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  1. I keep trying to get in touch with crisis lines or warm lines but no one is available. :(

    1. ananke


      I hope you get through to someone aura, thinking of you

  2. I can't speak to your situation, but I've had psychosis mistaken for depression before. Numerous times.
  3. Exhausted and have ZERO motivation. Could I be depressed?
  4. @unknown diagnosis I hope your psychiatrist meeting goes well. Maybe take some notes with you so you know what you want to say. On my end, things are going poorly. This temporary world is ending.
  5. No this has happened many times before, unfortunately. Thoughts yelling at you does sound scary. Can you get in touch with one of your doctors?
  6. Maybe the on and off days are a sign that you're fighting the mania? Wishing you strength.
  7. Yes, I've experienced on and off days at the beginning when I'm ramping up. Then when I'm full blown manic it's 24/7. Are you able to sleep any better now? That will help.
  8. It feels like my entire reality has been replaced with an alternate reality that looks the same but has different rules. It's creeping me out. Don't know what to do
  9. That must be really scary to discover after all this time. Will you be able to get help?
  10. I was feeling awful today. Anxiety and sleep deprivation to the point of feeling physically unwell. I barely made it through class. When I got home, I slept for three hours (naps for me are super rare!). The update is that I spoke with the program director and my teachers about my medical limitations. They are all on board, which means I can breathe a sigh of relief.
  11. Basically, I will notice that things have moved, even when they couldn't possibly have. I just went to a therapy appointment, for example, and at the very end I noticed a drawer was slightly open. I didn't notice it open the whole time I was there and looking at it, and then suddenly at the end it was open. So for me it went from being closed to open, even though no one could have touched it. It makes me think an invisible entity is moving things around in order to communicate with me. Is this a psychosis thing? Anyone experience this before? Does this even make any sense?
  12. Just having schizoaffective doesn't mean you have to go to hospital. Also, it's a great sign that you respond well to meds!
  13. Mom says I'm talking fast. I took some clonazepam and that helped. Bought melatonin to help sleep. Anti-manic arsenal!
  14. In my experience of psychosis, I don't respond well (if at all) to evidence contrary to my delusional beliefs. They are true and that is that. I'm not sure it has to be that way, though. There are frequent discussions of insight on the boards with regard to psychosis; might be interesting to peruse them. Rule of thumb, if you're feeling distressed, it can't hurt to reach out for a professional opinion.