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  1. That's fucking asinine. It's not only for self defense. It's a sport. It's really good exercise. It can be relaxing, or stimulating. It can help with every day life. I was in martial arts as a child and it taught me discipline, respect and how to be a good winner/fair loser. It's much, much more than just beating the shit out of someone. Way more. Get some education on a topic before spewing bullshit about it.
  2. WOOHOO!

    Blood test results are in. My NP called me today and said "Everything looks good. You're all set! Just go buy some 1000IU doses of Vitamin D, you're low on that!" and we chatted for a few. I told her how impressed I was when I met her. She thanked me and said that was very kind, and I said I only tell the truth, that I was glad to find someone who cared, listened, and took care of everything. I still need the letter from my pdoc. I get it on Friday (he only does that on Friday's, but I have first appointment of the day) and he was supportive of hormones, and had asked if I wanted them on a few occasions, and told me to go to the community health centre for them, then I told him I've been going there since 2013! He said he's impressed with Dr. M there, and he speaks highly of the practice. It is a community health centre, but they are LGBT focused. So I went and bough two bottles of Vit. D, 1000IU, they were on promotion for $5. In Canada, it is required to have low vitamin D to gain citizenship.
  3. Thanks! Vit D is easily solved. I'm Canada, all of us have low Vit D, its practically a requirement for living here, especially in the winter, when its light out from 8am-4:30pm. I'll just get the drops and put them in my drinks. I could ask her for an Rx to get it covered by my drug plan, though, but it isn't expensive.
  4. *shrugs* That's how it works. I was questioned by a detective because of someone suspected of murder that someone called with my cell phone a year before, they questioned me, that was it. They told me nothing else. None of my business. That's the law. They can't tell you anything unless you're in immediate danger, or there's been a media release, and they will only tell you what is in that release. "So and so was arrested and charged with ____ on date for ___. Their bail hearing is on _____. If you have any information contact us at (phone #)
  5. Newer antispychotics, AAP's (atypical) are pretty good at preventing negative symptoms like anhedonia, which is a big part of schizophrenia/psychosis, etc. It's extremely unlikely an AAP will cause anhedonia, people are extremely uninformed, and there isn't a peer reviewed study about an AAP causing anhedonia. Anhedonia can be a sign of depression. Coming down from something like psychosis, or mania (for example) isn't easy on the brain or body. Meds take a bit to kick in. @mellifluous has a very good reply.
  6. Legally, they can't tell you anything unless you're part of the investigation. Otherwise, its none of your business, and until there's a media release, nobody can be informed. It can mess up the investigation. Hearsay and all. Until charges are pressed, the public has no right to that information. The fact you assumed it as domestic violence is exactly why they won't tell you anything. It'd fuck up the investigation. As a victim of crime, that went to court, I could not say anything, and still cannot, until the trial is over. I don't know why you can't stay out of other peoples business.
  7. Thanks! She was so nice. At first I thought I confused her with my meds, explaining the way my pharmacy gives them to me (ie 4 x 10mg tabs for 40mg ritalin, as opposed to 2 x 20mg, or 0.5mg clonazepam for 3 x 1mg a day). I apologized a lot. She didn't seem angry. I realized I wasn't talking loudly enough, a huge problem of mine. She explained very well. She even asked if I was okay to do all the blood work at once, explained what she was testing for and why. Some of my body mods threw her off. She asked if I could have an MRI (I have implant grade silicone carved inplants in my collarbones and over my ribs for decoration) and I said of course, I've had one before, but explained I'm now a metal worker, and she said "Oh, you'd need an Xray and eye exam" (The metal I work with is ferrous) She listened. She asked me to "tell my story" and not a single interruption. For 15 minutes. A normal doctor's visit is 15 minutes. She just looked at me, nodded, typed. When she wrote to my pdoc she asked for my input, read it to me, changed a few things, read it.. I never asked for changes. When my heart rate went up she said "Oh, that happens to me. I get anxiety at the doctor's too!" I've never had a woman as a care provider, nor a NP.. but over an hour, no rushing, no interruptions, the friendliness.. explanations.. I think I like her more than I liked my old GP, Dr B.
  8. Thanks! I got all the blood tests back. I am low on 2 things which are caused by an illness, and considering I've got a bad cold - that's normal. (One is 148, norm is 150-400) and the other is 0.9 (norm is 1.0-3.5) Liver is fantastic, cholesterol is low, kidneys are well above the "damaged/diseased" range, but norm is 50-100, I'm at 97 - not flagged. But that can be caused by dehydration/illness/diet, and I hadn't eaten much (was sick) and was a bit dehydrated. But within normal limits. As usual, as a Canadian in the winter, my Vitamin D is low. Gonna ask which supplement is best. Talking to my tdoc tomorrow, going to get her to get my NP to call me, ease my fears. She says they titrate slowly and monitor carefully. I worry too much.
  9. Thanks! So happy. A bit worried about some blood work results. Everythings in normal, but kidneys are high-normal..
  10. My new GP, and trans stuff

    So today I saw my new GP, who is actually an NP (Nurse Practitioner). I had heard a lot of good things about NP's, and she's fantastic. She's also a transcare worker, and officially diagnosed me with Gender Dysphoria. She was so easy to talk to. I had a basic physical, she said I need to gain weight (what else is new?) and my lungs sound really good for quitting smoking just a few days ago (Monday night). Cold turkey. I have a dry, hacking cough, she said that's normal, and the bad cold I have is also likely from quitting because my body is confused, and stressed. She has all my records from my LGBT tdoc, and when I got to the office (1/2 hour before my appointment) I signed the forms for them to communicate with my pdoc. Because of the SZA I need to get a letter from him (2 paragraphs) saying that T (testosterone) would not make me crazier. I wish I had asked for a letter when I saw pdoc on Wednesday. She gave me a letter asking what she needs to know, and used my boy name, "he" pronouns, but did put my legal name in brackets, to lessen confusion. She spoke to me in "he" pronouns. She was very easy to get along with, easy to talk to, sense of humour, told me exactly how everything works. We chatted, my heart was racing, I said it usually does for a bit after taking AM meds, and also - anxiety. She said she has the same problem with doctors appointments. She asked me if blood work bothered me, if I could tolerate "a whole lot" (6 vials, that's nothing) at once, and I said it was no problem. The tech that drew my blood used a butterfly needle ("because I have to take a whole lot of blood!"), gave me an access code to see my results from anytime I use that lab (so cool) and butterfly needles are neat. There are 2 doctor's in charge of hormone therapy (for transmen and transwomen) so I have to see one of them before starting T. I'm seeing pdoc ASAP (my pharmacist actually left a message with my pdoc to call me so I can come in and help him with the letter, I love my pharmacist). So if all goes well, I start T on Feb 28, 2017. So far, my blood work looks good, all normal ranges, but the liver and kidney stuff isn't up yet, and that's the most important. My prolactin is also in the middle range. My estrogen is low for some reason. My NP said I can go to the health centre weekly for shots (they titrate the dose, which is what I want) or go once or twice and they'll teach me how to do it. I said I'd like to learn to do it myself, that I have no problem with needles, and as a former piercer, I'm pretty tough about sterile procedure. She liked that. I will be monitored with blood work. I'm very excited, I'm hoping everything comes back okay. I hate Friday appointments, because then I have to wait until Monday for everything. I left around 11am, with a very short wait in the lab. I was very impressed by her. I forgot to ask how I should address her. I'm calling Monday, so I'll ask reception. They use my new name. Very positive experience.
  11. For the love of god STOP YELLING. You asked a medical question. We aren't doctors. This is a peer support site. We cannot tell you how to go off/on meds. We can tell you what you're doing is stupid and irresponsible, and to get to a doctor, but we cannot tell you how to medicate yourself. Perhaps go and read the rules and guidelines?
  12. Happy New Year


  13. If you want to give out any of my offsite information, like my FB page, or anything NOT listed BY ME on CB, I will immediately block you, and, well, fuck you.

    1. RepentantSpatula


      I'm sorry that even needed to be said. 

  14. Well, I'm done Christmas shopping. I got my mom a bunch of baking stuff, I literally bought every cookie cutter they had, and a fancy baking pan. My dad gets a (hard copy) book called Dear Leader because he likes politics and I've left a few books on Auschwitz and North Korea at my parents, and he's read them and said he really liked them. My mom mentioned he wants a book for camping. He likes politics, and that is a very political book, the author is/was a very high ranked elite (a writer for Kim Il-Sung) in Pyongyang, that commits treason (accidentally leaves a book from South Korea on a train) and has to get out before they torture/execute him. I've read it (ebook) and its great. I got my nephew a book called "Goodnight Moon" because he says that every night, and he really likes to look at the moon. I also got him a huge toy firetruck that makes a LOT of noise... and shoots water! I'm the best unchy ever. I live above a "fancy" salon, I was looking to get my mess of hair chopped the other day, so I made an appointment there, with Joseph, the only one with an appointment before Christmas. He was great. I had a pic, and he wasn't afraid to go shorter and shorter. Most hairdressers go "Oh no, that's too short!" Not him. He was older, funny as hell, his neighbour, Vito was joking around, he loved my KMFDM shirt, so we were talking about the show I went to in this city in 2006, and how I met the band. There was a lot of banter, back and forth. After Joseph was done, Vito said, "Hey, that's the cut I want!" and everyone said "That look really good!" and Joseph gave me a discount, so I tipped him the difference. Great environment, will go back. It's also low maintenance. Gel, slick, side. Done. Looking forward to Christmas with the family. .