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  1. I haven’t done therapy this way but have to do a lot of school stuff on video conference. Just be ready to use the technology in advance as much as possible so it can go smoothly on your therapy time. I have used a few types and it seemed easy enough, I actually would be happy to avoid driving and parking and try it for appointment things. One thing—maybe test out your audio with someone else first to see if you can be heard well enough. I needed extra equipment to be heard, as did some classmates. Good to know in advance. Good luck with it, sounds promising.
  2. Start over

    I agree as well. Let your meds kick in and then wait. It took me quite a while to come down after that sort of manic episode so don’t assume you’re back to balance too soon. Give it time. And do these exotic men know they are one of five and you’re married, is another thing to consider. Stop and let your brain chemistry regroup before you make any changes. It can all wait, it really can. Slow down a bit and give meds time.
  3. Sex

    Cymbalta made me manic and hypersexual. I had no trouble tapering except in my mind not wanting to because the sex was so good. I have been there. Funny thing is, the meds I switched to helped me more than cymbalta anyway. Hang in there. Good you told your pdoc.
  4. I can’t really comment on your meds. But on the niacin—at one time I was a niacin taker, daily, and looking back, I probably liked it because it made me hypomanic. But that’s hindsight. Just thought since you’re having issues it might be worth looking at the niacin, too, Good luck getting a good mix of them all.
  5. Regrets, I have a few

    I’m sorry to hear that. I’m traumatized by a different experience so I get that part. I hope EMDR works for you.
  6. I admit I never kept a med record either. Oops. Too late now in my case. My current pdoc wanted to start from scratch asking me questions without any records or input from the previous pdoc which seemed odd but it’s worked out well with him so maybe he has his reasons. I hope this person works out for you, I think you’ve maybe had the appointment by now.
  7. When my ex was secretly planning to leave me, he started telling me I was crazy. Long story but eventually I realized yes I had psych problems but he was messing with me in a verbally abusive way calling me crazy especially when I questioned certain things. It’s never meant in a constructive or helpful way, it’s basically name calling in my eyes, so I take it seriously. But now I could ignore it, then it came from a trusted person so it was hard to ignore. Not sure why people say such mean things.
  8. Regrets, I have a few

    I have regrets but I’ve learned one thing—everyone tends to have a few regrets as they age. That made me feel a bit better to know. But yes, I married the wrong man, saw the wrong therapist and pdoc, chose the wrong career, etc. plus all the manic wreckage. But as years have gone by I’ve made better decisions too, especially with better meds. I still have regrets but those things are water under the bridge. I didn’t have kids, too late now. Didn’t marry the better choice, he’s dead now even if it weren’t too late. And on down the line. I’m back in school while working now but it’s hard. Mainly I do what I can and try to realize I did the best I could, time to move on to new choices. I only hope I make better choices in future. I really messed up my life but I’ve turned a lot of it around.
  9. Sex

    What I think is that things will seem clearer when you aren’t so manic, and have better judgement. I can’t tell you what’s what but I can tell you mania makes things seem different. Be sure to tell your pdoc the whole story and take your meds, then give it time. You may be sure of things now, wait and see what you think as you stabilize. I can’t say what you’ll think then. I’m glad you have an appointment.
  10. Sex

    The problem I had, and I think you are having, is that when you’re manic, it all seems to make such sense and I ignored any possible repercussions or inconsistencies with my usual values. Mania affects your judgement. Sure manic sex and love seem great—at the time. Later it can seem different. I barely wanted to take meds because it all seemed so fun but I’m so glad I took the meds. See your pdoc. There are many med possibilities. Abilify works for me, something else may be better for you. It took some time to come off my manic behavior but I’m glad I finally did. This doesn’t sound like how you are when you’re stable, and at some point you may have regrets if you keep going. Believe me, I’ve been there. See your pdoc and tell the whole story.
  11. "You don't look depressed"

    Actually I cannot smile on command. So that causes problems. Even if I’m happy I may not look smiley. I don’t know why people think it’s ok to tell me to smile for no reason. Yet I may not look depressed enough for a pdoc. Can’t win some days I guess.
  12. Men hypersexuality

    Agree, if you are having sex, be sure it’s safe sex. If nothing else realize it’s unfair to expose your spouse to diseases. Have you talked to your pdoc about this? I suggest you do. You aren’t alone in this behavior but it’s not safe to have unsafe sex, the diseases you can get are serious. HPV is another example people overlook. It was hard for me to give up the hyper sex but I got lucky not to have suffered repercussions. Some situations also got scary. I don’t know how you meet your partners, but please be careful.
  13. therapists and gifts

    I avoided giving any gifts. I’m an over-gifter, or was, and it can affect people’s attitudes sometimes and not always in a good way. Since I didn’t want to mess up a therapeutic relationship I was super careful to avoid gifts. But that’s me with my history. I’d ask. It would be awkward to offer a gift and have it refused. I would think a card would be ok.
  14. I know you said no hormonal birth control, does that mean no hormonal IUD too? They can change your cycle. Maybe a consult with a GYN would shed some light on it. I used to ignore GYN problems but eventually I had a problem that needed more attention so now I realize they are more helpful than I’d thought.
  15. Is there anything I can do about this?

    When I was younger I had a bad relationship with my mother for many reasons. However when I got a bit older and my dad died, I tried to help her through it, and saw she and I had both changed. I saw her with a different perspective, not to forget some old hurts, but I moved on. Now we have a good relationship like I never thought possible. My point is, relationships change and things may well change over time as both you and your mom get older. I hope things evolve in a good way.