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  1. I think at one stage they were saying they'll give you a pound coin for voting for them. Don't know if that was true though.
  2. DUP hurts my head. They're like our own little grown Republican party. Anti-abortion, anti gay marriage, anti-climate change. And now they have a say in our government.
  3. My psychiatrist is ordering to have an EEG and an MRI done on me to check for epilepsy. And I'm a bit concerned about the idea of having this condition. I know what I experience. I find my brain gets stuck in between two thoughts or I visualise objects in my sleep this causes me to get nauseated and wake up to go to the toilet in case I throw up. I've described these things as sort of like my brain crashing like a computer - stuck in between two applications. I don't get these things happening to me outside of sleep. And it's only happened once this year so far and once again about 2 years ago so it's very rare. I don't know, I'm just wondering if this is something that could get worse and if there is anything I can do. She's lowering my antipsychotics because apparently that can have a negative impact on seizures so that's good. And I'm also taking my lamotrigine at night now. I don't know I'm just having a lot of questions going around in my mind with all this uncertainly. This is now my 4th psychiatrist in two and a half years; they never want to just settle down it seems.
  4. Another thing that pops into my mind is that if you have a poor posture that can also make you feel more fatigued because you're not able to get the proper amount of oxygen into your lungs. I'm trying my best to correct mine now, I bought a back support brace and that really works. Just a thought. There's lots of little things you can do to try and improve your energy levels.
  5. Go to a doctor, mate. A GP is a good starting point. If you know anyone who has also gone through mental health problems then they might be a good person to talk to about it.
  6. I do believe that caffeine keeping you up is a bit of a factoid. At first it might do so but afterwards it makes you dependant on it to stay at a normal fatigue level. Or something like that anyway. I think what I would do is just have caffeinated things rarely when you really need a pick up rather than make it a daily 'supplement' - if you like.
  7. It was hard for me to determine when aripiprazole started working for me. My depression was already being covered. I just started being more out going, I was helping around the house more, walking the dog. Just being more reliable as a person. And that feels great. I started on 10 mg and we're aiming at 20 mg, probably the end of next week. I hope I don't get any side effects. It is a pretty clean drug in comparison to the others out there.
  8. Since it's Tourette's Awareness Month, 15th of May to 15th of June, I thought I'd mention a few facts about Tourette's on here since this thread although very quiet it does get a lot of hits. What is Tourette's? Tourette's syndrome (TS) is an inherited neurological disorder, not a psychological one. It is not an illness and it is not to do with mental health. However 80% of those with TS have a combination of other conditions, mainly ADHD and OCD but it can be a lot of things including autism and Asperger's syndrome, anxiety, personality disorders and depression. This is called Tourette's Plus. Tourette's was first discovered back in the 19th Century by French neurologist Georges Gilles de la Tourette. His work went largely unnoticed due to his life being cut short however. It's only been in the last 50 years has it been properly recognised and separated as it's own condition. Is Tourette's just swearing? Tourette's is not all about swearing. That form of Tourette's - known as Full-Blown Tourette's affects only around 10% of those with Tourette's. The swearing tics are known as Coprolalia ('copro' meaning obscene, 'lalia' being speech), Copropraxia is the use of obscene gestures ('praxia' meaning movement). The reason behind the swearing is still unknown but you can think of it as having no filter on your brain; all the negative things you might of about a friend you have the ability to filter them about of your speech. Someone with Full-Blown Tourette's can't do that. And negative thing they observe may be open to being mentioned. And that is in essence the working of the coprophenomena. What is a tic? A tic is either sound or a movement made by the person. It is a reaction to an involuntary sensation, usually a itching, burning sensation, but for a lot of people these movements can happen without any awareness prior to the tic. A tic can be suppressed for a short period of time before it needs to be released, but how well someone can suppress a tic varies from person to person and needs to be worked at. Tics may be more prevalent when angry, sad, anxious or excited but it is different for everyone. What can calm them down also differs from person to person, music seems to help quiet them down for a time for a lot of people. Being engrossed into a task can usually mean a reduction in tics. Examples of tics may be: Squeaking Eye twitching Grimacing Coughing Blinking Gasping Touching other people or things Repeating your word words or others Is there a cure? Tourette's for many is a lifelong condition. There is no cure. Certain medications can be used to help people but with limited success. There is also therapy that can help called CBIT or HRT - Habit Reversal Training. Therapy is quite hard to access because of lack of training with professionals. One of the better ways to treat TS is to target the comorbid conditions, this should mean a reduction in tics. Does cannabis help? Some people find it can help their tics dramatically but others find it can make them much worse or does nothing at all - just like with any drug out there the response is very personal and cannot be predicted. How common is Tourette's? Tourette's is estimated to affect 1 in 100 children. This number is less for adults as Tourette's can a chance of diminishing completely upon adulthood. A child may simply have a coughing and a blinking tic, whilst this is still a very weak form of the condition it could still be classified as Tourette's if the doctor is trained in recognising the symptoms. Should a child be punished for ticcing? Punishment for ticcing is counter-productive. Tics are involuntary. As emotions can affect tics, as discussed above, it is not helpful to upset the person for ticcing, the frequency of tic will most likely get worse for a time. How can you help someone with Tourette's? Don't bring attention to their tics; a lot of people are very self concious about their tics. Attention to them can make them worse for the person but don't be afraid to talk to the person about them. Ask the person politely about them if you're curious, many are happy to talk to others about them and makes the person with TS more comfortable. Personal Note If you have Tourette's or another tic disorder do not let it change you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Own your tics. Be proud of them. If someone makes a comment on them calmly explain you have this condition if they reject your explanation, just laugh and move on, it sucks but you can't change everyone's opinion. What you can change though is your response to their's. These people are not important in any way to your life. Those that matter don't mind, those that mind don't matter.
  9. Ahaha! That's great! Where do I start? I guess I should say for someone getting pounded in jail every night I don't think he knows exactly what a 'loser' is! But if he doesn't want to be viewed as autistic then great, I'm all for that! I think it's great that he cares about autistic people enough to not want some cunt to represent us in the media. I have no problem with what he said.
  10. Yeah, pretty much. I scored 37 the last time I did it just before I started taking aripiprazole. Honestly I don't mind if my tics go away completely, I just want to times when I get semi tic attacks to go. And as strange as it might sound I've kind of grown accustomed to have Tourette's and it kind of interests me when a new tic comes along.
  11. Yeah, can't say if it's helped yet, I'm not on week 5. It can take up to 8 weeks, I think. I'm also not on the target dose anyway which is 20 mg so still the ways. I did actually have a nosy at the Yale Tic Scale and jot down a number, gonna see what it's like in a months time or so. But yeah, see what quetiapine does for you first.
  12. Not yet. We're aiming at 20 mg. So far it's pretty much the same. I haven't had any "attacks" for a while though which is really what I wanted to go, I don't mind if I tic.
  13. I did actually start a thread in the NOS sub forum. I'm currently taking aripiprazole to help with my tics. It's the best one for treating tics in the AAP family.
  14. This one is working out quite well for me. Still not doing anything for tics though.
  15. Surprisingly no. During school I effectively learnt how to make friends so being different never really crossed my mind. But I know plenty of other autistics who do very much feel alienated from society, it is not an uncommon feeling to have.