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  1. From my experience over 90% of the time the talks were positive, helpful, supportive and sometimes fun and outweigh the drama by a lot. I enjoyed the nights (mornings for me) when there's no one else to talk to and there's still some people in the chat so you're not alone with your thoughts. When I join at other times of the day it seemed a bit more difficult, but maybe that's just me. I will still check the forums, but I probably won't join the new chat for now.
  2. This makes the seal sad.
  3. I agree with your statements completely all of them

    I admit I'm a shitty and dumb person and some might think i should be banned for being the way I am. I think that opinion is fine. HOWEVER, some people here are not satisfied with that and make up additional lies about me in a really psychotic and paranoid(?) way.
    I want to ask everyone to judge me for the person I am actually in chat and forums, not for the fantasy character seal that someone who bullies and misgenders me made up in their mind.
    There is at least one person who keeps making up wrong personality/intention analysis about me and keeps misgendering me, as well as contacting mods and requesting to ban me and I don't mind if people dislike me, but they should dislike me for who i am, not for who someone tells them I am.
    Someone keeps questioning the truth behind my statements on the forums and in the chat and assumes that my gender is male, they think that i'm putting up some kind of act and am trolling MI people. I say a lot of dumb things, but that this is kinda absurd.
    I did talk about topics like politics and religion and that did upset users, that's true, but the other stuff, about triggering people on purpose, "pretending" and lying etc, I can't really understand that way of thinking.
    I'm a simple seal. If I trigger someone that's because I'm an idiot.
    I am not talking about anyone in particular, I just wanted to clarify some things to the people here.
    I am not going to argue or discuss or otherwise confront particular users.
    If I get banned, I get banned and I'm happy that I had the chance to meet you people.    
    Also, in case someone wonders: I never reported anyone, especially not you, Zoey.

    I'm not the person who normally gets involved in "drama", but this situation has been going on for far too long, and it is affecting other users in the chat who get told lies and might get the same treatment now, or in the future.


    1. onsenseal


      That's one thing to dislike someone, even to talk badly about them, but everyone who misgenders others, especially those who for whom gender identity is a big issue, on purpose can go and suck a seal.

    2. iaawal


      That seal is adorable. :D

      Gotcha, seal. 

  5. I haven't seen you around. Where art thou?

    1. onsenseal


      Sliding through the snow

    2. trailmix


      Slide this way. We miss you!

    3. SoullessDivide
  6. That doesn't look like a seal...

    1. onsenseal


      You don't look like a seal.

    2. Retromancer


      I'm a penguin ... on the inside


  7. Where is Chat? I need the Chat. :(
  8. Hope you make it to school. Accomplish stuff always makes me feel good. Good luck and good night

  9. Yes okay, yes, I admit it, I am mentally ill. Happy, world?

    1. onsenseal


      Actually, I take that back. I'm not crazy, everyone else is.

  10. My existence is a bother for many, but I can't even end it without bothering anyone. It's not fair.

    1. fantod


      i'm sorry you feel like this, onsenseal.  i do too. 

  11. That weird feeling when your mood changes and you can't understand why you felt the way you did just minutes ago.

  12. I feel guilty for not hurting myself. Is that weird?

  13. Fear is my life.

  14. I hope that having to do work that I hate will at least distract me from hating my own existence.