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  1. Bark.

    1. trailmix


      *tosses a fish* hi there seal

    2. onsenseal


      *snatches fish* Hi trail

  2. Great. I can't recognize what I'm feeling anymore.

  3. Meds for anxiety/depression. Too anxious to take them.

  4. I think I have burnout from being depressed for so long. It's hard work.

    1. Blahblah


      hard work indeed with no payoff. It feels like running a never ending marathon...complete exhaustion and nothing to show for it.

  5. When you ask for help you don't get it. When you don't want help they put tubes in you and try to keep you alive. Humans are weird.

  6. I failed to make a therapist appointment. I give up.

  7. Never thought I would consider ECT.

    1. saintalto


      I'm sorry seal, but hopefully it does for you what other treatments haven't. 

  8. I was just thinking how it's funny that I sometimes want friends, but I know that it's better to not have any.

    1. saintalto


      Except for seal friends, you should always have a lot of seal friends. 

    2. onsenseal


      Seals are good friends. They don't judge, as long as you have fish.

  9. According to the Wikipedia and most studies ECT is very safe and more effective than medication, especially for psychosis, but also for the majority of depression patients. What confuses me is that it's still considered a "high risk" last line treatment by the FDA and that many professionals are reluctant to suggest it. I also found reports about severe and permanent memory loss, including someone who forgot every person that mattered to them, just to relapse into depression a few months later. Yet there seems to be overwhelming evidence of positive effects. I'll mention it to my pdoc next time. Let's see what he says.
  10. Does anyone else feel embarrassed all the time? Every little thing makes me feel uncomfortable for days or even years. Even when I don't remember saying anything rationally wrong or embarrassing, it feels like it was and it still haunts me. I can hold a presentation at school, get an A+ and be praised, and still ruminate about it. If a homeless man asks me for a coin I feel bad and embarrassed for days whether I give it to him or not. I don't act like it though, because if I think that I look embarrassed it gets much worse.

  11. It's been almost 2 years since I created my account here and I'm still alive. Maybe we should count the years we stay alive since birth. We could call them lifedays or.. maybe birthdays or something.

    1. empty inside

      empty inside

      you know i think you may be onto something...........

  12. If you really really hate someone wish them a long and unhappy life.

  13. seal seal seal!

    1. onsenseal


      *barks in seal language* alice alice alice