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  1. When I take a bath I enjoy using bath bombs because I find it makes it so much better.
  2. How do you make life-altering decisions?

    Its hard to make a life changing decisions but it can be big or small. I decided to do something small like using a dermaroller for better skin.
  3. Struggling may trigger

    You may see that your life has no value but someone else may see that your life has value.
  4. The person below me...

    Is pizza considered fast food? The person below me never left their home country.
  5. Hello

    I lurk a lot because sometimes I dont know how to add to a thread.
  6. Hello

    Hello, I don't know what else to say or introduce myself to the forum.
  7. People are evil

    I wont say everyone is evil but some people are less evil than other people,
  8. What is your goal for today?

    Stay on my diet so I dont break it.