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  1. Run fast and far away. This is NOT ok for a therapist to ask.
  2. She should be making up a contract with her supervisor, not with you. It's not your job to hold her accountable. She didn't, by chance, cc' her boss on her response your email? If not, would you consider forwarding it to them with your need for help figuring this out? Please consider talking to either her supervisor or a mental health ombuds/someone at whoever is paying for your services to help you talk through your options and have support. B
  3. Ah yeah. I can see the concern from his perspective if you're injuring badly enough to need stitches. The containment of the hospital can sometimes be helpful. But sometimes it can make things worse. Maybe you guys could have a talk about harm reduction since it doesn't seem likely that you're going to stop self harming entirely any time soon.
  4. You're not being pathetic. You need safety and predictability from those who are providing care for you. It's her job to provide that predictability. Literally. She is employed to provide these service for you. If having access to the company car is a barrier for her, maybe you bringing up with her supervisor might help her get the resources she needs to help support you. You're totally worth the time and effort it takes for service providers. One of the unintended outcomes of caseworker not following through consistently is that you wonder if you really deserve care. You do. You deserve care and time and predictability and support.
  5. Not heard of it working this way, but do please keep me posted! I work in a medication assisted treatment program where we do suboxone from primary care settings.
  6. The short answer is, "It never officially closes, as there's always internet, server, and power bills to pay." In the US taxes are due April 15th.
  7. I hate it when you have to train a newbie therapist. Sounds like it might be a good time to have the conversation about how self harm keeps you from doing worse things?
  8. Ha @iaawal, are we related??? If people in my family actually ever admitted to themselves or, god forbid, anyone else that they weren't doing well, they'd all be diagnosable. But unless you're bleeding from the eyeballs in my family, you're just fine so suck it up.
  9. How did your doctor prescribe it? The sedation does get better with time, but it takes up to several months for your body to adjust to it.
  10. It sucks that chat isn't here right now. Some people were being asshats in a way that was a) not providing peer support in the way it needed to and b) eating up too much moderator bandwidth. We are looking into ways of bringing chat back.
  11. Welcome, tiff. (Great series of books, btw :D) Sucks when relapse happens. And it's also the case that sometimes it happens. When you think about the things that lead up to the relapse, where did your skills fail you? Where were the "weak links" in your ability to cope with stress that contributed to the relapse?
  12. It's not crazy for wanting the sex. The emotions you're experiencing are called erotic transference. The idea that you're feeling cared about and feel like someone's trying to help you naturally lends itself to strong positive feelings toward your therapist. Why it matters whether she's your therapist or not is that it is illegal, not just unethical, for her to act on any sexual feelings she may have toward you (called erotic countertransference). Given the power differential that you've identified, and that you feel attracted to that kind of a relationship, it seems like it would be a really important dynamic to talk about and not act on to see what's going on with it. It's also entirely possible that you're feeling strongly attracted to her and interpreting her caring about you professionally as feeling loved, and confounded with romantic love rather than platonic love. In any case, if she's truly making advances toward you, she's NOT going to be a helpful therapist because it erodes the boundaries of the therapy relationship. Have you talked about it explicitly with her?
  13. That's the same dose I take, notloki. I take them both at the same time in the morning, too.
  14. In addition, if one attempts and successfully pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, they may still be "remanded to custodial treatment until such time as they are able to recognize the nature of the crime." Again, in the US this depends on the state where one is tried.
  15. I'm so glad you've found someone to help you advocate and navigate the system that is higher education. Excellent job finding resources! I hope there are some easier solutions to toxic teacher situation. She sounds like a handful. It sucks that school is causing so much distress that you're using older, less desirable coping strategies that don't really work in the long run. And it's also totally understandable that would happen. I'm glad you can hang on to the idea that being dead is incompatible with your other plans. Sucks that it keeps showing up as an option though. <3