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  1. The hospital I've been to is very boring. Not much to do but TV and sleep and cards. I sleep a lot at the beginning, and then I can't sleep towards the end. My doctors are super smart and I've received good treatment in general. Overall I guess I've had satisfactory experiences.
  2. This time next week I'll be on a flight to Cairo. OMG.

    1. ananke


      Hope it's amazing! :D

    2. jt07


      Up, up and away! Have a safe flight!

  3. Against all odds, zyprexa has been weight neutral for me so far. I gained a lot of weight on seroquel but it seems to have plateaued.
  4. First of all, welcome to CB. I hope you find what you're looking for here. Sometimes when I feel like my psychiatrist and I aren't communicating I write a letter explaining my symptoms or complaints and hand it over. Maybe you could try something like that?
  5. I'm sorry, @Swamp56. Akathisia is the worst! Does the counter-med work, at least, even if it makes you sleepy?
  6. Most of my manias include some dysphoric elements, mainly irritability and agitation.
  7. My pdoc prescribes meds for me over email all the time! Such crap. Sorry you're going through this, @heilmania.
  8. I went from just OCD, then bipolar II, then bipolar I, then schizoaffective bipolar type.
  9. I don't regret most of my hospital stays. I wasn't safe and needed someone else to take over that job temporarily. If you're feeling unsafe, try a hotline or go to the ER.
  10. I am going to try to get ahold of my medical records; then I'll know for sure. The diagnosis doesn't fit me at all. The few criteria I meet are easily explained by different things.
  11. While in hospital I was recently told I have BPD traits because I meet two criteria for the disorder. That sounds kind of suspicious to me... only two traits? Anyone else ever been told this?
  12. I like a beer from time to time, and I saw that trileptal and alcohol are counterindicated.
  13. Can you drink on trileptal? I know it's warned against, but even in moderation?
  14. What was your onset of negative symptoms like? For me it started with being unable to read and concentrate. I also started to isolate more and speak less. Then I had an awful episode with suicidal thoughts.
  15. Talked to tdoc today. She wants me back in hospital. We're talking again in 2 hours and if I still sound bad it's hospital I go. I'm so upset about this. I'll miss my grandma's funeral.