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  1. I really don't even need to read the entire story to give you an answer, and that's the big deal here. When you tell someone no, when it comes to sexual activities, and they pressure/force/coerce you into doing the thing you said no to that is rape/assault/taking advantage of you. So yes, you were raped/taken advantage of/assaulted. You need to talk to your roommate, or the cops. This asshole needs to be punished for what he's done. I'm a victim of 3x (yes, three times) of sexual assault since age 5 or 4. I don't take this sort of thing lightly, of course as another female too. You need to talk to someone you trust. Rape can cause a form of PTSD. Which can fuck with your mental state. Please do yourself a favor, get away from that guy, and get help. If your roommate can't understand what happened, then he's also an asshole and is going to a special hell. I don't care what anyone says. Your body is your business, and you have a right to say no. Period.
  2. In the fetish community, we have a saying basically about safe, sane, consensual. The sane part has to do with being sober, basically. If you're not "sane" enough to consent, that's not OK. A lot of why that's in the fetish community, is because well a fetish of course is BDSM - which could involve surrendering yourself to pain for example. I feel like you're trying to say you feel taken advantage of because you weren't sober? Boundaries should have been discussed prior to hanging out, I feel. Although common sense should usually say, "hey that person isn't sober (alcohol, drugs, whatever) enough to consent, so I shouldn't take advantage of their weakness right now." Common sense isn't the friend of everyone out there, of course. I would talk to him, and explain the situation. He might not feel like he did anything wrong, but the fact you feel violated needs to be discussed. If he doesn't see how it bothered you/bothers you he really isn't worth the sake of friendship. At all. My boyfriend and I are in a Dom/sub relationship; and I've been a member of the fetish / BDSM community for a little over two years now. I was high the other day (4/20 is all we do.) and I don't usually get high and wanted to fool around. With us, since we're in a relationship, and as far as 4/20 goes feel like we can consent to having sex - willingly. Well I wanted some of the S&M play, I'm a sadomasochist - so is my boyfriend. We have many "hats" if you will. He said no, remember SAFE SANE AND CONSENUSAL. It's nice to have someone who knows when to say no, you know? That's part of our dynamic, a dom takes care of his/her sub, and vice versa. Boundaries always need to be discussed, if you don't feel safe with him don't go around him. And if he can't understand and accept that you don't like what happened, again, the friendship isn't worth it. Real friends care about your well being, last night I was up all night taking care of my boyfriend who has a cold, and my neighbor who's also my friend withdrawing really hard - of course, who had thrown up all over her room. She didn't ask me to take care of her, or clean up for her, it's called being a friend. And taking care of the people you care about. Remember your worth.
  3. this website might help you find something. I mean, some people DO find people on Craigslist in their personals. Just be careful, and safe like any other site. Patience is a virtue, can't find true love over night and even then all relationships need time to develop; don't rush things. Like I said, hit and quit or night stand sure do that, have sex i mean you only live once. I believe that everyone deserves to have fun, no matter how old they are as long as it's legal and not hurting anybody. Go with the flow. A lot of times, people find someone when they're not looking, which I know seems weird - but it's true. You know how you lose something, and you go looking for it and like half the time you don't find it? Then when you go looking for something else you find what you were looking for- before? It's sort of like that. I wasn't really looking for someone when I met my boyfriend. But almost every time i was "looking" I found no one worth spending even a month with. A few minutes to an hour? sure. A month? No. A week? probably not.
  4. What medications have you tried for your Bipolar? What's worked? What's not worked? My boyfriend is going to be finally going back to a doctor - to confirm his Bipolar diagnosis since it's been so long and get the medication he needs. I know Latuda is one that people have tried, but I've tried it for my BPD and my mom has for her Bipolar. It put her in the hospital for suicidal ideations and gave me suicidal ideations and just made me feel like a lump. He's tried Abilify before it did nothing for him. His main worry is losing his creativity. We both write fanfiction in our spare time; is what that is in regards to. I'm on meds and on meds I feel no difference in my creativity. Everyone gets writer's block.
  5. Sorry for your loss Gearhead, I didn't see that comment on your original post I feel bad now.
  6. I've not been to one in Toronto as I live in the US, in Texas. I've been inpatient at a Crisis Respite Unit here for the max amount of days allowed, being three. It actually helped a lot, IMO. But I've fallen back into some habits that are really my own fault. They fed me, they let me go to the store. I shared a room with people, or was suppose to at least. I was the only person there like my second day or third I think. They did group therapy, and had us take our meds at scheduled times and kept them locked up too. Unlike the ward here you couldn't have your phone or anything like that, but this place allowed you to and had a living area with a television. It wasn't anything to shout about, but it was well what it needed to be.
  7. I know my allergies have been really bad when I go outside, it's been so crazy here with the weather. I live in Texas, of course. It was cold af for a few days, and it was those days where it was REALLY freakin cold in the AM but got warm in the PM and it made me glad I'm not in school or working right now; because I hate days like that SO. MUCH. Then we had rain and storms for a few days, now it's like acceptably warm but also kinda windy or really windy, depending on what the weather wants to do. Regardless, it's messing with my damn allergies and it makes me not wanna even go outside. Not even for a minute. Because then I get stuffed.
  8. My boyfriend was put on the schedule at his job to be off Fri-Sun, right? Well, sometimes like midweek they change their schedules we found out (he's still relatively new, and checked the schedule before he went home from work one day and got called in the next day when he was suppose to be off cause he got put on; no one called in or anything either.) When they changed it this time, they made him work all those days and be off Monday and Tuesday, so technically he wasn't suppose to have a day off last week, or last pay period really. Well, he got sick Friday, and called in. He volunteered to get a doctor's note, and he doesn't have insurance right now so we had to go to the ER...of course. No other way to get a note cause we can't afford anything else. So we go, well their note says he's got the stomach flu and can be off until Sunday if he doesn't feel well. He's been taking his meds, still didn't feel good, called in of course. Called yesterday to see if he got put on the schedule to makeup what days he missed, nope. Nor for Tuesday, today of course, well now yesterday in my timezone...CDT. He wanted to work because we can't really afford for him to be off and pay our bills. Like, I get that. When I worked in a nursing home, if you felt slightly ill you got sent home of course. Elderly people have terrible immune systems, esp. those in nursing homes. Like actual nursing homes on oxygen taking tons of meds, etc. Same with schools, kids don't have strong immune systems. People who have paid days off and don't use them for such, I mean it's sort of stupid but I get it because no one wants to take a paid day off....just to be sick if that makes sense? some people use those days to go on vacations, esp. if they are during the summer when their kids are out of school, etc. I know it sucks but there's not much you can do. Some places will still want you to go in, just depends on your boss. I mean, if you call in you can offer to work a day you were scheduled off, or pull a double or cover for someone else. I tell my boyfriend to do that so it looks like he wants to work and be at his job. He does, don't get me wrong, so it's not a lie. It just shows initiative, IMO.
  9. My boyfriend and I've not been arguing as much as before since I've stopped accusing him of cheating on me constantly without a reason really. One thing I notice though that drives me insane.... he seems to find girls I cannot stand attractive or feels the need to befriend them. He works with a girl who ran.her mouth about Me to him over her issues with me in high school. He thinks she's cute cause she looks like me. She doesn't she's prettier IMO. He Aldo feels a need to be her friend but not on a level of Even having her phone number just being civil cause he works with her. Which I get. You need no the work place. He didn't know I didn't like her until I saw her at his work. Another girl. Earlier. I don't like her. She's rude and has the worst attitude and he thinks she's cute. I don't get why he finds girls attractive who are rude and like people I cannot stand. He says I don't like anyone who's female. A lot of the females where I live start drama. I'm not friends with a lot of people, really. But he works with a girl I went to junior high sigh who's super sweet and he thinks she's cute. To me it feels like if I don't like someone he thinks they're cute. Might I also add the one I said was rude? He mare a sexual comment about because we've been trying to find a girl for me to have fun with. Knowing I don't like her like right after I Mentioned it he makes a comment. Laughs. Claims he was joking. It drives me nuts. I feel like I could tell him a girl like stabbed me and robbed me and he would still think she's cute. Like WTF dude. Advice...??
  10. All I can say is ignore it, I know it's not easy cause this dude is always bothering me and he lives a room down. Like there's a room between us, right? Yeah. I've got my own reasons for not liking him, and my boyfriend told him to leave me alone after he made his hateful comment. I won't get into why I don't like him because it delves into personal things involving my friend and I won't blast her business. As it's not mine. Can't really pick your neighbors, we thought of moving. We have another neighbor, who's an escort who makes it sound like someone's banging her fucking skull into her headboard when she "works." i'm not shaming her for what she does for money, hell i've almost been there. I've done similiar things even, but don't be making that much noise between 4 and 6am. My friend who lives under her has a baby, and my boyfriend works second shift so he has to sleep so he can work.He's been sick and a lot of it is from lack of sleep thanks to her. It being a motel, our bed is up against the same wall as hers. I know this for a fact because I've seen inside her room before she moved in. It just drives me nuts, like of all times. We don't have a headboard, but even then we aren't that loud. We might move rooms if it persists but it'll cost us more, and we might go downstairs because the available rooms have two beds - and my boyfriend has a kid. a teenage boy, and we don't have our second mattress now so we've been thinking of moving rooms for when he visits. Just do your best to ignore it, talk to the parents maybe? I mean, that's really all you can do. If it becomes too much you can go to the police for harassment, you know.
  11. I have a neighbor who does the same thing sort of to me too, and he's also got a "thing" with my only friend I've got right now at the motel where I live. Pretty sure he's called me fat before, he always comes out of his room and glares at me for no reason. He's called me a teletubbie before, whatever that fucking means. He's 45, I might add. I'm 20, I can just be going to my room from doing laundry or something, not make eye contact or anything and he's there. It's creepy.
  12. You say you're 60 years old? No offense, I feel like Tinder might not be a good area for your search IMO. A lot of people on Tinder are just looking for a hook up, esp. young people like myself. There are plenty of dating sites for people who want an LTR and not just a good time. If you're in that age range, I would suggest OurTime? If you want someone in your age range that is, unless you like younger men if so then go for it. Just remember though, a lot of young people just want to hook up. We live in a world of right now, automatic, and instant. That being said, my generation is very in tuned with that whole right now thing. We like to "hit it and quit it", or have a one night stand and say adios the next morning whilst doing the walk of shame from his college dorm to ours, or apartment. That's another reason speed dating is a thing although I don't think it works. Love takes work and time, rushing does nothing but hurt a situation. I say that but all my boyfriends I lived with within a month of getting together, a lot of them didn't work out. I get that you might feel at your age you should have a "right now", but would you rather have that than have true love that will last until your final days on Earth? I mean, we could all die tomorrow if the world ended; but that doesn't mean we should rush into things. Take life a day at a time, including your love life. You will find someone who shares your interests, and loves you for you in more than one way. Emotionally and physically, of course. We are all puzzle pieces, your matching piece is out there somewhere. If you meet other pieces that you don't fit into, don't fret. It's not the end of the road just yet.
  13. Amtitryptiline can cause Tardive Dyskensia, so a lot of doctors don't prescribe it anymore, except ones who've been in practice a loooooong time. I'm on Zoloft and Lamitogrine for my BPD and it works for me, I need a med increase - on my dosage I think. I know that Lamitogrine enhances whatever you're on....that is all
  14. Not everyone kind person you meet will be "the one", there's nothing wrong with that. You might meet people you mesh well with, but don't feel a spark who can become REALLY awesome friends for you. That's not a bad thing! I don't understand why you're so worried about this not having the outcome you wanted, if it's just because you 'just got back out there' ? Probably. You just wanted a connection and it wasn't there. There are plenty of other places to find men - aside from Tinder. POF, Match, eHarmony. Trust me. In my experience, I end up finding guys when I'm not looking for them. Like my current boyfriend was an old roommate, for a couple months. I lived basically in a 'frat house' and might as well have been house mother lol. Five guys and myself. He flirted with me the most and sort of had a player-esque to him. Neither of us was really looking for anything and he turned out to be a really good guy who was a sex addict - like myself. But a loyal one, although people think that's impossible. We aim our urges at one another of course. A lot of people find someone, even if it's not "the one" when they're not looking. You're gonna date plenty of guys who aren't "the one", but you gotta get through the good, the bad, and the really frickin ugly before you get there. Some people date one person and that's their end all be all, not everyone's that lucky. It's okay for a date to go wrong, or not feel like there's a connection. Especially if personality wise he's what you want, if you're not attracted to him and try to force won't work. Don't waste yours or his time when you could both be searching for someone you click with, you know? You can even try Craigslist for looking for someone, some people on their actually have good intentions and won't just wanna hook up.....or chop you up into small pieces and bury you in their backyard. Really though, that's almost anyone could be that way. You just have to look for the red flags of course. Just be safe, and don't rush anything. You and this guy could be good friends!
  15. As someone who was bullied throughout their entire school career, starting in kindergarten, I agree. A lot of my issues stem from my bullying, mostly high school as it is most recent. I'm just now learning to be comfortable with myself and the skin I'm in. I know I'm not ugly or whatever else I tend to call myself, but a lot of times I don't see myself that way. I've come a long way from my teen years, of course. i'll be 21 in three months. But I graduated at 16 so I consider 17 my "first adult year" as I was in college and doing "adult things" for the most part. But, bullying is more than people think it is because a lot of times it can cause people to self harm or commit suicide of course. People don't get that deep rooted issues can develop, honestly though I've had anxiety and depression this entire time but of course my parents more or less saw it as "teenage angst/puberty,etc". My father claimed you can't really diagnose a child with much of anything like ADHD for example because kids are expected to well, be kids.