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  1. I’m taking the instant IR and I s just destroying my larnxy. Going to see my family doc on friday and I’m going to ask for the extended.
  2. I take 600 mg in before bed and 600 mg when I wake up. this dosing also seems to cause me issues 900 mg at night alone didn’t.
  3. Hey I have really bad LPR (silent reflux) lithium seems to be aggravating it. anyone else have this problem or suffer from lpr in general.
  4. Thanks man, yeah I’m never going face to face with that guy again. I doubt I could handle it appropriately. Ive Tried lamotrigine a couple times over the years and gone up really slow. Got the Rash every time. i hear you about the lithium I find it kinda makes me depressed to at low doses. Everyone around me says at 1200 I seem a lot better. Starting to feel it. Maybe I found my med that will work with limited side effects. have a good one
  5. Yeah it’s really quite terrible. The pdocs have their ways of refusing care and keeping it legal somehow. Tbh I think that if I did do something like commit suicide or hurt someone (not saying I’m going to do either) they would be liable on some level because they knew and some of the excellent intake/crisis workers had it all recorded on paper b4 I spoke with my former pdoc. The other hospital it was admitted to me by the Former one I was just talking in Toronto turns away patients not in the downtown core and are “out of the area” they don’t say this tho just do it. my family doc has sent me to the ER with notes saying please admit him. Doesn’t do anything. Crazy I know.
  6. Thanks for the advice man. Yeah he is definitely a class A asshole you could say. I’d put his name for people to see in rate md.com that at least half the people agree with me. I don’t need any more bullshit tho from the people in power though. It’s all people who have seen him for a stretch that agree. Others with limited exposure think he’s great. Like I once did 13 Year’s ago. i agree with you I think I spent the last couple of months mixed. Now my gf who is also bipolar says I seem less manic and more stable since upping my dose. I just feel so low now. interesting info on the lithium I didn’t know at various levels it acted in different ways. ill definitely check out your other recommendations. cheers
  7. Thanks for the advice on Wellbutrin I think I’d have the same results but replace bitch with complete asshole. I’ll have to think on that one. Interesting.. I’ve never heard of this service. Thank you I’ll look into it.
  8. Long story shortish I saw a very well known psych doc from 16-23. He ended up discharging me. We were not a good fit from day one. I’m 30 now. Last nov shortly after turning 30 I went into the psyche ward and requested any other pdoc, who shows up? Him. I thought ok I’ll give him another chance. Then one out patient appt later he asks me my symptoms. I started to answer the he says “I don’t care I don’t care” at that point I fired him as my pdoc . Why am I going to see someone who doesn’t care or let me answer a question he asks? since then I’ve tried to get admitted 4 times to 3 different hospitals but since I fired him no one wants to touch me. A couple weeks ago I went into 2 different psychewards saying (one of which he practises at) saying “I’m suicidal I’m homicidal I’m a threat” I’m gonna shoot up the place etc etc” my blood pressure was 202. They still would not admit me. I even said this infront of 2 cops. I’m 6’2 200lbs tattoos everywhere including head and face. I’m a scary looking guy, i can admit this as I have my reasons why. Having said this I wouldn’t hurt anyone who didn’t come at me to hurt me. If they did Then they better kill me. You’d think they have at least arrested me. I wish I was joking about any of this Ok so my main point for this post is iam playing pdoc to myself along with scripts from my shocked family doctor. I have myself at 1200 mg lithium following my own blood work and the mania is semi gone but I feel like I’m just getting older and more tired to keep this fight up. I feel like suck starting a shotgun or lighting myself on fire in the street. Does lithium help with depression? I want an anti depressant but can’t handle the sex sides. Anyone have good experiences with adding Wellbutrin to a mood stabilizer? sorry for the long post. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Yeah I know a little bit about the American system as a whole and yes the Canadian one is hands down better. Just didn’t know how psychiatry is down there. its funny I have been fairly reliable in my last couple years. Not so much in my younger kid but I guess what young kid is reliable mental illness or not. its true though doctors should realize this and be more understanding.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys... apparently I’ve been blacklisted by every psychtrists at 3 local hospitals (I live in Toronto Canada) and no one wants to deal with me anymore because my pdoc who id seen for years between 17-23 is just toxic for me... and I requested not to have him... I had other pdocs after that but messing those up was my fault in a way I guess. I have multiple issues with my health mental and physical which make me hard to treat. So I’m being tossed around or aside like a hot potato. My family doc just started giving me lithium. Because she’s one of the good docs. Hopefully that makes me not want to kill myself everyday or go crazy on someone who looks at me wrong. Sorry for the rant I’ve had a particularly bad day. Well week. I really wish I had the courage I had b4 just to end this. And no point in going to the ER I went a couple days ago and tbh said I was dangerous to myself and others. They sent me packing with nothing because I didn’t want to be seen by my first doc I’d seen from 17-23. I have to add this was at A DIFFERENT hospital. I don’t know how the American system is but the Canadian one is so broken no wonder most ppl never get the help they need. Sad really.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’m not there yet and won’t be there until I feel I’ve exausted every avenue. I wouldn’t even make a post if I was or gone to the ward. I’d just do it as the latter screams cry for help. Nothing wrong with asking for help just truly suicidal people usually just do it and not say much. Printing it out seems like a good idea. I’ll keep that in mind.
  12. Hey all, been a user of these forums on and off for a couple years. Went off the grid for awhile. Then in 2017 went off disability during a mania got a very physical but unionized job and now I’m starting to crash finally into depression. I just got out of the psycheward. Id been hearing stuff on and off for a month and seeing stuff. A week ago I was let go after getting medicated so I could keep my job. New diagnosis of bipolar 1 (from 2) as things have been getting worse over 5 years since I was diagnosed at 25 with bipolar 2. I’m turning 30 on the 30th and not looking forward to that I guess. I figured I’d be dead by now or better off. That is on me I’d say 75 percent as some stuff I could have controlled I didn’t. This disorder makes it so hard even when you can see the right path. All That and now being medicated are probably making me crash. Stress city as I just switched to midnights at work to get off afternoons. Which is a long story. Short version is Thursday- Monday 3-11pm was destroying my life inside and out of work and my body physically as I tore both my shoulder due to work load and just got off modified duties after 2 months of waking in a circle trying to look busy while taking to myself to try and stay sane. I’m not educated, but fairly intelligent. I’m also insightful to my problems. I just feel powerless to deal with them from this bipolar chemical imbalance and some health issues I can’t control. Acid reflux that affects breathing, and my knees, shoulders and other joints suck. so I’ve ranted enough I just feel like blowing my head off even though I’m not there yet. How do you guys deal with the crash? Any advice? I feel like I’ve done all I can on my end. I went got meds I take them as prescribed. Been a month on epival and about 10 days on olanzapine. Don’t feel better at all. Just different bad. If anything being up high was better. Voices have stopped but feel so angry still and now so depressed I can’t keep my head up. I’m worried I’m gonna get in trouble some how. I can’t take any bs from anyone or I snap. Probably more then I should. feeling very lost and older then I am.