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  1. Something similar happens to me. Sometimes I can't say if what I remember was a dream or was real, and it normally is about everyday things. (Like... I remember talking with a blond girl at the supermarket... but I don't know if I truly did it or if it was a dream.). But It just happens with *that*. The rest I remember from the previous day is correct. Have you talked with your pdoc/tdoc about this? Sorry... As I say first time here cant quite work everything out. And I'm glad Im not the only one, it sounds so similar. No I've made an appointment to see the GP next week and talk to him. Its just horrible because I have no idea what's happened in the past month as I can't decipher between reality and fake...
  2. So this is my first post here as I just sort of need to feel as though I'm not the only one... So I haven't always had a bad memory but it has started to worsen in the last few years from a-level onwards. It never worried me, I suppose it was a slow progress and there were just some 'off-days' where I couldn't remember things but it was always a joke. But its gotten worse, I forget my boyfriends name (we've been going out for 2years now), I forget what my brother looks like, conversations that apparently happened a week ago I have no recollection of. And now, and the main reason Im posting, is because I can tell if something happened or if it was just a dream - and I don't mean from childhood, I understand about fake memories. But these are different I wake up and I'm so unsure as to what happened the previous day and whether I have actually dreamt it, and after asking my friends /family/boyfriend it would seem as though most of my memories that I have from the previous day are incorrect... I hate it, I try to focus on my memories to decipher what's going on but everything is so fuzzy, its like I'm trying to watch tv without my glasses, and it always leaves me with a massive headache... I've also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and its worsening my symptoms, all I want to do is curl up in bed and ignore the world. Anyway sorry for the long post just needed to explain myself... I'm just so confused and I've tried looking into it but nothing relates, it makes me feel so alone. Anyway just let me know your experiences and thoughts.