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  1. Thanks for responding @Wonderful.Cheese! I think the supplements will take some time to work, so I'm not holding my breath. I'm hoping in time I'll see some improvement. Thanks for relating to me on the hallucinations front. It's still hard for me to accept that I have them (I thought they were normal for a long time).
  2. It could be depression. I oversleep when depressed. Have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? Hypothyroidism can cause the symptoms you're describing too.
  3. I wish I had a good answer to your question. People say you can be hypo and still sleep, but I also associate hypo with sleeping less. In December when I was starting modafinil I had a week or so of hypo energy days with normal sleep. Then it just kinda went away. I take hefty doses of anti-manic drugs so I guess they're keeping me stable. Yea... sorry for the not so helpful answer. Hypomania is tricky.
  4. Is there something you can do to disrupt the cycle of worrying? Maybe take a walk or put on a show? I can relate to the worrying about health stuff; it's so frustrating and scary. I know it feels like you're making him sick, but I bet you aren't. Hang in there, Cheese.
  5. 1. What were the precipitating factors? I started up school again and had a crazy busy schedule, meaning I was getting less and less sleep. I actually was compliant with my meds; they just weren't enough. 2. What happened that put you in the hospital (who/where/how/when, etc) I met with my therapist and told her about how the angels were menacing me. I was really scared of them. I was willing to try anything to make them go away, so I went voluntarily. 3. What was your hospital experience like? Not too eventful. I was still delusional the whole time. A doctor told me I shouldn't have kids cos this might happen again, which was kind of offensive. 4. What were your hallucinations/delusions/other psychiatric symptoms? I was hallucinating shadow figures and angels flying around me. I also had auditory hallucinations. I was having the delusion that God and angels were contacting me through signs in my environment. They were having me do things like fasting. Whenever I did the right thing, I would experience waves of euphoria. 5. How did you get out of the hospital? They let me out after only a week, even though I was still psychotic. The hospital my insurance covers kinda sucks. 6. What are obstacles you've encountered acclimating to life on the outside? Well, I was still having some psychosis so I was obsessed with religion and having trouble focusing on school. I quickly dipped into a serious depression after this episode. 7. Learning experiences from the whole ordeal? Not sure I learned much except that I need a serious intervention to happen as soon as I'm hypomanic for more than a few days. Things can get out of control too quickly.
  6. I used to have the same doubts as you have about my diagnosis. What made them go away was that I got moody and psychotic whenever I lower my Seroquel, even by a little. Not saying that's necessarily the case for you too, but you're right that it could be dangerous to mess with the Loxapine. It's a Catch 22 that I think is very common to people with bipolar. I particularly relate to hating the way anti-psychotics sedate you and make you sleep for ages. I'm taking Modafinil for that, with some success. Now I can wake up after 9 hours (rather than 12-13) and function. I'd recommend it, though it's not for everybody. My pdoc says it is very unlikely to cause mania, and that seems to be true. I'm really sensitive to meds. Anyway, I hope you find your path.
  7. I thought the hallucinations were away for good, but nope. They've been haunting me yesterday and today. Does anyone here find that dealing with hallucinations is exhausting? I feel exhausted from the past two days. Constant noise in my head. Trying to do homework in this state is a huge struggle, because I can't concentrate. Blargh. Voices aside, I'm doing well, mood-wise. I feel like I'm balanced perfectly in the middle. I never thought this would be possible. I don't know how long it's going to last, so I'm going to enjoy it. I'm also going to do things that promote stability, like taking my meds, sleeping enough hours, maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule, not drinking too much, eating well. All that good stuff. It's so nice to just be a student and not locked up in a psych hospital. Inshallah I'm never going back to a place like that. On the OCD front I'm struggling... hard. Sigh. Tdoc says exposures are good for me, but I'm regretting signing up for this. It's taking me 15 minutes to leave my car when I park it. I stare at the door unable to convince myself that I've shut it. People tend to minimize OCD, but to me it's the epitome of crazy. I can stare at a closed door for 15 minutes, unable to convince myself it's shut. Seriously if that isn't madness I don't know what is.
  8. I too hope it's a blip. Wishing you stability again soon.
  9. I agree with @Flash. I do this too, but each time I've tried to go down on my AAPs the results have been disastrous. Sorry you aren't feeling well, dragon. I hope whatever is happening doesn't last long.
  10. For me the psychosis is paired with manic or depressed symptoms about half of the time, with the other half of the time being by itself. I'm terrified to think what my life would be like with no meds.
  11. My brain chatter comes and goes. When it goes, I keep thinking... what was it that I was complaining about? I don't have any problem. Then they come back and it's like woah, how am I supposed to live with this. I suppose I should be happy I'm only hallucinating half of the time and not all of the time?
  12. I have random spikes of manic energy that last a very short period of time and include psychotic symptoms. My doctors tell me it's my meds working, since the mood doesn't last. I kind of like that explanation so I've been going with it.
  13. I hope you can avoid IP, but I've found sometimes that it's the best option out of a lot of crappy options. Your health needs to come first at some point, whatever that means (IP or otherwise). I'm worried about you.
  14. It sounds like you've got some good stuff going on. I'm really happy you found a new and better team. And I hope the med change works. Also hope the stalker doesn't keep you away too much... I like seeing you around.
  15. I just realized my mood has been mostly stable for nearly a month. Yay! Let's try for two.

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