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  1. Just another boring and sad day


    1. trailmix


      You could always come and chat. :)

  2. From my experience over 90% of the time the talks were positive, helpful, supportive and sometimes fun and outweigh the drama by a lot. I enjoyed the nights (mornings for me) when there's no one else to talk to and there's still some people in the chat so you're not alone with your thoughts. When I join at other times of the day it seemed a bit more difficult, but maybe that's just me. I will still check the forums, but I probably won't join the new chat for now.
  3. This makes the seal sad.
  4. I agree with your statements completely all of them

  5. I haven't seen you around. Where art thou?

    1. onsenseal


      Sliding through the snow

    2. trailmix


      Slide this way. We miss you!

    3. SoullessDivide
  6. That doesn't look like a seal...

    1. onsenseal


      You don't look like a seal.

    2. Retromancer


      I'm a penguin ... on the inside


  7. Where is Chat? I need the Chat. :(
  8. Hope you make it to school. Accomplish stuff always makes me feel good. Good luck and good night

  9. Yes okay, yes, I admit it, I am mentally ill. Happy, world?

    1. onsenseal


      Actually, I take that back. I'm not crazy, everyone else is.

  10. My existence is a bother for many, but I can't even end it without bothering anyone. It's not fair.

    1. fantod


      i'm sorry you feel like this, onsenseal.  i do too. 

  11. That weird feeling when your mood changes and you can't understand why you felt the way you did just minutes ago.

  12. I feel guilty for not hurting myself. Is that weird?

  13. Fear is my life.

  14. I hope that having to do work that I hate will at least distract me from hating my own existence.