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  1. Thank you for your condolences. And unfortunately no... though I'm going to try looking into other forms of support that will fit around my work...
  2. Hi, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I wish I knew what to say, I don't know if anything I offer is helpful. Wait it out, talk to someone on the phone, please don't hurt yourself, you're not alone in this. You're still loved and cared about. 

  3. Kinda really want to hurt myself...

    1. dragonfly23


      kinda of wish you wont.  Can you reach out to a Pdoc or Tdoc?

    2. TeaLovingMess


      I don't have a therapist or anything that I can reach out to currently... but I managed to hold off the urges

    3. dragonfly23


      😊       Glad you did.  Your stronger than you know.

  4. I've got a bloody awful cold, and I can't take anything for it thanks to my meds! :angry:

  5. Tealover: Scream. cry. keen,talk about her, walk and walk and walk. Start over and do it again and one day you'll find yourself smiling at a memory. It's a process and it feels like hell but let yourself go through it. There are no shortcuts. And one day you'll also find you are stronger than you thought. One more thing. Don't let ANYONE tell you it's time to move on. There's no time limit, it's not a contest. It a wound and every wound and every person has their own time period. If some one tells you you are dwelling on it too much find someone else to talk to. Talking about the death of a loved one helps tne healing and honors their memory. And remember the good and the bad. Trust that your mind will make sense of it in your own time and way. Do not lock yourself inside yourself. Sometimes the numbness may feel like a relief, an escape. But the escape is temporary and will ultimately delay the healing. In no way does healing involve forgetting. It enhances the relationship you had. The pain will feel interminable at times. You just have to trust. Do small things, that you know would please your grandmother to continue her legacy. This will near be easy no matter how many times you go through it.

    1. TeaLovingMess


      Thank you... this all means a lot to me

  6. I feel like sometimes everything just seems to happen at once, or at the worst time possible. I haven't been able to afford my medication, and so haven't taken it in over a week, and on the weekend my partner and his dad got in a massive argument over our room being untidy (we live with his parents until we can afford our own place), which resulted in me hurting myself, which I'd so far managed to avoid doing for months. On that evening I got a call from my mum telling my my Grandad had passed away, and though I knew it was coming, I wasn't expecting it so soon. I just feel like everything is piling up around me and there's nothing I can do. Because I work full time I can't see the outreach worker I only just got off the waiting list for, and the only decent therapist I've had has a massive waiting list too. I honestly just feel quite lost.
  7. My Grandad passed away Sunday evening... I honestly don't know what to do with myself...

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    2. iaawal


      Good. Taking time is important. 

    3. jt07


      I am so sorry.

    4. on-the-verge


      Oops, I'm sorry. I mistakenly said your Grandmother instead of Grandfather in the post above

  8. Been off my meds for a week... the effects haven't been too bad, but I don't want to leave it any longer than I have to... :I

    1. on-the-verge


      Tea loving mess. I know what it's like not to be able to afford your meds. Sometimes it can help to take them every other day to stretch them out. Also contact the phamaceutical companies. They sometimes have funds for people that can not afford them. That helped a great deal with my mother.

    2. TeaLovingMess


      Thank you, I'll see what I can do

  9. Sometimes I honestly don't think I'll ever completely get over my body issues :/ 

  10. I finally got a job!!! I start on Monday and I can't wait!!!

    1. jt07



    2. iaawal



    3. nervousbat


      Congratulations girl! :)

  11. Kinda scared to leave my room...

  12. It was the latter, but I still felt like a failure due to what happened. Though an interview I went to previously during the week seems to have gone well, and I hope I can get that position instead. I'm doing better today, it probably didn't help that I forgot to take my meds for a couple days on the bounce... I was able to mostly calm myself down though. I didn't end up rescheduling the interview, I was too ashamed to call them.
  13. You're right, sorry. I just hope I haven't ruined my chances...
  14. I have made a stupid fucking mistake. Today I was meant to have an interview with a company that will help me get a traineeship/apprenticeship, but stupid, stupid me slept in and now there is no way I can make it in time. I've already had to delay the appointment once, I really don't want to do it again. I was going to book a taxi but I don't have enough money. I just feel like I'm spiraling and my urges to hurt myself are increasing... I just don't know what to do. I feel if I do hurt myself I deserve it.
  15. Bad day bad day bad day bad day bad day bad day bad day