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  1. I am so sorry. But I've worked with many badly burned people, and I'm very very relieved you and your family are safe and unharmed. Did you by chance have photos of any of your pieces? At any rate, it's a loss, and I can only imagine how hard that is right now.
  2. I do feel purpose from my work, but that almost seems a separate issue. I'm in the same boat with close friends. My last close friend dumped me during a manic episode she thought was too much for her, and then she passed away so no hope of working that out. My mother is extremely elderly and I only speak to my siblings yearly. I agree it's harder to make friends as I get older. Although I do think it's harder to make friends when depressed. Currently I have "lunch" friends and a few online friends but I can't discuss some of my really personal issues with them. I do try to make friends when I can and I have "work friends ". What's the answer? Personally I've never made friends from classes and I don't attend church. I almost wish there were an online friend matching service. Maybe I could get closer to my current friends but I don't see that happening. I do have my dogs and I gain from that connection in a different way if that makes sense. I guess I could say I have a group of superficial friends but I want deeper friendships like I used to have when I was younger. I've considered trying to date again to meet someone who can at least be a close friend but that gets more complicated. I feel I have purpose, but I want more.
  3. I'm pretty bad. Didn't think about ADD, too, but maybe I should. It's a real problem.
  4. I share the experience of jt07 as to being left without suspecting. But to me, that can happen married or living together or even just involved. It was hard but I've seen couples together years unmarried who also split. Marriage means different things to different people. It gives some legal protections but I'm in a community property state and that worked against me. Id think long and hard before marrying again or living together. Really I avoid living together unless I plan to move to marriage, to me it's all the hassles but no legal advantages. Not a fan. So maybe I'm in the minority but if I wouldn't consider marrying the person I wouldn't live together. It's all so much a personal choice.
  5. Keep in mind I'm no doubt older than you. My personal take is that I wouldn't live together unless I was engaged, and wouldn't have a shared bank account or buy a house or such unless married. My judgement isn't perfect and I've seen a lot of women struggle to get out of a relationship gone bad once they lived together, or had their bank accounts cleaned out. So that's how I do things. It was 3 years before I got married, but that's just me, in one situation, not a recommendation. And in the end, it was a mistake to marry that person (in retrospect) so waiting doesn't guarantee good judgment or results. If having kids is in the plans, that changes things in my thinking. But everyone is different. If you're already living together and sharing finances, I'm not sure why wait years to marry, but obviously I may have different expectations and ideas of marriage.
  6. I've had times like that, except for being dizzy. That I've never had and I wonder if that's been checked out? If it's not related to meds, it needs some workup. And unless it's clearly a med, I wouldn't assume. Sometimes we get other stuff that gets ignored due to our MI, I know I have, so I hate to see that happening. Just a thought.
  7. Glad you had such a good day. I hope it happens again and often.
  8. Definitely talk to your pdoc since we can't diagnose. I do know my diagnosis was similar but I had episodes that in retrospect were hypomanic or manic, finally one was extreme enough to be diagnosed. But I never suspected it and in fact resisted such a high stigma diagnosis. I would have preferred the MDD diagnosis with meds that worked, but that was not to be. Whatever the diagnosis, it's getting the right treatment that's the important part, but I know sometimes that doesn't happen. I hope you can get on better meds, whatever the diagnosis.
  9. I was depressed, I married someone who was hypomanic a lot. We balanced each other to some extent. Neither of us had any diagnosis and we both drank heavily so it was a big mess. Before him I had a depressed boyfriend who had other issues, too. What's up with that? Since the divorce I haven't had a love match, it's all been based on other factors.
  10. Keep in mind I was depressed most of my life, with not many good periods. I was unmedicated until my 30s, but most meds helped very little or helped and pooped out. Finally I got on cymbalta and I felt good. But after a couple months I went into a manic episode that took months to totally resolve. That's when I got on the abilify/lamotrigine combo. I've had a couple times I thought maybe I might be about to be depressed, but it never happened. It's been years on this and no depression, a miracle for me. I was on 200 mg but eventually went down and found the tipping point. So I wasn't depressed when I started this, I was manic, but it has warded off depression even better than my previous best, which was Wellbutrin. It took forever to get diagnosed as manic snd get started on this combination but I think it was a couple months before I really could say it reached a good point with that, and that may not equate to what you can expect. The titration took forever and then it still took time. I was changing pdocs at the time, too, due to insurance coverage, what a mess it all was. At the time I wanted off the lamotrigine and back on an antidepressant before depression kicked back in, but luckily my pdoc convinced me to stay the course. I wish you would have the same results but I know everyone is different. It was slow going for me, though, and a different scenario.
  11. I was tried on so many antidepressants I've lost track. I didn't have a bipolar diagnosis but in retrospect I did have manic or hypomanic times. Mainly they didn't work well for me. Finally I tried cymbalta and that threw me into the manic tailspin that made the bipolar diagnosis pretty clear. Now I'm on lamotrigine and abilify. Abilify controls the mania, lamotrigine controls the depression better than any antidepressant ever did. This is the longest time in my life I've gone without a depression. Obviously everyone is different, but the combination works for me and has given me hope it can continue like this. I hope tweaking a lamotrigine dose helps you.
  12. Wellbutrin was wonderful for me, it made me realize just how depressed I had really been. I hope it works for you for a long time. It's such a relief to have depression lift, isn't it?
  13. For background, years ago a pdoc diagnosed me with ADD, tried a few meds, and we quit there when one seemed to work. I had never thought much about it, really. Now I'm back in school and realizing my ability to focus is pretty poor. I can get my work done and meet deadlines, but it takes forever. It seems worse than it was, but maybe I'm just noticing it more because now I actually need to focus and accomplish. My current pdoc originally doubted the diagnosis but now is convinced and wants to try increasing the Concerta. But I thought ADD was a stable type thing, not something with ups and downs in ability to focus, am I totally uneducated on the subject? Can stress of school make it harder to focus, or just make the issue more obvious? I've never given much attention to any of these issues but apparently now I need to.
  14. Maybe I am weird but it can be easier to read and study with background noise rather than quiet. Does that make a difference for you? It might be specific to me, but I suspect it's an ADD quirk. Just an observation.
  15. Guess for me, it's sorting and packing that immbilizes me. When my house got flooded and water reclamation crew came in and packed up all my stuff quickly and put it into a storage pod, it wasn't so bad. If I move again and could afford it, I'd pay someone to pack for me if I could. Can someone do that for you in exchange for something else, maybe, or would that even be helpful? I hate moving.