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  1. I would advise not looking at how long a depression can last because the answer is “quite a while for some” but that won’t be very helpful to know. I went through many meds, with various results but only a small number worked for me. But now I’ve had only blips of depression for years on different meds. Once I was depressed, it didn’t resolve on its own, but I was unmedicated for many years, maybe that contributed. I hope you find the right meds soon, it’s been life changing for me.
  2. Tempted by mania...what to do?

    Tempting, I know. Maybe you should donate the light box when you’re balanced, to avoid temptation? Try to focus on something else. And be sure to take your meds. A list might help if you can do it. Stay away from the box. It’s a trap in the end, not a plus.
  3. God juice and being trapped

    This sounds like mania talking right now. Hold off on any big moves (like divorce) until you come back to some balance. That light box isn’t your friend right now. I know the god juice feeling seems good now, but it’s leading you down a slippery slope I’ve been down before and it isn’t as great as it promises to be. Take whatever meds you are prescribed for this and I hope they kick in soon.
  4. It takes a lot more than what you are talking about for cps to take your kids, from all I’ve seen, but I’m sure you’ve been told that before. I know it’ scary, but I think you should talk to your tdoc or pdoc about the fears. True, watch what you say always but this seems more like anxiety or obsession sort of thinking that maybe you could get help with. I do understand the fear, I don’t have kids but had friends who had similar fears for various reasons and I think it’s a pretty common fear. I hope you can get some help with the overwhelming fear.
  5. I know nothing of sam-e but I’ve used SAD lights. Last time I was careful and only used it for 5-15 minutes in the morning, no longer or later, and think it helped me with the sleep/wake thing. But honestly I’d check with my pdoc first because he may have more experience to draw from. You may be more sensitive and end up manic which as you know isn’t always quick to resolve. Also last time I didn’t use my big fancy light, I used a small light from Amazon that may or may not have been as legit—you never know. At any rate, proceed with caution with those things.
  6. I guess I might say in the beginning, can I clarify how long I have today so I can know—for me, I need to know my ending time ahead so I can be prepared. All the points made about billing time have been valid points. But I like to know at the start so I don’t bring something up right at the end and get cut off, which may be a more comfortable point for you if you feel nervous asking about billing discrepancies. I would bring it up somehow, it seems important. My pdoc used to put the number of minutes for billing purposes, and it did vary, but he was honest about the time. So I guess it’s possible to say you want to verify the number of billing minutes as you leave a short session, too. Seems the billing issue is one thing, getting shorted on time you need and agreed upon is another, although yes they are both important. I don’t know how your appointments are booked but at my HMO the times varied so I did have to be sure how long I had. I’ve never had a private therapist do that, but pdoc did vary.
  7. This is an old post but I wanted to throw in my experience. When I quit drinking alcohol I had terrible cravings and withdrawal type anxiety that went on forever. I saw a Chinese acupuncture Dr and she was skeptical but did a treatment which helped immensely. Did it really help or was it coincidence or placebo, I don’t really know but at the time it was a godsend. Then I tried it for weight loss with no effect so there you go. Guess I should be happy it worked for what I really needed it for.
  8. I had a rare effect of more anxiety. Too bad, because I wanted it to work.
  9. Im not clear which way you mean that. Do you mean you want to get hurt so you can go to the hospital, or you’re afraid you’ll get hurt because you dread the hospital?
  10. Newly Diagnosed

    I was diagnosed in my 50s despite seeing an experienced pdoc. I switched due to insurance changes and that coincided with my worst manic time so I finally got a diagnosis. I can look back and see signs for many years. It’s been helpful since finally I’m on the right meds. But I’ve never taken latuda.
  11. Definitely seems like a good idea to print out the list and show it to your pdoc. I’m very nervous about anything in my medical records but aside from attitude from a neurologist, I haven’t had repercussions that I know of. I don’t tell anyone of my diagnosis though. I can’t say if you are or aren’t bipolar but I think you should seriously discuss your list. I hope the discussion is useful.
  12. It’s been years but I don’t recall anything aside from feeling like “so this is what normal feels like, who knew”, pretty quickly. It was like a miracle drug for me while it worked.
  13. My sexual side effects did not improve and that was a dealbreaker for me. Fortunately most meds were sex neutral.
  14. Probably some intent behind the question that wasn’t clear. I wish I could control bipolar. It sounds like a trick question or maybe just didn’t convey the right meaning. Might be good to clarify.