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  1. I saw a therapist for a few years. Eventually she decided I was being defiant and resistant when I wouldn't just do what she said--it wasn't right for me, to make a long story short. She wouldn't change her approach and wasn't helping, so I had to leave. Best thing I've ever done as far as therapists. My point is, she may have been good for you, but if she's blaming everything on your just not thinking positive, maybe it's time to take a step back and reevaluate. Maybe she will listen to your concerns, or maybe it will be time for a change. Sometimes we grow past what a particular therapist can help with. Talk to her about it first but be open to change if you can't work it out. My opinion of course, based on my own experience.
  2. Yes, amskray, I had false memories, didn't want to explain all that, but it happens and it can mess us up. And did any of that help me? Glad I've moved past it. I try to avoid going into a rant but I wanted to say there is a downside especially with some therapists.
  3. I'll try to just jump to my feelings here. First, do you have current memories of childhood trauma? Do they cause you problems? I went in for problems and was told they were due to childhood trauma. We spent a huge amount of time reliving, unearthing, etc, until I went from a functioning person to one eho lost a business and a marriage due to inability to function, basically. In the end, to make a long story very short, I escaped from the therapy and pulled myself up again. I feel it ruined my life or at least many years of it. So I'm not a fan of such therapies. And "recovered memories "? Don't even want to discuss that disaster and I'm still bitter about the results of that approach. Just keep in mind that it's not always helpful to go that route, I'm glad it worked for your brother, my experience was radically different.
  4. This happened quite a while ago, my dog was badly hurt and required surgery. The owner, who watched the attack and did nothing, paid the bill, but my dog and I never recovered emotionally. I feel like I should be over it, but I avoid walking my dogs. But then, I have trouble getting over trauma so maybe others do better with this stuff. That dog died of other causes not that long after, but he was afraid of other dogs the rest of his life. I'm still nervous around other dogs, and I hate that.
  5. Currently bipolar but I think the same holds true for most MI.
  6. It sounds like a good thing you ended the relationship even if it is a loss as well. I've had problems too, choosing friends who weren't the best, so I do know how that can happen. It's not the easiest thing to find new friends but for me, trying to find new is better than the destructive aspects of some friendships. Transportation can be tricky, I don't know if buses or ride services are an option. Here there's a van service for elderly or some others but that may not be common. I hope you can find a new friend who treats you better, you deserve a real friend.
  7. My dog was attacked but I wasn't bitten, I'm very nervous now about it, so I understand carrying a bat. I found from my dog rescue group that citronella spray is also a possibility. You use it like mace but it doesn't injure the dog, just deters it so you can regroup, and maybe it will leave. Won't help in all cases but maybe as a backup. I hope you're OK now and neither of you has bad lasting trauma.
  8. I have suffered repercussions from revealing my MI so now it's totally private. None of my current friends, family, or coworkers know. When my pdoc suggested I ask for ADA accommodations I was horrified. There's definitely stigma and discrimination. I wish I had a friend to discuss it with, but having lost friends due to revealing issues, no thanks, I prefer to keep the friends I have left. I'm very private anyway, I kept my cancer a secret, too, for the most part, so it's not just MI. I'd suggest anyone pause before they reveal because you can't take it back. Then if you're OK with possible stigma, do what feels right. Maybe things will change someday, but for now, stigma and discrimination is out there.
  9. I've gone years on good meds but before that happened I had much shorter times. Joining a bowling league, that wouldn't have helped me and that sort of advice insulted me. It may work for some, I don't know. I wouldn't wait 4 months. Call or go in if you feel depression setting in. Maybe you can head off a worse episode.
  10. I have woke in a panic on occasion but not daily and usually in the night. No idea why. As to hypnosis, it ruined my life and I'm sorry I ever started it. I don't want to hijack your thread with that story but think long and hard before you go there. Anyway, the waking in panic went on for months then stopped without explanation so mainly I wanted to let you know someone else had the issue, but I can't offer why, or how to stop it. My pdoc had no enlightenment either. It was my own problem to solve and fortunately it stopped since I had no idea what to do.
  11. I've always worked full time, somehow. At one time I worked multiple very part time jobs, plus was in school to change careers. How I did it, I have no idea. Honestly I don't recommend it if you have options but I needed the money and think the routine maybe helped stabilize me.
  12. It can get better but it might take time and maybe med changes. It took time for me to feel decent and each time there were bad times again I got discouraged. But now things are better most of the time. Doesn't usually work to go off meds, though.
  13. I live alone and usually I love it. Food is an issue. Salad in a bag (if that's a thing where you live), fruit and yogurt, hot or cold cereal are options. Frozen stuff, as you've found. I can cook but rarely do. Pasta with butter and cheese or olive oil, garlic, and maybe something else are pretty easy. I call people and have online friends. And my dogs are good company. I only see friends if I want to. But I love being able to have all the lights on and TV plus radio at the same time. I'd think long and hard before living with someone again. The chatting is nice but now I can keep my own hours, cook and clean what and when I want, and not have to consider what someone else wants. I'm never bored or lonely. It worries me that I'd be expected to live with someone I loved. It would be an adjustment although I've been married and prior to that had housemates. Living alone has advantages.
  14. As far as MI goes--once long ago I called a suicide hotline. Maybe I wasn't expressing my needs well enough? I was told he needed to take another call from someone who had actual problems, unlike me. But OTOH, I had a neurologist tell me I couldn't be bipolar, because he knew crazy bipolar people when he saw them, and I wasn't one of them. (Is that supposed to make me feel better? ).
  15. Seems they used to get added but never subtracted. I'm not convinced I changed but rather was misdiagnosed. I've had several changes or at least additions and I'm not totally clear what all the current diagneses are. I guess one is considered active? But to me, some of the diagnoses are bothersome but get ignored, like my anxiety. So I've had about six diagnoses over time, some I've agreed with, some I've disputed.