I was wrong. Now I have to try hard to spiral back into depression. Grrrrr