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  1. To me it shows the strength of so-called 'alliances'. Friendly when it's hunky-dory but when things get bad - i.e economic crashes, it all breaks down. People don't value what it means to be a part of something any more. And look, I'm talking about politics when I said I wouldn't. Stopping now.
  2. I'm just going to avoid reading about politics for the next five years. Independence is bullshit, EU and Scotland alike.
  3. I've had some new additions in the past month. I started barking like a dog. Not in the way you might think either. This is a deep sounding bark with an actual intake of breath. Which is interesting. I also started slapping the side of my head on either sides or both sometimes. I hurts when I do it. Most of the time it's preceded by some sort of squeak and I have to close my eyes and grimace too. This is by far the most complex tic I have especially because there are so many variants of it. It's like a massive amalgamation of existing and new tics. Sometimes it's just the one slap other times it's three times. Sometimes I can stop myself from doing it but I get an uncomfortable feeling if I don't do it, sort of like a physical feeling of frustration in my head and arm. Yeah, another update in the wonders of tics. It's only getting worse. I'm glad I didn't have to put up these through school but this is quite bitter sweet because I remember what it was like to just feel normal. Now, if I'[m not engaged in an activity or thought I'm doing this. Most of the time I don't mind having tics and just think of it as something else which makes me different from other people which I usually just think it makes me different from others and I'm okay with that but there is a great sense of restlessness at times from having to do all these things, more so now that I'm hitting myself.
  4. Just ask for an SSRI, they'll kill your sex drive.
  5. I would have thought it would have been quite fast being you're already taking risperidone but I really don't know. Can you ring your care co-ordinator or psychiatrist? A week can seem like a very long time when you're not feeling well.
  6. Hear, hear!
  7. Hmm, that wouldn't really be something you could go to the police for if that's what you meant by attack. But no, in general verbal attacks do count as attacks. Does shouting racist slurs at people not count as attacks? Of course they don't. Well it's your choice in how you handle it really. You don't need to confront people like that if you don't want to. It would help you confidence if you were more aggressive. It's understandable why you're not though.
  8. Sounds like this guy has his own problems. It's easy for me to say don't worry about it because at the time it feels like an attack and a prophecy of feel like you're going to be a victim of something coming true so it really does knock you when these things do happen. Was this in the library? Could you make a complaint?
  9. I might be wrong but I wouldn't expect any difference when you go to generics. I've been on Risperdal once for a month of the two years I've been taking generic risperidone and it made not a bit of difference. I think people make too much of a big deal from the "official" stuff to the generic stuff. They all use the same primary ingredient. Surely that isn't such a big deal?
  10. Well, I'd think about sensory stuff. If he's meeting you at your home make sure it's not too intense for him. Makes sure there isn't any intense smells around like air fresheners, that you're clean and you're not wearing scented body sprays. That can be off putting to some people with sensory difficulties if they're hypersensitive to smells. It's probably best if you keep language clear and plain. Don't use metaphors and limit the use of expressions; he might be a literal thinker and therefore might get confused by them. Be prepared not to get too much of a reaction from him, it can be difficult for a lot of autistic people to express their feelings through facial expression, tone of voice and words, etc.
  11. Never even noticed that thing existed.
  12. I've just been unwilling to check each forum for topics I want to talk about for a little while. I've also not been struggling with my mood for some time so I haven't had the feeling to talk about that sort of stuff. I should contribute to other people's problems. maybe I will again. I guess I just haven't been in the mood to do so.
  13. I'm exhausted. It's not often I feel this way I handle this extremely well but today and yesterday are those days. I wish for just one day it could all stop. Just be able to just not do anything and relax. I can't remember what that feels like any more. I don't know how people who have it worse than me can do it without it breaking them.
  14. They said, "Keeping you alive is a really expensive thing." Fuck yeah I'd still be damn right annoyed about that!
  15. Ha!