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  1. This is beyond the scope of CB, so I'm locking this topic.
  2. Its a controlled substance in most of the world. Not legal to sell to someone who isn't a physician. You're pretty much SOL.
  3. This may help you feel better. This is part of the reason my mom no longer sells on eBay, the other is that we're Canadian and shipping has got outrageous + taxes. My mom has had people complain and file to get their money back without sending the item back, through Paypal. Not a single time as she won. She has sent items exactly as pictured, the person has thrown a fit, the person then files a claim, and Paypal always takes their side and always refunds them. I think she's had an honest person or two ship the item back with a refund outside of paypal, but for the most part, as a seller, my mom has been screwed so many times (some people are plain dishonest, I know you aren't!). Usually for collectibles over $100. So you shouldn't fret over it. The process takes a bit, and it sucks.
  4. Ducky, I know that you have an incredible amount of insight, and know whats best for you. If your insurance is paying, I'd say stay in, especially if your license is on the line, and get through it. I'm sorry about your family.
  5. *fistbump* Oddly, I had been on the equivalent dose of Risperdal Consta a year before and it barely touched me. I take oral Risperdal (3mg/day) and its great. Now I'm like, to hell with depot's. They used to be convenient for me, not anymore. They also had less side effects. But eh. I'm fine on all oral (except T, which orally, is terrible for the liver, which is monitored carefully by my transcare team, my liver function has gone up from baseline since starting!) for now. And whoever though injecting a depot into the deltoid can fuck right off. InvSus hurts, and aches for days. Deep muscle ache. I had been on a typical (called Piportil, not available in the USA) and its suspended in sesame oil, thick as hell, but or hip, no pain at all. Nothing. Risperdal Consta, hey, let's try deltoid (it comes with needles for both), fuck, no, never again, "big needle" (22ga, 1 1/2" for deltoid, 21ga, 2" for glutes), no problem! Didn't feel it. InvSus felt like Risperdal Consta, forget the exact needle gauge/length. People get embarrassed and think a shot in the ass hurts and whatnot, but in my carefully controlled clinical trials with my former nurse and the Risperdal Consta, the Piportil, and the T (23ga, 1" needle, thigh injection, IM, I can do a Z track or pinch, either or, doesn't hurt) bigger muscle = less pain. IME. And from what my nurses have told me. They also say my thighs are "excellent" for injecting, my one tattoo is "perfect for picking out landmarks" and my "veins are amazing". I am glad I'm not afraid of needles. But at least I get compliments.
  6. I had the loading doses and one dose of Invega Sustenna but had intolerable side effects (cognitive, made heat intolerable, and I weld, so its a thousand times hotter for me, and also, my blood pressure tanked so if I as much as thought about standing up I'd almost pass out.. I could drive, it was standing that was the problem, and walking) so my pdoc stopped it, changed over to something else... it took a LONG damn time to get back to baseline. No withdrawal. Basically, it takes 4-8 months (according to my pdoc, the nurse that gave me the injections, and the PI sheet I had) for the injection to clear your system. The half life is ridiculously long. You might notice the million testimonies on withdrawal are NOT from peer reviewed sources. That shit sticks with you forever. Technically, it hadn't even peaked in my system when we stopped it. I had 3 injections over a month, 1st loading dose, a week later, 2nd loading dose, a month later, first injection of normal dose. The doses are different in Canada. I was on 150mg. I also don't see how a nurse can "miss" muscle. I give myself IM shots of testosterone weekly and its damn hard to hit anything but muscle. I give them to myself in my thigh. If she's a nurse, she knows how to give a proper IM injection, if she can't do something to a patient that I was taught to do to myself in an hour (then was supervised doing 3 times, and I had to explain everything, my nurse never said a word unless I asked, or to offer a suggestion, such as "PUSH HARDER, "T" IS REALLY THICK!"), that she went to school for years for.. I'd find someone new, and call her boss. It's all done by feel.
  7. Most of the time, no. I was injured badly while doing what was most of my extensive physical activity (competitive horseback riding, I'd spend 20 hours a week at the barn, not including driving) and gained weight recovering and eating badly, and it took years to recover. Odds are without an antipsychotic (seroquel at the time) I would have gained anyways. I lost it quickly due to extensive trauma, not a good way to lose weight. I struggle to keep weight on. I take Risperdal.
  8. Paranoia: My roommate is collecting my thoughts and is going to tell the government I infiltrated the FBI and am spilling secrets to the government, and I'm going to Gitmo. NOT paranoia: Someone is going to spike my drink.
  9. Yay puberty!



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  11. She had been assaulted and had a head injury and you think that?! what the hell?! Head injuries fuck you up. I got smashed into a fence by a horse and got up, spat out blood, which I did for another 8 or so hours, I had a concussion (I was wearing a helmet, which I broke, and it was replaced, and it saved my life, as it was up to standards) and I drove my idiot ass home. I don't remember that. I don't remember until 3 days after. People say I was pretty batshit. After I was sexually assaulted.. and after testifying in court. I was not OK. The surgeon that saw me when I finally went to the ER after I broke my jaw (I went 3 days later) said I was pretty emotional, crying, laughing, anxious, I had to be sedated when I found out it was broken. My roommate also had her skull cracked horseback riding, but it was before Western riders wore helmets, some still don't, but she won't get on with outone now, she has no memory of quite a while before and after the injury, had to learn a lot of stuff again, never finished that degree (and had to change majors, as it is more competitive than med school at that university, and cognitively, she couldn't do it that soon), and she said she also did a lot of unusual, eccentric things while healing. She has PTSD from that, among other things, now.
  12. I was so relieved to get off neurontin.. I was taken off seroquel and neurontin rapidly IP and put on topamax and geodon.. geodon sucked, and I was switched off my pharmacy fucked up and I missed one dose. I felt like hell. Which is the huge problem with addiction and getting high. You run out. I've done my share.. I just think back and go "how the fuck am I not dead or in jail?" I quit basically by a huge reality check, and the substances weren't physically addictive, so no withdrawal, rehab, etc.. I moved away from them (literally, moved out of the place I was living to another city, where I my old friends were, they didn't do drugs) and quit living like that.. It's not easy, but for me it really was the only thing I could do, because I couldn't live in that situation anymore. Oddly, I was med compliant (except when the guy I was living with stole my benzos.. got a lockbox) 100% while using. ALSO I say the drugs I did were not physically addictive. (ie: heroin is.. you go into real withdrawal, and need to detox). You can still get addicted. Psychologically. Just because I didn't need to detox or go to rehab doesn't mean I wasn't an addict!
  13. Heh, I know people that get high off of Gravol (Dramamine in the US) because it makes you drowsy. It's fucked. People will do ANYTHING. Fuck, look at inhalents.. computer dusted.. there was an Intervention episode about a girl huffing 10 cans a day. (There is a 1/3 chance that will kill you each time I think? Don't quote me on that, I read that a long time ago.. inhalents are BAD) Five min o' fun. Some people use 100% oxygen.. because breathing regular air just isn't enough.. there are oxygen bars.. Everyone wants a rush. Gabapentin made me mixed as hell.
  14. In all honestly, people will take any substance they get their hands on that has any kind of effect and get "high" off it. In Canada, the overdose rate of cough syrup goes really up in the winter months. Seroquel is abused in prisons, also.