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  1. Starting residential on Wednesday. Nervous about insurance coverage, but hopeful about getting better.
  2. My mental health is deteriorating again. I left the Middle East urgently because I'm feeling depressed and starting to sense the entity again. It wants me to OD on pills. I don't know what I want.
  3. Hello

    Welcome to CB! I hope you find community here.
  4. My pdoc is trying me on Luvox. She seemed to think Wellbutrin was a bad idea, go figure.
  5. I'm in one of the deepest depressions I've had in years. I'm considering asking pdoc for some kind of anti-depressant. In general wellbutrin doesn't cause manic switches, right? What are your experiences with Wellbutrin and bipolar depression? Or other meds that you found helpful/not helpful?
  6. Pdoc says I'm in a mixed episode. My main symptoms are oscillating mood (depression and mild euphoria and normal mood), occasional psychosis, racing thoughts, and severe agitation. I can't sit still and I also can't focus on anything long enough to get work done. Or anything done for that matter. I can't even sleep the day away because I'm too ramped up. I'm completely miserable. Any tips for getting through a mixed episode? Pdoc is working on the meds side of things but I need some tools for surviving until those kick in.
  7. Welcome to the boards! I hope you find community here. A new diagnosis is scary but hopefully is also the start of better treatment.
  8. The strength of my conviction about delusions tends to wax and wane too. Sometimes I'm 100% convinced you can't tell me otherwise and other times I can tell my thoughts are odd and I'm open to others' feedback.
  9. Demons have been taunting me lately too, but they take the form of flies and fruit flies in my case. Contact your doctor: they can't lock you up unless you're a danger to yourself.
  10. Zyprexa 20mg has me feeling super dead and unmotivated. I don't know how I'm supposed to continue with school.
  11. I've been getting messages from God today. He wants me to be his prophet and I need to fast because of this. But I was afraid to be a prophet so I ate an energy bar anyway. I wonder if this means I'll face consequences. I've been noticing a lot of demon flies around...
  12. It has just been happening in the past few days. I feel like I might already be dead and in purgatory actually. Nothing feels real.
  13. @xanathos and @Wonderful.Cheese I also am getting messages that I will die soon. Or maybe I've already died and this is purgatory. Either way it's very scary and I'm sorry you're going through this too.
  14. The problem started after going on meds. I used to be a morning person! So I've just been assuming the problem is the meds. But at the same time I wonder if seeing a sleep doctor might not help. Thanks all for the advice!
  15. The angels are watching me again. I've seen some of them disguised as humans. They keep opening portals to another dimension for me, purgatory I think, but I'm avoiding it.