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  1. I had a friend who said there was money in coding, something to consider. A degree in Spanish may not lead to income, although I’ve known people who got certified as interpreters and made money. As someone with worthless and expensive degrees I’d say be sure you can make money with it before you wrack up the tuition bills. Unless that’s not your goal.
  2. I personally would need to ensure some activity to be in person or I’d revert to a more phobic state, but that’s me. I guess it depends on your other activities and how good a fit the job is. I work in person but do school online. Do you have outside activities? That seems key.
  3. I’ve had some bad experiences and heard some bad remarks. I’ve been told I’m fine when I clearly wasn’t and had their ideas forced on me (false memories) and yelled at when I didn’t agree. So I’ve wondered what’s up, too. Maybe some people need a different line of work?
  4. It’s on a different track, but here’s my experience. I was so very tired, and for some other reason got my vitamin D level tested. It was extremely low so I got treated, but every time the D was stopped the level plummeted again. Now I’m on a daily dose and in a high normal range. Every time my levels were low, I was acutely tired, despite my psych meds or sleep. With a good D level, I have what I consider normal sort of energy, not amazing but enough to work and do school and just be tired at days end. So all the other advice may help, but maybe consider getting a vit D level in addition. And my pdoc pooh poohs the whole thing, but my primary care doc supports me in following this. It was life changing for me and helped my depression a bit too, not instead of any meds though. Mainly the energy. Vit D is cheap, the capsules are tiny, and it helps me, and yes I do get levels followed yearly now so I don’t get too high. I hope this helps someone because I was at wits end myself.
  5. I cared for one dog for a year with her cancer. She required medication and dressing changes but seemed to be mostly happy it seemed. Finally she refused her meds. Then one day she wouldn’t go upstairs to my bedroom and seemed to not feel well. I came home from work to find her almost dead. It changed so fast. Maybe I should have known? But in one day things can change fast. Based on my experience I would say have a plan if you need to get to the vet off hours if things get bad fast. And just do your best. It’s very hard to know the right moment. And look into belly bands vs diapers. Belly bands work for boy dogs and are a potential solution to pee accidents. I’ve been there with all the house peeing, too.
  6. Do you often lie to your pdoc?

    In the past I haven’t mentioned things I didn’t want to discuss but didn’t lie. That probably didn’t help me, but I didn’t realize exactly how it would be helpful to discuss my sex and spending issues when he never asked about such things. I would probably be more honest and forthcoming now.
  7. How is the job market for that in your area? Here it’s not good so my family member has been laid off a few times and has to commute out of town for her current job. That might be something to investigate before you decide. If you think you can work in a couple years, and there are jobs in your area, it seems reasonable to me.
  8. It’s good you found a car you like. Practice helps with parking. I’m just now getting used to driving an automatic transmission after years of manual. My Subaru has taken some getting used to and seems big but next time I’ll know what to look for better, some of us aren’t as car comfortable and any little thing can help. I hope this car gets to be second nature soon.
  9. I find it easier to shower at night, also I have a shower radio I like. Morning showers are just too difficult.
  10. Men hypersexuality

    Just saying, cymbalta made me manic and hypersexual. Have you discussed this with your pdoc? My theory for at least myself is if I think maybe I’m manic, I probably am.
  11. My system is to take meds when I feed the dogs twice daily so I don’t forget. I have an iffy stomach in the morning so I take everything but Concerta and another med at night. I have a coffee with milk, like a latte, for breakfast. At night it’s random whether I’ve eaten or not but I take them anyway and it works for me. I figure it’s more important to just take them when I remember rather than work around my chaotic eating habits. But that may not work for everyone.
  12. Can your gp advocate in getting a pdoc to take on your care? Usually they can set something up, or so I’ve experienced. I shake my head in amazement that they can refuse to help. So wrong, really.
  13. positive affirmations?

    I did change my self talk through a concerted effort years ago. Positive affirmations—yes I used to try new age things and wt loss was one example. There were books telling you to use positive affirmations to lose wt, and I wrote them out, memorized them, etc but they didn’t work. So when tdoc suggested them for mood, well, I wasn’t sold on that plan. But I did find changing self talk to help me. Memorizing affirmations, no, but I did try that route. Personally I find the “you create your own reality “ thinking behind the affirmations to be insulting. But since I resisted meds for many years I tried every alternative, new age, change your thinking change your life approach I could find. If only they had worked, but hey they didn’t.
  14. I have no kids and most my age have grown kids, and grandkids. I worry about no one to care for me but then I look around. My one brother has grown kids he still supports plus raising a grandkid. Other brother has bad health issues but kids are out of state. So I guess it’s no guarantee. My fantasy of adult kids caring for me in my old age is just that, a fantasy. I no longer have close friends nearby although I do have a few friends I’ve met through my job. Once they leave it’s harder to maintain the friendship. I have a good friend via email I’ve never met but we’ve been friends for 15 years now. I wish I had super close friends like I used to but I don’t have great hints on that. I say establish online friends if you can. How, well, that’s probably no easier. If you have friends out of country you can stay in touch with, do. Be open to younger friends if you find any you can talk to. I don’t know about book clubs in general, the ones I’ve known barely discussed books, they were just social groups. Do you knit or such? I don’t but know people in groups who socialize as they knit or whatever. I’m not helping there but know that I’m in the same boat on no kids and aging. My consolation is that those kids can be a drain or an asset and no real hedge against being alone.
  15. Seems it’s all trial and error, so I hope this trial is successful. I’ve never tried that med but everyone is different. I hope it’s helpful for you.