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  1. Visiting family. Lots of food and shopping! Having a wonderful time.
  2. I think the bigger problem here is that if you have bipolar, you're on some medications that, by themselves, can be kind of dangerous. Definitely advocate for yourself and seek another opinion, especially if you feel your current treatment isn't working. That's the most important thing.
  3. Yea this happens to me all the time. I tend to use words that are related but not the right word. Like instead of "player" I might say "referee." I often also write down the wrong word. When I was having paranoia, I thought people were controlling my mind and forcing me to type the wrong words as some kind of code. But now I don't feel that way, fortunately.
  4. I would definitely seek legal advice. It has to be a medical necessity that you receive care following a suicide attempt. Keep fighting.
  5. Tdoc tried to get me excited that I was able to go through a schizoaffective episode without needing hospital. I was a bit like... um, yay? Is this really my life that getting through 1.5 weeks of mild psychosis without hospital is something to celebrate? I guess I should. I should feel good about it. But all I see is that I needed a higher dose of seroquel, and to me that's a failure. I wanted to get off that drug, but now I'm locked into it at least for a year (will be abroad, no med changes).
  6. I sometimes have insight into my psychosis, usually at the beginning. Personally, as long as I can retain insight, I might have a hard time but I'm safe. When I get to the point where I don't realize my thoughts could be wrong, then I'm in a very dangerous position. Whether this is a precursor to something else, or whether you're potentially having psychosis with insight, it's time to reach out to your doctors.
  7. I agree with you completely. I suppose my reasoning had more to do with how my body feels when I eat one way or another. I'm planning more of a "flexitarian" diet (I'll eat whatever if I'm out to eat or at someone else's house, but when I have control of the food I want it to be plant based). I'm not sure I have a great rationale for this except that it makes me feel good about myself.
  8. Wow. Well, maybe they will take your symptoms more seriously now?
  9. I'm working towards a vegan lifestyle, in part for ethical reasons but even more so to see if it'll help with my mental health. So far it's forcing me to think way more about my food choices, which is a good thing. No more mindless snacking. Any vegans or vegetarians around? Do you feel your eating lifestyles affect your mental health, positively or negatively?
  10. I've noticed that when I'm having auditory hallucinations I tend to jolt my head to the left or make a small "ah!" noise in an attempt to make the sound go away. When I'm alone I also will say "shut up! shut up!" It works for a moment or two, but the hallucinations always come back. Anyone else respond to your hallucinations? Or even talk to them?
  11. I agree... sounds like dissociation. I get it in the beginning of episodes, in particular. Do you know of any grounding techniques that work for you?
  12. Things have changed... Lithium - mood stabilization Seroquel - mood stabilization and psychosis Zyprexa - psychosis Clonazepam - anxiety and sleep Modafinil - attention and waking up despite so many sedating drugs NAC supplements - OCD
  13. So many voices today. I keep telling them "shut up, go away!" but they keep coming back.
  14. Shots of vodka and a bottle of wine every night isn't healthy. Have you talked to a doctor about this?
  15. I don't think it's necessarily an episode, but it could be. Something to keep an eye on. Do you find that napping is good or bad for your mental health?