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  1. Truthfully, I don't recall.
  2. I took it ages ago. I can't attest to how sedating it is, because I was taking it with something notorious for sedation at the time. It worked fine for me when I took it. It tends to not be prescribed as often now because other classes of medications are less toxic in an overdose situation.
  3. Have you found erowid.org? Probably a better place to look for info about this.
  4. That's really great to hear, @climber47
  5. What time are you taking the sluroquel? Sometimes when people have a hard time with next-day sedation (hangover) it can help to take it earlier the evening before,
  6. If you aren't aware of kindling theory, it's useful to learn about to see if it might be relevant to your situation. Here's an introduction to kindling: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3072804/ Here's a critical assessment of kindling: https://pro.psychcentral.com/the-kindling-hypothesis-is-it-relevant-in-psychiatry/
  7. FWIW, Mr W is the same way. He can tolerate small amounts of touch as long as there is absolutely NO movement involved. It's taken a while to get that level of desensitization.
  8. life hacks

    Oh man. If I could convince Mr W to ACTUALLY straighten out the covers to make the bed look neat instead of half-assing it, I would be incredibly happy. I love the tip about starting laundry before doing something else. Laundry and dishwasher running are such good "dovetail" activities, as are things that cook nicely in the crock pot.
  9. life hacks

    Pomodoro (timer) technique, also called 20/10 in UFYH (unfuck your habitat) "swish and swipe" for the bathroom from FLYLady
  10. MAOI Diet Effects

    Harm reduction is harm reduction. I'm glad you've got some help keeping eyes on it and it's not as dangerous as other things right now.
  11. What's so hard to understand about the fact that you're using yourself as a chemistry experiment and are outside the depth of your competence and would do well to seek counsel from someone who actually knows this shit because they do it every day. Just because something looks good on paper or in theory doesn't mean that's how it will work in your particular body system. What's the harm in talking to, oh I don't know, say someone who is actually an expert, as opposed to trying to convince a bunch of random wingnuts on the internet that your idea is a) sound and b) actually going to work without c) backing your shit up with peer reviewed scientific literature review and not a website who is trying to make money off of your DNA or a website that does not have the research to back up the theory? That's sort of how we roll around here. If that's not what you can hang with, there are many other places on the internet for you... or, you know, a Darwin award. Shalom.
  12. MAOI Diet Effects

    I'm actually more concerned about this: " I'm averaging about 300 calories a day..." Are you on a medically monitored fasting program or something?
  13. So again... it sounds like you are diving into the deep end beyond your knowledge base, and into areas of emerging sciece. whats your plan to find someone who can appropriately consult with you about your unique situation? eveb if you have found some herbs, there’s no telling how those may play with other conditions or meds in your body.