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  1. Not everything I want to do in life. At my age that's pretty hard to do so soon. However I have recently passed my driver's test and that's opened up so many doors; owning a vehicle is basically the only reliable method of transportation in my area.
  2. I've had it both at 50mg and 100mg. 50 wasn't enough but it was helping when I was going down in risperidone. I've been on 100 mg for a while now and it works really well. I've never had any side effects with lamotrigine.
  3. Well the cynical side of me was right, there really are people on that level of denseness. I stand corrected.
  4. I tend to find fidgeting with things tends to get annoying because I keep picking them back up again!
  5. Yeah, I'm trying to learn to play the bass guitar using a computer game on my PC. I think it's helps to a degree for the time I'm doing it. The big problem at the moment is that I'm generally quite anxious, I've got my driving test on Thursday and it's really not been helping with the tics. Get that out of the way and things should become a bit easier, I hope. I've only been able to find so many helpful things to suppress the slapping tics. As I've said before, putting up the hood on my hoodie softens the blows. I guess what I have to try to learn is to do it as softly as I can, difficult when the urge to do it is strong though. The main problem is that the urge is like lightning, I don't have a lot of time to think about hitting something else so that's quite hard. Thanks for the idea though. I don't know about the grimacing. I would assume so too that it has something to do with your broken tooth too. Nerves can do funny things.
  6. When I'm feeling like shite I have a depression survival guide. Things to do to make me feel physically good. Things like have a shower, doing yoga or just watching that film I've held back on for a time like this. It's harder when you're depressed all the time but it might help to have something like that.
  7. I've thought about ending it too. But for me I've never thought of it as a comforting thought, it's more scary than anything because I don't want to be pushed to that level and I'm afraid that something will push me to that edge.
  8. I don't think these people have a single clue on what it is like to have a mental illness. They speak as if they know everything. They don't. Think it is more as ignorance than hatred for people like us who have mental illness. They don't know what they are talking about. Just remember that this isn't everyone and there's a lot of people out there who are willing to give support, you just have to find them.
  9. This thread is like a damn diary! Anyway, I recently realised that my ruminations cause me to tic. I thought that was an interesting point. So there must be a mix of my anxiety and depression playing off on my tics. This isn't exclusive mind you, I still tic with no real thoughts going through my head. If anyone out there also experiences the annoyance of ruminating thoughts and also has some sort of tic disorder or Tourette's syndrome, do you also find this to ring true? And on another topic, I had a very twitchy last night. I have found I occasionally tic during my sleep but the first two hours of sleep was pretty bad. I think I must have been dreaming about something stressful to provoke that much of a response. I woke up at midnight with a bad stomach and needing to go to the toilet. I despair sometimes at my own body.
  10. Depends on which one you're talking about. The psychosis diagnosis has changed 4 times at least. My Asperger's diagnosis has changed possibly three times since one never really mentioned it at all - although it doesn't necessarily make it void - more recently it was changed to Autism Spectrum Disorder, I'll still call it Asperger's though. My depression and anxiety diagnosis has recently changed to Mixed Depression and Anxiety. So altogether possible 8 times. That's in a space of two and a half years as well.
  11. Thanks guys. My GP rang me and said that he isn't comfortable at the moment with ordering a EEG and MRI after this last psychiatrist. He didn't know of reasons behind this although I did try to explain and said he could ring my care coordinator to be filled in on. I don't like to rip on the NHS but the communication is atrocious. So even more waiting on that, fine. I'm very close to the point of just making up my own explanations to my problems since the more opinions I hear from more doctors the less significance they have.
  12. Yeah, he was pretty great. His lyrics have a new meaning now; I had no idea he suffered sexual abuse and drug addiction.
  13. I will be on my fifth doctor now in two and a half years now. My last appointment was cancelled because they didn't have a consultant psychiatrist. The last one apparently made some "questionable decisions" with patients and then decided to piss off. The great thing was that she said to me that this wasn't going to happen and that she'll be around for a while. I'm going to be filing a compliant about this. I was supposed to be getting an EEG and an MRI because of this apparent seizure disorder she diagnosed me with. I was worried that my GP might deny it again but no, he was fine with it but she never got around to setting the bloody appointments up. The NHS has zero damn communication. I feel like I have to do checks myself to make sure people have gotten the relevant information. It took me two weeks to receive a overview letter from the last appointment and a copy of it was sent to the wrong GP. It must be a really demanding position is all I can think of to be this shit.
  14. Risperidone worked for me. I got rid of the feelings of guilt, looping thoughts and severe depression - although it couldn't keep up with it before the side affects kicked in.
  15. Yes. I didn't adapt to adult life well. I was kind of rudderless in what to do after school. My parents didn't quite understand why I played computer games so much and why I didn't see my friends all that often. My emotions are taken more into account now that people know, whilst before people would just snap at mean because what I said came out in a certain way. I think people thought they could read me well when in fact I'm harder to read because I'm quite atypical in my behaviour.