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  1. MAOI Diet Effects

    WHEW! I was hoping someone else might be able to chime in as well! Mostly I'm guessing based on what I know of MAOIs and halloumi (which is delicious).
  2. MAOI Diet Effects

    It's a great question. Given that halloumi is an unripened cheese, I would think it's going to be significantly lower in tyramine (the culprit for MAOI diets as I understand) than other kinds of aged cheese. Does your doctor's office or insurance company have a nutritionist that might be able to help you figure it out? I'd be inclined to try a small amount and if it spikes my blood pressure and makes me miserable to take that as an answer.
  3. I confess... I don't see the point of this board

    We have set up the confessional such that users can request to have the post locked after making it if they want to make absolutely sure there's no commenting on a post. Another option is to tell people what kind of responses you're looking for. That will tend to increase the likelihood of getting more of what you're looking for, and also gives mods more discretion to step in and knock heads if needed. Otherwise, we tend to be a pretty hands off place that's a refuge from people who are likely to get kicked off other MH support sites.
  4. Ask him. Let him know you ran into some financial troubles and you felt too ashamed to return his calls. Let him know you would like to make things right financially. And ask if he would be willing to take you back as a client or if you've burned the bridge... essentially all the words you already have used. Therapists get this stuff. The answer might be no or not right now or "my practice is full". But the answer might also be yes.
  5. I want to die NOW, but...

    It sucks that you’re having such a hard time right now. sometimes self harm is a way that we keep from doing something more dangerous. We do it because we know on some level that it helps in the short term even if it causes more problems in the long run. if you do feel like self harm is the only way to deal with your current state of distress (have you seen the pinned topic on this part of the board about things to try to keep yourself occupied while urged are high) let’s talk about harm reduction. What kind of self harm might be enough to help you get through this moment while causing the least amount of damage to your body? we generally don’t talk about specific methods here, but just by way of example, in the past I’ve stuck a thumbtack in my shoe and walked somewhere that was 5 miles away and back. what do you think about harm reduction vs delaying a decision about self harming and distracting yourself until tomorrow?
  6. positive affirmations?

    @sbdivemaster You're good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you! (I'm so happy you referenced Stewart Smalley.) I think there's a big different between affirmations and aspirations. Most of what gets passed off as affirmation is ACTUALLY aspiration... something that is not yet true. This is why, I think, stating things that aren't yet true as though they are true can be detrimental and grating and feel fake... aka happy times with magical unicorns and Justin Timberlake. What seems to be more helpful is to think about what's already true that you want to AFFIRM. Some examples might be things like... Even though it blows goats, I do my best to keep going. I have survived until now, so it's likely I can continue to survive. In spite of teh crayzee taking a lot from me, I still am a kind/engaged/creative/fill-in-an-adjective person. Even though it might not seem like a lot to many people, making dinner/taking a shower/doing some laundry/taking a walk is a way that I'm taking care of myself. What do you all think?
  7. Help me sleep

    Just for an "outside the box" thought, I've had good help stabilizing my sleep architecture when a psychNP prescribed me gabapentin (Neurontin) a few years ago. I still sleep better with 0.25-0.5mg clonazepam on top of that, but I don't take the clonazepam every night to avoid building up a tolerance.
  8. whatever the weather

    Hahah.... I love your snowgasm dog. We got about 1.5 inches of sleet/grapple/freezing rain/slush yesterday and expected to get 8-11 inches today. I'm glad I made soup and bread this weekend. If I'm feeling ambitious this afternoon I might make some cookies.
  9. I'm sure there was a good reason at the time, but I'm a little surprised a pdoc would leave you on the Swellbutrin and ditch the sertraline (Zoloft) if your primary concern is anxiety. Have you tried sertraline on its own? Also, physical activity and CBT (if you can tolerate it) or ACT are good choices for non-pharm interventions as well as the DBT. DBT will help you learn a bunch of skills. CBT helps you retool your thoughts, and ACT is good for learning how to "do it anyway" (ie committed action consistent with your values and mindful acceptance of difficult emotions and thoughts).
  10. Was it like that before you had meds, and if there was ever a time when you didn't have MI symptoms, was your sleep still long like that? The only TRUE way to find out if it's caused by your meds would be totally irresponsible to suggest as an experiment (ie discontinuing then restarting).
  11. Thank you for your query, JoJoNNy924. Unfortunately CrazyBoards is a first person site, which means we do not and cannot cater for the friends and family of people suffering from mental health issues. For more information on this policy, and for suggestions on other places you might seek assistance, read the thread entitled Please read this if you are here on behalf of a friend or loved one (click on the link). You're more than welcome to talk about how your mom's experiences affect you in Family Feud. Your original post is now going to be locked in keeping with our policy. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact a moderator or administrator.
  12. I wish you all the best, sonic! If you've been on Klonopin for a long time at a relatively high dose, you might be the kind of person who needs a long, slow taper instead of a fast taper. But I'm sure the hospital can help point you in the right direction. What do you think you will do to help get some more coping skills, or to get your coping skills out of the closet and polished up ready to use?
  13. Truthfully, I don't recall.
  14. I took it ages ago. I can't attest to how sedating it is, because I was taking it with something notorious for sedation at the time. It worked fine for me when I took it. It tends to not be prescribed as often now because other classes of medications are less toxic in an overdose situation.
  15. Have you found erowid.org? Probably a better place to look for info about this.