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  1. I was given trileptal during a period of acute psychosis, actually. I'm not convinced that it does anything at all.
  2. Increased energy is central to the diagnosis of any kind of mania, as far as I understand it.
  3. Egypt pdoc put a name to how I've been feeling recently... suspicious. Can't tell if it's the OCD or psychosis or both.
  4. I found adjusting to a schizoaffective diagnosis difficult too. Some self-searching makes sense. I'm around if you want to talk about it via PM.
  5. Can you get in touch with your pdoc sooner? Does he know you stopped the seroquel?
  6. I've had quite severe psychotic episodes while taking medication (including two AAPs), so yes.
  7. I had a first meeting with my new pdoc in Egypt today. She's great! I like her a lot. What a huge relief! I'll have a doctor on the ground in case things go badly. (But they won't, right?) Speaking of doing well or not, I've been seeing things out of the corner of my eyes and hearing some things too. I feel a little paranoid.
  8. The scratch was actually only a week ago. I must not have been clear in my first message. Thanks for the response.
  9. I just came into my room and my water bottle was moved. Now I think someone moved the bottle and put rabies inside so I can get infected. Why would someone do that to me?
  10. I asked a doctor online (that's all I really have access to right now) and the respone was... Question: My roommate was scratched (very lightly) by a stray cat the other day. Then a couple of days later I shared a drink with her. Could I get rabies? Response: Hi (aura)! Thanks for your query. Rabies does not get transmitted by drinking. It is trasmitted from direct bite or scratch from an infected animal. Rest assure eating or drinking does not trasmitte rabies. Thanks. So I guess I should drop this?? OCD wants to keep focusing on it. Getting the vaccine just to calm my mind isn't an option sadly...
  11. @survivingbp I'm in Egypt and it's a holiday. I don't know how I'd manage to get the vaccine. :-/
  12. It turns out she got bit by the cat last summer, and no rabies happened. And the "scratch" didn't break the skin, but left a red mark that has since gone. @Wooster Thanks for the info, it helps a lot. @jt07 I'll try to reach a doctor online. It's a holiday here and I don't think this warrants an emergency room visit.
  13. She got bit in Jordan and was recommended to just ignore it for some reason. I don't remember how long ago she said she was in Jordan. From what I can find online, rabies can't be transmitted until the animal/person is already symptomatic. So in that regard I think I'm safe. Edited to add: Damn you, OCD. Seriously.
  14. The other day my roommate got a very very light scratch by a stray cat. Some time ago she was bit by a cat too. I shared a cup with her today by accident... could I get rabies? Or is this the OCD talking?