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  1. Been off my meds for a week... the effects haven't been too bad, but I don't want to leave it any longer than I have to... :I

  2. Sometimes I honestly don't think I'll ever completely get over my body issues :/ 

  3. I finally got a job!!! I start on Monday and I can't wait!!!

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    3. nervousbat


      Congratulations girl! :)

  4. Kinda scared to leave my room...

  5. It was the latter, but I still felt like a failure due to what happened. Though an interview I went to previously during the week seems to have gone well, and I hope I can get that position instead. I'm doing better today, it probably didn't help that I forgot to take my meds for a couple days on the bounce... I was able to mostly calm myself down though. I didn't end up rescheduling the interview, I was too ashamed to call them.
  6. You're right, sorry. I just hope I haven't ruined my chances...
  7. I have made a stupid fucking mistake. Today I was meant to have an interview with a company that will help me get a traineeship/apprenticeship, but stupid, stupid me slept in and now there is no way I can make it in time. I've already had to delay the appointment once, I really don't want to do it again. I was going to book a taxi but I don't have enough money. I just feel like I'm spiraling and my urges to hurt myself are increasing... I just don't know what to do. I feel if I do hurt myself I deserve it.
  8. Bad day bad day bad day bad day bad day bad day bad day

  9. Complete and utter lack of motivation for anything... 

  10. Just over a month Thank you all for your advice, I think I'll try calling my doctor and discuss it with him. Thank you all again
  11. I'm on lexapro 10mg and I just want to stop taking it, I don't feel like it's doing anything, will it really matter if I just stop?
  12. Heya.. So yesterday I was prescribed lexapro... And I've never been on this kind of medication before. I'm really hesitant and nervous about starting it tomorrow, I've never liked taking pills, and to be honest I'm just a bit scared of how it's going to affect me... I guess I just want some sort of reassurance or advice really... 😞
  13. Oh my gosh okay I just figured it out, I feel so dumb (I'm a natural blonde which probs explains it XD). Thank you guys so much for the help! ^^;
  14. Okay so I'm new here and gradually finding my way around... the thing is I actually don't know how to reply to comments people make on things I post? ^^; I tried searching for information but couldn't find what I was looking for. It's probably something really obvious and I'm just being dumb... help please???
  15. Let's play guess who's a dumbass. 

    (hint: the answer is me)