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  1. Thanks, @[email protected] . It's so helpful to spread the word about free summer meals. So many people don't know about it.
  2. Wondering as well. Would love to hear from you.
  3. I hear that you're in overwhelming pain, and that you aren't sure how to solve the problem of reducing your pain. It's especially worse when therapists leave and we have to end a relationship. I know you said there's a lot of other stuff going on as well. It's totally understandable that you'd not want to meet your new case manager, too. Change is hard. Especially when that change means losing a relationship you've really valued. I've seen people die from liver failure. It's painful and I don't recommend it. If you're not really sure your decision is right, and you intend it to be the case that it is irreversible, would you consider delaying 24 hours after your planned date? I know two months seems like an incredibly long time to wait for specialty care. And it's also a shorter time to wait than "never will get to do it because I'm dead."
  4. I'm with Flash in that the depression was more of an impediment to my relationship than the antidepressants. I did have some trouble with anorgasmia at first, but that subsided with time. Plus, the AD helped me get my desire back, so that helped a lot with my relationship as well.
  5. Whoever manages your medicaid is whacked. If you need to, please contact a legal aid society to get someone called "lawyer" to sign letters on your behalf demanding the information needed to correctly process the claims from your hospital stay.
  6. If I don't get back to you before Sunday, please remind me that I want to respond. I have a service dog who has helped me be able to go back to work full time.
  7. There doesn't seem to be clear consensus about when the maximum period is. It depends on the location and depth, likelihood of infection, etc. Eyes on by a medical professional would be the determining factor.
  8. Here's a bit of info about the MAOI problem with EMSAM: "at higher doses of EMSAM (ie, 9 mg/24 hours or more), dietary restriction of tyramine intake is recommended" Also about putting it on the same spot: "Due to application site reactions, patients should be advised to rotate the application sites to avoid re-application to the same site on consecutive days. " Hope that helps -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2656289/
  9. It's great that you've found some things that work for you at least some of the time. There's some really good evidence to support a few different approaches to anxiety, but not generic psychodynamic talk therapy. I'm talking about skill based approaches like CBT, mindfulness based stress reduction, acceptance and commitment therapy, exposure therapy, etc. There's also a really great book called Master your Panic that I'd recommend checking out from the library if you can't afford to buy a copy.
  10. I know I'm a broken record about this on anxiety but... what kind of therapy are you getting to supplement your anxiety meds?
  11. Here's a list of community health centers in Philly. They will see you for free or cheap if you have no insurance, and can help you connect to cheap generic drug providers. Seroquel (qutieapine) and Lamictal (lamotrigine) should NEVER cost $300 at this point because they are both widely available as generics. Walmart has $4 generics. Target has $4 and $10 generics. Check out needy meds for sure. Community health centers can be really really helpful if you get stuck. And if you haven't talked with your provider about what you're running into, please call your provider's practice and let them know. They can help you get connected to a pharmacy that can better meet your needs.
  12. Nerves are very slow to regrow. I suspect that might be part of it.
  13. Off the cuff, I'd guess three things: longer acting, potentially lower abuse risk, and also money... if pharmaceutical companies can find additional uses for their meds that otherwise would run into a patent expiration, they can extend the patent.
  14. That's a pharmacology question that's pretty far above the paygrade for this site. You might try Erowid or Blue Light sites for more information than you could get here. One thing to consider is this from Wikipedia: "Cocaine acts by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. This results in greater concentrations of these three neurotransmitters in the brain.[9] " So yes, it's possible that you could give yourself serotonin syndrome, though I don't know how likely that is as there's a lot of variables at play. Another variable at play is also not knowing how pure the cocaine is or what it's been cut with.
  15. It sounds like your hypertension is also aggravated by googleitis (looking things up on the internet). a pharmacist is usually quite happy to consult with people about med combos. Hopefully you have access to one who does consultations: sitting down with patients to talk through medications and questions. and if not your pharmacist, maybe your doc had a nurse in the practice who can also sit down with you and talk through your questions?